"We're here to change more than just waist sizes; we're here to change lives."

About Balance

Balance’s approach to nutritional coaching is research and experience based personalized coaching for your needs and goals. Based in Northern Ireland, Balance has an expert team of nutritionists and dietitians on hand. Previous clientele include Olympic level athletes to individuals simply looking for help with dietary issues.


What does balance specialize in?

Balance specializes in coaching for weight loss and future management, eating disorders and food relationships, sports performance and nutrition for high level and elite athletics, and much more! Their experts work alongside you to achieve your goals and set you up for a life of successes – far beyond your time working with them.

How does Balance's Coaching Work?

After you register, you’re contacted by a Balance team member to sign up. Once you pay for the service, you’re sent a welcome pack and screening questionnaire. A designated coach will send you a tailored plan within 48 hours after you return your screening questionnaire. You and your coach will review your plan, and then schedule weekly checkins to monitor progress.

How long does Balance's coaching last?

It depends on your goals, but client coach relationship is advised to last three months for best results. However, many continue coaching longer. Some clients don’t need more than a month or two.

What happens when i'm finished?

While there is no “done” when it comes to nutrition and dietary goals, when you’re ready to stop receiving coaching, simply notify your coach you’d like to cancel your coaching subscription.

What is included in the coaching package?

  • A welcome pack and an extensive and tailored recommendations booklet based on your screening information.
  • A detailed plan tailored to you which incorporates strategies across all the health domains.
  • Unique health and performance supplementation recommendations and explanations.
  • Breakdown and application methods for optimizing nutrient intake, including – protein distribution, quality, quantity and sources, carbohydrate timing, carbohydrate loading (depending on the sport) and highlighting the importance of your dietary fat profile whilst advising how to optimize it.
  • 24-hour performance / event day nutritional support (for athletes)
  • Acute weight loss strategies and tailored applications during the weeks leading up to a performance / event demanding certain weight requirements

What else is included in my subscription?

  • Educational materials on protein and fibre.
  • Educational materials on tracking, why and how we track, and an insight into the progressive nature of dietary change and a constantly adapting approach.
  • Educational materials to support the enabling of an individual moving from tracking into a more intuitive and or mindful way of eating.
  • Access to monthly recipe books with scannable barcodes.
  • Access to member’s hub which is being frequently updated with free content (such as monthly recipe books).

How much does Balance cost?

£65 (~$90.51) a month with a minimum of 3 month commitment to start. ​

Are there any discounts?

For first time members, you’ll get an exclusive 15% your first month with our code “ATHLETICMUSCLE15”!