Alpha Wolf Nutrition Force X7 Review: A Natural Testosterone Booster?

We’ve all heard about how our natural testosterone starts to decline once we hit 30. By 40, our bodies are producing over 30% less testosterone than they did in our prime.

Once we hit 30, it’s harder to keep fat off, harder to hit our goals at the gym, and harder to perform in the bedroom. But you can change this, naturally…

Force X7 Review

The Best Testosterone Booster

Force X7

Alpha Wolf Force X7 is natural testosterone booster clinically dosed with 13 ingredients to help you increase your testosterone levels.


  • Clinically dosed test booster
  • 110% Buy back guarantee*
  • 30 day supply per bottle

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This fact has created an entire industry of supplements designed to boost testosterone naturally.

But, with so many options on the market all claiming they’ll get you looking and feeling like you’re 25 again, it’s nearly impossible to make it through the static and find the best product.

Today, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Alpha Wolf Force X7 in our detailed Force X7 review.

What is Alpha Wolf Force X7?

Alpha Wolf Nutrition Force X7

Force X7 is Alpha Wolf’s natural testosterone booster.

It’s formulated with 13 different high-quality ingredients that work together to provide users with a profound boost in testosterone.

Unlike much of the competition, which hides behind proprietary ingredient blends and manufacturer-funded research studies, Force X7 lays it all out for you, right on the bottle.

With Force X7, you’re getting a clinically researched blend of ingredients that all work together to provide you with the tools you need to boost testosterone, increase fat loss, improve your mood while decreasing stress and make it easier to pack on lean muscle.

What is Force X7 Used For?

At the core, men are using Force X7 for a boost in testosterone. But, it goes deeper than that with this supplement.

The ingredient blend in this supplement provides you with the vitamins and minerals you need to achieve peak performance in every aspect of your life.

Before we even get to the ingredients that help boost testosterone, a blend of vitamin B, vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, and boron are added to help improve your energy level, mood and sleep quality.

From there, a blend of several ingredients proven to increase testosterone are used to provide you with the boost you need to get after it with the same zeal you had at 21, regardless of your age today.

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Force X7 For Men

Force X7 is formulated for men to provide the healthy boost in testosterone that they need to maintain peak performance as they age.

Force X7 For Women

While Force X7 is made for men, it can be used by women as well. Initially, research suggested that while women produce some testosterone, it isn’t important to their development or performance.

Instead, estrogen and progesterone are the compounds that affect women.

We know now that that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Testosterone affects women just like it does men; it helps to increase performance, burn fat, and increase libido.

Testosterone is especially important for women over 30, and any woman who has undergone a hysterectomy or oophorectomy.

So, while it was formulated with men in mind, women should also consider Force X7 as a way to improve performance in every aspect of their life.

Force X7 Benefits

We know that Force X7 is primarily used to boost testosterone. But, after researching the product, and trying it myself for this Force X7 review, I’ve found that this supplement delivers on all of the secondary benefits they claim as well.

While taking Force X7, I noticed an improvement in the quality of my mood.

My energy level is sustained throughout the day, and the dreaded 3 pm crash that so many of us are used to disappears when taking Force X7.

Force X7 also makes it easier to burn fat while also packing on muscle.

This was never a concern for me when I was in my twenties. I put in the work, so I got the results I was after.

As I’ve grown older, the same amount of work has begun to yield diminishing returns.

Meanwhile, with Force X7 in the mix, I feel leaner and stronger, and I credit this supplement for that boost.

Most importantly, Force X7 provides a sustained boost in testosterone. While the other benefits of the product are nice, it’s all for naught if it can’t deliver on its main claim, and it delivers in spades.

The Best Testosterone Booster

Force X7

Alpha Wolf Force X7 is natural testosterone booster clinically dosed with 13 ingredients to help you increase your testosterone levels.


  • Clinically dosed test booster
  • 110% Buy back guarantee*
  • 30 day supply per bottle

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Force X7 ingredients

Force X7 contains just 13 ingredients. These ingredients work in concert to provide the benefits we discussed above.

Force X7 Ingredients

Vitamin D3

Known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is produced when our body is exposed to the sun. It can also be found in foods and supplements as well.

Vitamin D helps us maintain healthy teeth and bones, supports immune system function and supports lung function and cardiovascular health.

Vitamin B3

Better known as niacin, vitamin B3 helps our bodies break down carbs to release energy. Niacin is added to many foods we already consume, so most of us get enough of this important vitamin in our food.

But, Force X7 provides a small amount of niacin to ensure that you’re getting the proper amount of niacin each day.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is another critical B vitamin that should be part of your supplement routine.

It helps reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, and it’s known to improve cognitive function and focus, which helps you maintain an edge in your everyday life.

Vitamin B12

Similar to vitamin B6, B12 is another helpful B vitamin to incorporate into your diet.

It helps reduce cardiovascular disease and cancer risk while improving cognitive function and focus.

Magnesium (as Magnesium Citrate)

Force X7 also includes magnesium as magnesium citrate. This mineral is known to decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes, promotes cardiovascular health, reduces the risk of hypertension, and helps our bodies form strong bones.

Zinc (as Zinc Citrate)

Zinc is another mineral critical to optimal performance.

