The Best Keto Strips To Test Your Ketone Levels

In recent years, the keto diet has become a worldwide sensation. With millions of online articles, books, and instagram stories about how “going keto” will change your life.

Of course, numerous keto diet add-on products have crept up across the market.

One of those products happens to be the increasingly popular keto strips (there is also keto meters for testing ketones). If you’re already on the keto bandwagon, you’ve no doubt heard of them.

We are going to look in depth at the top five best keto strips later, but for those of you who want to dive straight in, here’s a quick glance to the top choices:

These small strips let you know whether you’re body is in ketosis in order to meet your optimum fat loss goals.

But how do keto strips work exactly? What are the best keto stips on the market?

What Are Keto Strips?

Keto strips measure the levels of ketones in the body. More specifically, they usually look for one particular ketone, acetoacetate.

They do this by measuring the level of ketones in your urine.

You can either hold the keto strips mid-urine stream. Or alternatively, urinate into a sterile container and dip the strip in.

Within around 10-20 seconds the strip will begin to change color. After a couple of minutes it will have reached the final stage and indicate where on the ketosis scale you are.

This is done comparing against a color coded chart which we will be looking at later in this article.

Benefits of Using Ketone Strips?

The main benefit is the fact that they can indicate whether you’re actually in a state of ketosis.

If you haven’t totally eliminated carbs from the diet, it could be possible that the amount you are consuming is preventing ketones from being produced.

Equally the ketone strips work as a powerful incentive.

But there are other benefits including:


Since keto strips are so small they can easily be taken anywhere. Keep them in your purse or backpack, and as long as there is somewhere discreet to urinate, you can check your ketone levels.


Using keto strips is the cheapest way of checking ketosis.

It’s also possible to check ketone levels either through a blood or breath meter, which are more expensive options


As there are many people who have a phobia of needles or cannot stand the sight of blood, urine strips provide a way of measuring ketosis without piercing the skin.

How to Read Ketone Strips

Unlike other tests that should be evaluated by a professional, monitoring your ketosis levels can be easily achieved at home with the use of ketone strips.

They have been specifically designed to be discreet, simple and easy to use so that they can be used by anyone, anywhere.

Their design makes it simple to check your ketone levels against a simple color chart design which shows different stages of ketosis and where you fit on the scale.

Ketone Levels

Typically, ketones are measured in millimoles per liter (mmol/L). By checking the strip against a color chart, this indicates how far into ketosis you have progressed.

Ketone Strips Color Chart

All keto strip products come with a color chart included in the pack. Although they do vary between manufacturers, generally the colors range from beige through to dark purple.

Simply compare the color which has developed on the strip next to the chart to see which one is the best match.

This then has a corresponding key which expresses ketone levels in mmol/L and/or whether you are in a light, medium, or heavy state of ketosis.

As a general rule of thumb:

  • 0.6 mmol/L – 0.9 mmol/L = light ketosis
  • 1.0 mmol/L – 1.5 mmol/L = medium ketosis
  • 1.6 mmol/L – 3.0 mmol/L = heavy ketosis

What Are Normal Ketone Levels?

It’s generally agreed that a healthy person (and not in a state of ketosis) has ketone levels around 0.6 mmol/L.

Naturally, there will be some day to day differences, and of course between individuals, but it’s a fairly ‘normal’ level.

What Should Keto Levels Be to Lose Weight?

For serious weight loss, ketone levels should be above 3 mmol/L.

What Level of Ketones Indicates Ketosis?

Strictly speaking, any ketone level above 0.6 mmol/L is considered a state of ketosis. However, as mentioned above, this will only lead to small, if any, weight loss.

Best Time to Test Ketones in Urine

Ketone levels do not remain stable throughout the day. Alcohol, exercise, food and other lifestyle factors can all affect readings.

Recent studies have shown that the most reliable time to check ketone levels is first thing in the morning when the body has not been impaired by the above.

Top Ketone Sticks Reviewed

Of course, if you are considering purchasing ketone sticks, ideally, you would like a trusted source of information to know which are the best.

This is why we have taken the time to review the products currently available on the market and come up with the best keto strips we think could be a good choice for anyone looking for additional help monitoring their ketosis levels.

Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto Ketone Testing Strips: for Ketosis and The Ketogenic Diet, 100 Urine Test Strips

If you’re a seasoned keto practitioner, the chances are you have already heard of the Perfect Keto brand.

These guys have been around for a few years now and provide a wide range of keto enhancing supplements, recipes, and advice.

With this serious background and dedication to the keto diet, you know you are going to get a strip that is both accurate and reliable and made for the serious keto addict.

Perfect Keto contains 100 individual testers. Instructions are very clear and provide advice on keeping your body in a state of ketosis all year round.

Customer testimonials are very positive, and also indicate that the company responds well to queries.

All in all, it’s a good, solid, no frills product without gimmicks.


  • Comes in handy packaging with a 100 count
  • Sensibly priced
  • Professional grade
  • Clear instructions


  • Shelf life of only 2 months
  • Some customers had problems matching test strip to color chart

Get perfect Keto Strips here


Smackfat Ketone Strips - Perfect for Ketogenic Diet and Diabetics - Precise Ketone Measurement and Supports Ketone Adaptation, 100 Strips

These keto strips produced by Smackfat offer a reliable and accurate way to monitor your ketosis levels.

