The Best Gym Towels to Help You Focus on Your Physique

When you go to work out, you don’t want to be bombarded by the millions of choices at hand. You just want to get in, get your reps, and get out.

Everything else should remain constant. (Except for that one bro who’s always hogging every single dumbbell. That, my friend, will never change.)

One of those things that should be consistent is your gym towel. Now, you may use the services of your gym and use a scratchy semblance of a towel plucked from the depths of a dirty bin.

We’re here to tell you that A) that’s disgusting, and B) you deserve better. Much better.

Enter your own personal gym towel.

The Best Gym Towels

Think about it: You can remain clean and in charge of what your skin comes into contact with, in one of the most deplorable places you frequent.

Another way of saying: You control your hygiene with this towel.

In this article, we’ll go over everything gym towels; what they are, how they benefit you, which materials make the best gym towel, and why you should definitely bring your own.

At the end, we’ll review the gym towels that blow away the competition, giving you all the info you need to select your own trusty towel.

Here we go!

What Are Gym Towels?

Lady at gym with towel

While the name is pretty self-explanatory, the purpose behind them might not be. Gym towels are short, compact towels designed to travel with you to the gym.

You might see them in your local gym, handfuls of white towels that resemble hand towels. Most establishments have a plethora of their own; however, a personal gym towel would be yours and only yours.

The reason why you’d have a gym towel is simple: You want to be both clean and courteous.

Gym towels are usually super absorbent to detract moisture from any surface, be it your face or the bench you’re approaching or leaving.

A clean gym towel allows you to go through your entire workout without having to sit in someone else’s sweat.

Conversely, it lets you wipe down equipment after you’re finished with your sets, keeping things dry for the next guy or gal.

In short, gym towels are a tool that might not seem that important at the moment but may keep you and others healthy in the long run.

The Benefits of Gym Towels

Benefits of gym towels

Towels usually keep you dry. Duh. That said, a gym towel — and, more specifically, your own personal gym towel — provides you with a bunch of benefits as you work out.

Here are some of the advantages of owning a gym towel (or two):

  • You protect yourself from disease: This one is more important than you’d think. The sheer amount of microbes and bacteria swimming on gym benches should be enough to make any hardened bro gag. You might not be able to see it, but this mixing of other people’s sweat is the worst for your health. By having a gym towel that’s only yours, you can dry off gym equipment and not use a local gym towel that others used merely hours before.
  • You remain dry throughout your workout: Slippage can sometimes be fatal (see: heavy bench press). Therefore, keeping your hands and eyes free from moisture is a matter of life and death. Having a gym towel all to yourself will allow you to do a quick wipe-off while you’re resting in between sets. You can hit huge PRs without subjecting yourself to a collapsed windpipe.
  • You avoid putting fresh clothes on a sweaty body: After a grueling training session, the last thing you want is to change into new clothes without getting the sweat off you. Most gyms have scratchy, tiny towels that make other towels shake their head with disappointment. Your own gym towel can be plush, absorbent, and good at its job. That way, you can be fresh and clean for your post-gym clothing. As if you never broke a sweat.
  • You aren’t at the mercy of your gym: Some gyms have their own towels, which poses more problems than solutions. For one, what if they’re all taken? Or none of them are clean? Or they’re extra scratchy today? Basically, gym towels provided by said gym are the worst. Training should be a positive experience; enhance this notion with your own gym towel. Never be at the mercy of your gym ever again.=
  • You can make a statement with it: This is more of a bonus feature, but your own gym towel can be a platform of sorts. Whether you like to have fun or you’re dead-serious about your workouts, there’s a towel for everyone. Punny towels, plain white towels, colored towels, towels with brand logos and names on them…the list is endless! Show the people in the gym who you are as a person through your cool new gym towel.

Gym towels are tremendous to add to your workout arsenal, as you can see from these benefits.

With that in mind, what should you look for in a gym towel?

Which Type of Material Makes the Best Gym Towel?

Just because gym towels are awesome doesn’t mean you can simply choose one and go. There needs to be some thought in selecting your ideal gym towel.