This mineral primarily helps to boost our immune system function. It also promotes proper healing in wounds, and it may also be able to reduce the severity and duration of cold symptoms.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha

One of the most well used and powerful ancient remedies in the world, Ashwagandha has a litany of different benefits for health and performance.

This powerful root is synthesized into a powder where it can be used to reduce inflammation, decrease stress, and decrease the effects of cortisol and ascorbic acid. In other words, it can improve your mood while also making it harder for your body to store excess fat.

Maca Extract

Maca extract is derived from the Maca plant. The extract is used to treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women and has shown to increase sexual desire, as well.

Panax Ginseng Extract

One of the most well-known compounds in eastern medicine, Panax Ginseng possesses a broad range of health benefits.

Panax Ginseng is an anti-inflammatory that may improve brain function and boost energy levels. There’s also evidence it can be used as a remedy for erectile dysfunction.


One of the most important compounds in Force X7, Shilajit, also known as mineral pitch, possesses a range of important health and wellness benefits.

This powerful substance has shown an ability to increase brain function while reducing aging processes, and it can also reduce chronic fatigue.

Most importantly, it’s a powerful natural testosterone booster that can also decrease fatigue during workouts.

Longjack Extract

In addition to Shilajit, Longjack extract also plays a powerful role in the effectiveness of Force X7.

In studies, Longjack extract has shown an ability to increase libido and sexual performance as well as increase free testosterone levels.


Boron is a trace mineral which helps many of the other ingredients in this supplement achieve their optimal benefit.

Boron helps support wound healing and the development and maintenance of healthy bones, and it also helps the body’s uptake of testosterone and estrogen.


You’ve probably seen BioPerine included in many different supplements. It’s been used for over 20 years to help improve the performance of the ingredients found in supplements.

BioPerine is synthesized from black pepper, and it helps improve the bioavailability of the other ingredients in supplements. In other words, it makes it easier for your body to use all of the different ingredients found in a supplement.

Force X7 Dosage

Force X7

Taking Force X7 is as simple as taking any other vitamins and supplements that are already a part of your routine. Take three capsules each a day with a glass of water.

If you’re a bigger guy (over 200 pounds), you can safely increase your dose to four capsules per day to achieve the intended results.

When Should You Take It?

Force X7 should be taken in the morning, as soon as you wake up, with a tall glass of water. Three capsules each morning is all you need.

If you’re a bigger guy, you can bump up the dosage slightly. Take three capsules each morning with a glass of water, and take a fourth capsule with a glass of water before bed each night.

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Does Force X7 Need To Be Cycled?

Cycling your test booster is an ideal way to unlock the benefits of the supplement without affecting your body’s natural hormone production.

With T boosters, you run the risk of your body becoming so dependent on the supplement that it starts producing less testosterone naturally.

To counteract this potential side effect, you should start by taking Force X7 for two months, and then follow that up with a month off.

That way, you’ll be able to benefit from the supplement, without your body becoming so dependent on it that affects your natural production of testosterone.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

This supplement goes to work right away, but that doesn’t mean that the results are instantaneous.

In my experience, I didn’t see any changes at first. But, by my second week of Force X7, I noticed a stamina boost. It was easier for me to power through my workouts. I felt stronger.

Plus, I noticed my performance in the bedroom improving as well.

A 60-day supply is a perfect way to get started. Take the product daily for two months, and then if you want cycle off for a month before picking up your next bottle. For me personally, I plan to make this a daily supplement that I take.

As with any supplement, give your body time to adapt to the changes it’s experiencing. Don’t expect to feel like Superman overnight. But, within a week or two, you should be experiencing all that Force X7 has to offer.

Force X7 Side Effects

push ups on kettle bells

Each ingredient in Force X7 is entirely natural and has been clinically researched for years to determine it’s viability and safety.

There’s nothing in Force X7 that should produce any unintended side effects.

That said, each body is different, and with Force X7, you’re dealing with a product that’s designed to affect your hormones.

Just because none of the ingredients should produce any side effects, you may still find that the product doesn’t agree with you.

You can feel confident that Force X7 is entirely safe, natural, and side-effect free. But, if you find that something in Force X7 doesn’t agree with you, stop taking it.

Force X7 Cost

A bottle of Force X7 comes in at a retail price of $49.99. There are usually coupon codes as well that can save you money on Force X7. Right now, the code “itestosterone” will get you 10% off your order.

You can also save on this supplement by buying in bulk. Order three bottles and they’ll throw in a fourth for free, which brings the price down to $37.50 a bottle.

Compared to the competition, Force X7 is a great value. Testofuel comes in at $65 per bottle, and if you order in bulk, you can get it just shy of $50 per bottle. Nugenix is even more expensive, coming in at $69.99 per bottle.


After researching for this Force X7 review, it’s clear that Alpha Wolf is producing the most comprehensive, safest and most affordable testosterone booster currently available on the market.

Unlike other supplements which rely on proprietary blends, loose interpretations of scientific studies, and high prices to turn a profit, Force X7 feels like it’s designed with athletes in mind.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior who is looking to get your edge back, a serious athlete, or just someone who is looking to recapture the vitality you enjoyed throughout your 20’s, Force X7 is worth giving a try.

With a 110% money back guarantee, there’s nothing to lose by trying Force X7, so what are you waiting for?

Get Force X7 Today!