Each individual pack contains a substantial 100 individual strips. Not only does this offer excellent value for money compared to other similar products, but is also a great choice for those who wish to test more frequently.

These test strips are simple to use – like most others, they simply need to be held in urine for a short period and compared against the included ketosis color chart in order to monitor your progress.

It should be noted that these strips can take two or three days to get used to and start seeing results that you can continuously monitor.

Smackfat Ketone Strips - Perfect for Ketogenic Diet and Diabetics - Precise Ketone Measurement and Supports Ketone Adaptation, 100 Strips

Furthermore, the customer service offered by Smackfat is exceptional.

Not only do they promptly and informatively answer questions raised by customers, but they also provide educational materials in relation to weight loss and ketosis. They even come with an instructional video.

Overall, the quality of these ketone strips combined with the trusted branding behind them make them an excellent choice for anyone looking to try keto strips for the first time.


  • 100 strips to satisfy even the most eager tester
  • Sensibly priced
  • Educational tools and videos included
  • Extremely accurate
  • Excellent customer service


  • Do not expose to air – this can hamper their performance

Check the price on

Nurse Hatty

Nurse Hatty - Ketone Strips 150ct. NOW Made in USA - NEW & IMPROVED - Professional Grade Ketone Test Strips to Benefit Your Ketogenic, Paleo, Atkins & Diabetic Diets + Brand New BONUS PDF Edu. Pack

Nurse Hatty contains 150 quality ketone test strips, meaning even if you test twice a day, that’s over 2 months supply.

Thinking about the user who maybe a little clumsy, these strips are longer than average.

Measuring over 4 inches long, they are a nice safe way to test the urine without getting it all over your hands.

For precise and accurate readings Nurse Hatty have expanded the color chart to 15 different panels to ensure you really are on top of your ketosis position.

Although there is no video included, the product does come with a dieting and diabetic ebook, which also includes information about the keto diet.

Nurse Hatty claims that these are the exact same strips that are used in laboratories, pharmacies, and hospitals due to being of medical grade quality.


  • 150 strips
  • 2″ length ensures hand cleanliness
  • Ebook included
  • Expanded color chart for greater accuracy


  • Strip reagent only guaranteed for 90 days – so you have to use 150 strips in this time
  • Heat can affect their accuracy dramatically

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Top Notch

Ketone Test Strips for Testing Ketosis Levels in 15 Seconds Using Urinalysis. Accurate Results to Guarantee You Lose Weight & Feel Great on a Ketogenic, Diabetic, Paleo or Low Carb Diet-125 Strips

Top Notch Nutrition are an increasingly popular brand who have increased their product line of keto supplements to include these urine testing strips.

Priced very sensibly, and with a count of 125 strips per bottle, this is a nice entry-level keto product.

Suitable for diabetic, keto, Atkins and paleo diets – these will assist in ensuring that your body is in a state of ketosis.

These strips come with a very easy to read color chart that will not confuse, although the palette spectrum itself is somewhat limited.

Some customers have reported the strips are not very rigid and become ‘floppy’ very quickly after being used.


  • Cheap for 125 strips
  • Clear color chart
  • Good for the keto beginner
  • Works in just 15 seconds


  • Restricted chart – not as accurate as its competitors
  • Some customers reported that the color change is not clear enough
  • Strips become flaccid quickly

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One Health

Ketone Strips (USA Made, 150 Count): Accurate Ketosis Urine Test Strips For Keto Diet, Diabetics and Ketogenic Measurement. Lose Weight With Confidence. Keto Ebook Emailed. Lifetime Guarantee

A reliable, USA manufactued product by One Earth Health.

Coming in at a count of 150 strips (although with a price tag to match) these keto strips do perform consistently well.

One Earth Health are so convinced of the quality of their product they come with a lifetime guarantee.

If, after opening you find they do not work correctly, they will refund your money in full – no questions asked.

However, the lifetime guarantee does expire 90 days after you open the packaging. And, to be fair, 150 strips may be too much for some people to use within this time period.

To ensure reliable results, these strips come in double sealed packaging to prevent contamination by air or moisture.

What’s more, these keto strips come with a free ebook which explains the keto diet, troubleshooting tips and 7-day meal plan recipes.


  • 150 count
  • Produced in FDA approved facility
  • USA made
  • Double sealed for quality assurance
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • 150 strips in 90 days may be too much for some keto dieters
  • Long color ‘development’ time
  • Slightly more expensive than other keto strips

Check the price on


Whether on the keto, Atkins or paleo diet, keto strips are an invaluable tool to have on your side.

At the best of times, getting into ketosis is not easy. It demands willpower, tenacity and a lot of dedication.

Keto strips enable you to see that you are on the right track, and ensure you stay motivated.

When the pounds do eventually begin to drop off, keto strips will ensure that you are not falling off the rails and your weight loss continues.

With the ease of use for even a first time tester, any of these top five keto strips would make an excellent choice.

However, for us, the keto strips from Smackfat were just slightly head and shoulders above the rest.

If you’re looking for a reliable product to try, these keto strips could be an excellent choice.