The biggest factor — and quite possibly the only factor (except for statement) — is what material the gym towel is made of. Below are the three best materials for gym towels. A towel made out of anything else isn’t worth your time or money.


Microfiber gym towel

Microfiber is incredible, in every sense of the word.

Microfiber gym towels can absorb up to seven times its weight in water, making it ideal for any high-intensity workout.

Plus, they’ve been found to remove bacteria with 98.9 percent effectiveness. Also, microfiber gets into cracks and crevices due to the high fiber count; this ensures a deep clean, helping you avoid cross-contamination with gym equipment.

On top of that, microfiber is environmentally friendly, doesn’t cost too much money, and keeps you safe and healthy in the long run. If you are down to two gym towels and one is microfiber while the other isn’t, definitely go with the microfiber one.


Cotton Gym Towel

Ah, classic cotton.

Sometimes, you can’t beat going with the traditional material. Cotton has its pros, including the fact that it can be as soft as hell.

If you go with an Egyptian cotton gym towel, you’ll feel like royalty (making it ideal for sensitive skin). Another great thing about cotton gym towels is that they’re built to last due to hypoallergenic fibers and high absorbency.

Because of this, they stay soft forever, giving you a gentle touch to the trials and tribulations of a hard workout.

If you want a gym towel that’s durable, comfortable, and downright quality, you’ll want cotton as your material of choice.

Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo is quickly becoming a hot material across the entire fitness world.

This material is organic, breathable, and holds its own with a high level of absorption. Bamboo blends the line between practical and luxury, making it a terrific option for your gym towel.

And the best part? It’s resistant to a bunch of adverse things, such as odors, mold, mildew, and bacteria, even after countless times through the washer and dryer.

A bamboo gym towel could very well become your best friend.

All of these materials are tremendous picks for your personal gym towel. You can’t go wrong with any of the three, but we consider microfiber and bamboo fiber to be the 1A and 1B choices.

Why Should You Bring Your Own Gym Towel?

Towels for gym

We’re going to harp on this until it sears into your memory. Bringing your own gym towel is way better than opting for any other alternative. Here’s why:

  • The bacteria on public towels: Even though gyms wash their towels on the daily, that doesn’t mean the terrible material doesn’t latch on to the billions of microorganisms they mop up. When you pick a towel from the clean bin, you’re saying hello to bacteria you don’t want any part of.
  • The bacteria on exercise equipment: The dumbbells, barbells, and other machinery in the gym are even worse than the public gym towels. They most likely get wiped down each and every night, but these surfaces love to attract bad bacteria and microbes. Plus, do you trust the person cleaning the equipment at the end of the day? Who knows what’s on their mind? (Probably not giving the equipment the cleaning it deserves. That’s for sure.)

Now that we’re clear on why you want to be clean in the gym, here are the top five gym towels you can get today…

Top Gym Towels Reviewed

Youphoria Outdoors Microfiber Quick-Dry Travel Towel“>Youphoria Outdoors Microfiber Quick-Dry Travel Towel

Youphoria Outdoors Quick Dry Travel Towel with Carry Bag - Compact Microfiber Towel for Camping, Backpacking, Swimming, Sport and Gym - 1 Pack

This first gym towel on our list is the king of microfiber towels. The Youphoria Outdoors Microfiber Quick-Dry Travel Towel gives you everything you want in a gym towel — here’s why…

This towel is designed for the traveler, meaning it needs to be durable and get the job done.

They come in different sizes, they’re made out of super-absorbent and fast drying microfiber, and they are both thin and soft.

Plus, it comes with a convenient carry bag and has a quick-snap hang loop for easy transport and hanging.

It comes in three different sizes, various color combos, and is fairly inexpensive.

The Youphoria Travel Towel is built for any and all athletic endeavors.

Whether you’re going on a hike, setting a PR in the gym, or doing a CrossFit workout in the Box, you can rely on this gym towel to keep you dry and composed.

