Best CrossFit Jump Ropes That Will Take Your Training to the Next Level

Criss-CrossFit make you…jump jump!

Jump ropes are a huge component of the CrossFit world, and it’s important to hone your skills with a skipping rope.

The benefits are enormous: They burn more calories than any other workout per minute, plus they help you develop incredible balance and leg / shoulder strength.

However, do you happen to have your own jump rope? If not, it might be something worth looking into.



Bridges SR-2
  • Adjustable Length
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Handles
  • Knurdled Handle
View on Rogue Fitness


Sonic Boom M2 High Speed
  • Self Locking Design
  • Spin Ball Bearing System
  • Silicon Grip
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WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope
  • Light Weight
  • Different Colors
  • Adjustable Length
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RX Custom Jump Ropes
  • Various Cable Weights
  • Height-Length Guide
  • Various Colors
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  • Steel Bearings
  • Adjustable length
  • Travel bag
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In A Hurry? Here’s a quick list of the best jump ropes:

In this guide, I’ll go over why owning your own jump rope is ideal for your CrossFit workouts, what to look for in your jump rope when you’re buying, measuring for a jump rope that fits your dimensions, and give you a rundown of our favorite jump ropes on the market.

If you’re ready, let’s see if I can help you “double under”-stand why having your own jump rope is ideal.

Why Should You Invest in Your Own Jump Rope?

“But wait,” you may cry out, “my Box or my gym already has a jump rope. Why do I need one?”

And to you, hypothetical objector, I would respond with all of these amazing benefits owning your jump rope can give you:

  • It allows you to have a preadjusted rope. This means you don’t lose time if your WOD is for time or AMRAP.
  • You get to choose the quality of rope. Instead of settling for whatever version of jump rope your gym has, you have the power to purchase a rope based on your goals. Speak of which…
  • You can have a rope catered to your workouts. Whether it’s a speed rope or agility rope, you choose the weight, the material, and the handles.
  • Your rope can be cared for by you. The wear and tear with Box ropes comes quick and easy. Not the case with your personal rope, though. A jump rope all to yourself helps maintain the structure and quality.

If you’re serious about your CrossFit routine, it’s best to invest in your own jump rope.

What To Look For In Your Jump Rope

As for the qualities you need in a personal jump rope, there is a small list to keep in mind:

  • Durability – usually ropes with some sort of coating or wrap last longer than other weak ropes. Also, can it be versatile? Indoors, outdoors, different floors…your rope should withstand it all.
  • Quality material – specifically, nylon coatings last longer than vinyl coating. Plus, find a rope that has high-quality cables inside, so that it doesn’t kink.
  • Brand – look at the brands that high-end CrossFit athletes endorse or use. Go for those brands, as they can normally be trusted with quality and excellent products.
  • Length – you want a rope that can be adjusted to your height. (More on this later.)
  • Handle grip – a comfortable grip is nice when you’re doing countless double-unders. This is really important when you start to sweat; don’t want the rope slipping out of your hands!
  • Type of rope – maybe you want a speed rope to work on your fast-twitch movements, or you want an agility rope for a gruelling, weighted workout. Either way, pick the one most in-tune with your goals.

Find a rope that can tackle the majority of these characteristics, and you’ll have a rope to be proud of.

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Measuring For Your Rope

Going back to measuring rope length, you’ll need a jump rope that doesn’t drag along the ground well before it reaches your feet.

In contrast, you also don’t want a rope that thwaps your shins every rotation.

The most ideal scenario is nabbing a rope that’s adjustable. These ropes have handles that can move up and down the length of the rope with twistable miniature screws.

With that said, you still need to know what length the rope should be compared to your height.

  1. Stand on the rope with your feet at the middle of the rope.
  2. Pull the ends straight up, making the rope taught.
  3. For regular jump roping, the handles should be at your armpits; for double unders, bring them down to your nipple line.
  4. Adjust handles to the prefered length and tighten.

Simple as that. If you don’t get a jump rope with adjustable handles, the best you can do is tie knots and shorten the length that way.

Top Jump Ropes Reviewed

RX Jump rope

Bridges SR-2 Speed Rope 3.0 laying on concrete floor

First up on our list is the Bridge SR-2 jump rope from Rogue Fitness, with aircraft grade aluminum handles with knurled grip. This jump rope screams high quality that will last for a very long time.

This is the signature rope of Josh Bridges, a CrossFit Legend. The sandblast textured spindle offers reliable grip even when drenched in sweat.

The cable is 120″ coated 3/32″ gauge that can be cut down appropriately to match your height. One thing to note is that this or any other cable when used on concrete will wear faster than other surfaces. In general concrete will eat away at anything over repeated scrapes.

This rope also has amazing fluidity in movement because of the bearing swivel design for omni-directional movement.

Lastly, all in all this jump rope has a great feel in your hands, and looks amazing with the laser cut Rogue endcaps, a beautiful design, and quality material, all made in the U.S of A.

Get the Bridges SR-2 Jump Rope from Rogue Fitness

Sonic Boom M2

Next is the super sleek, super quick Sonic Boom M2 high speed jump rope.

This rope comes loaded with awesome features, including stainless steel metal for durability, a self locking design for easy adjustment, and 360-degree spin ball bearings so the rope never bunches.

The handle is made with silicon, making for an easy grip and anti-slip when your hands start to get sweaty.

The really cool thing is the self locking; there are no screws in this model, so loose screws aren’t an issue.

Instead, you slide the rope up and down, and when you get the desired length, you cinch it in place.

A truly remarkable product, the Sonic Boom M2 is definitely worth a look when considering buying a jump rope.

Get The Sonic Boom M2 on

WOD Nation Speed Rope

It wouldn’t be a CrossFit list without WOD Nation making the cut, this time with their speed jump rope.

This adjustable rope is exactly what you’re looking for in a speed rope; the cable is durable (and it comes with an extra cable for when the first one eventually wears down).

It has little screws to set your handles in place for your size. Plus it comes with free replacement parts and a travel bag to keep everything stored and compact.

With WOD Nation, you know what you’re getting; their mission is to shave seconds – or even minutes – off your WOD times.

The rope swing (how the rope travels through the air when you’re repping) is super stable, which means you can recover from inaccurate reps faster.

Basically, with WOD Nation’s Speed Rope, you cannot possibly fail.

Get The WOD Nation Speed Rope on

Survival and Cross

We saved one of the best for last in Survival and Cross’ premium quality jump rope.

This rope has everything you could ever ask for. High-speed, easily and quickly adjustable, quality cable and handles, plus steel bearings for rapid rope swings.

Survival and Cross provides two small ties, extra parts, and a travel bag to keep the gang together.

As a note, this is the jump rope I personally use, and it is without a doubt extremely valuable.

The rope stays sturdy, can withstand any surface, and adjusts perfectly to your height.

Whether you need it for boxing training, CrossFit WODs, or as an HIIT workout all on its own, Survival and Cross’ jump rope is one of the best investments you can make.

Get The Survival and Cross Rope on


In the end, it’s unbelievably worth it to own a jump rope. Personalize your WOD or HIIT workouts with a rope that’s already catered to your dimensions and goals.

To ensure you get the absolute best rope for your style, find one that’s durable, high-quality, has terrific handle grip, is from a trusted brand, and is either a speed rope or an agility rope based on what you want out of this piece.

Once you get one – preferably one that can be adjusted – it’s very important to move the handles to around armpit height or nipple height, depending on if you’re doing traditional jumps or double unders.

Research our top list, decide on the one that’s ideal for you, and get to jumping.

It’s a wonderful workout, and definitely should be a part of your training regimen!