Get The Youphoria Outdoors Microfiber Towel on

Desired Body Fitness Gym Towel

desired body Fitness Gym Towels (2 Pack) for Workout, Sports and Exercise - Soft, Lightweight, Quick-Drying, Odor-Free

Next up is a fitness gym towel from the company Desired Body. This two-count pack is made for workouts, sports, and any other form of exercise, making it perfect for your fitness goals.

This gym towel’s claim to fame is its length; the Desired Body Fitness Gym Towel can cover entire gym benches, giving you a complete barrier between your clothes/skin and the microbial funhouse that is the bench leather.

The microfiber is extremely lightweight, dries quickly, remains odor-free through numerous washings, and can absorb with the best of them.

On top of that, there aren’t any itchy wash labels or hooks that can cause skin irritation, letting you feel comfy throughout your workout.

Your training deserves a high-quality gym towel like the Desired Body Fitness Gym Towel. So reward yourself!

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ECOdept Microfiber Travel Towel

Microfiber Travel Towel - Large 52

The ECOdept Microfiber Travel Towel is more than just a towel to use in the gym; it’s an essential piece of your fitness journey.

This towel literally whisks water off of your body with the microfiber material getting you or the exercise equipment bone dry in mere seconds.

Also, it has a snap loop, allowing the towel to hang dry up to four times faster than a regular towel.

You can pack it — and your complimentary hand towel — in a waterproof bag that comes with it.

The travel towel comes in multiple colors and is big enough to keep you safe and healthy from any and all gym equipment.

Soft, absorbent, made for the active ones, and quality, the ECOdept Microfiber Travel Towel checks all the boxes when it comes to the ideal gym towel. So go ahead and give it a try.

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HOPESHINE Microfiber Gym Towel

Hope Shine Microfiber Gym Towels Fast Drying Sports Towel 3-Pack 16inch X 32inch (Grey 3-Pack)

This next gym towel actually comes in a three-pack, courtesy of the people at HOPESHINE. Which is a good thing, because their Microfiber Gym Towels are so great you’ll want more than one.

The HOPESHINE gym towel comes equipped with a small, flat-lay hang loop to hang it when you need to and forget its there when you don’t.

The towels are made out of microfiber — are you detecting a pattern, yet? — and their Unique Spinning Technology brings out brilliant coloration.

As well, professional woven fabric and high-quality fibers provide a soft, comfortable feel.

This machine-washable gym towel is multifaceted, which means it can keep you dry in and out of the workout room.

If you want multiple towels for your various gym days of the week (which is highly recommended), then this is the perfect opportunity for you to cash in on a dependable gym towel.

Grab your three HOPESHINE Microfiber Gym Towels and see the difference in your workouts.

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Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towel

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towel Ultra Soft Compact Quick Dry Microfiber - Great for Fitness, Hiking, Yoga, Travel, Sports, Backpacking & The Gym - Free Bonus Hand Towel 24x48 MB

Lastly, we have another microfiber towel made by Wise Owl Outfitters.

And while they made it for the hardcore campers, that doesn’t mean it’s just as effective in between the gym walls.

The Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towel is made of ultra-soft, compact, quick-dry microfiber, which is what you’re exactly looking for.

A convenient snap loop and compact travel bag complete the gym towel experience. Plus, you get two towels for the price of one, making it cost-savvy.

With tons of colors to choose from, various sizes, and a 100 percent money back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose when you go with this gym towel.

In truth, all of these towels are terrific options for your personal gym towel. At this point, the only difference is what statement you want to make.

The Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towel shows that you do more than work out — you live for adventure. If this is who you are, your best bet is this gym towel.

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By now, everything you need to know about gym towels should be pretty cut and dry. (Sorry…you knew I had to get a pun in there somewhere.)

Gym towels are vital to how you feel when you’re getting your workout on. Might as well spare no expense and get a quality towel.

Take a look at the list of epic gym towels and pick one that matches your fitness goals and style so you can kick ass in your gym.

That way, you can focus on your physique and keep the gym clean and clear of swapping DNA and other diseased nasties.

Your body — and the collective gym community — will thank you for it!