Top 5 Best Mass Weight Gainers (2021 Review)

Looking For The Best Mass Gainer?

You know that muscle isn’t built in the gym. You can train as hard you like, but if you’re not feeding the right nutrients to the muscle cell, you will not gain mass. That’s why there’s a multi-billion dollar supplement industry to give you the nutritional choices that you need. Problem is that the marketplace is so saturated that most of us are confused as to just what we need to take in order to pack on the mass? Is it a weight gainer or a mass gainer? A pre workout or a post workout? Just how and what do you need to take to get massive without getting fat?

In hurry, here our top picks.

Top 5 Best Mass Weight Gainers

  1. Naked Mass
  2. Serious Mass
  3. Monster Massive
  4. Pro Gainer
  5. True Mass

*see detailed information for each product below.

In this article, we’ll zero in on mass gainers. What are they and why do you should use them? We’ll address the differences between a mass gainer and a weight gainer and we’ll showcase the top rated mass gainers for 2021. You’ll also discover what dosage and timing regimen will give you the best gains.

What is a Mass Gainer?


A mass gainer is a powdered supplement designed to add mass to your body. Whereas a weight gainer or protein powder is primarily protein (usually at a minimum of 70%), mass gainers contain more carbohydrates and fats. They are designed for ectomorphs and hard gainers who have a seriously hard time putting on weight and need an injection of extra calories into their daily nutritional plan.

A mass gainer will specialize in the 3 macronutrients, protein, carbohydrate and fat. Each serving will feature all three in large quantities. In contrast, a regular protein powder for CrossFit will specialize in just protein. It will be low in carb, fats, and overall calories.

Mass Gainer or Weight Gainer?

As we can see, a mass gainer is a targeted product designed for a specific segment of the bodybuilding community – hard gainers and ectomorphs. If a mesomorph or an endomorph takes a mass gainer rather than a whey protein-based weight gainer, they will likely suffer from calorie overload. This will express itself in the form of unwanted body fat.

Some people prefer to use mass gainers for bulking purposes, with the idea that they will chisel down, or refine their body once they have reached a certain body weight. They use a mass gainer for getting big, then switch to a whey protein for cutting.

If you’re a skinny guy who doesn’t gain weight easily and wants to build a significant amount of mass quickly, then a mass gainer is the right choice for you. If you are not a hard gainer and want steady muscle gain at a controlled body fat percentage, then a whey protein-based weight gainer is a better option for you.

Can I Add Mass without Working Out?

The purpose of either a mass gainer or a weight gainer is to promote muscle growth. They do this by promoting muscle recovery after exercise so that the muscle can grow back stronger and bigger than it was before. If you take a mass gainer without working out, there is a strong chance that you will gain nothing but body fat.

When To Use A Mass Gainer

If you are in a bulking phase, you should definitely use a mass gainer. When you’re bulking you know that you’ll put on a bit of fat with the mass, but it is a quick and easy way to take in extra calories.

Take your mass gainer in between your current meals. This is a supplement to your normal eating regime. You probably have 5 to 6 other meals to eat throughout the day. Don’t replace them with a mass gainer. Rather, take a mass gainer in addition to them. Whole foods must always form the backbone of your nutritional plan.

Take just one serving of a day. Make sure that the rest of your meals are providing the macronutrients (protein, carbs, fat) that you need. You need all of them to gain mass.

How Much Does A Mass Gainer Cost?

A mass gainer usually runs between $55 and $65. A regular protein powder ranges from $20-$45.

Also, we loved some of these top products so much that we decided to go much deeper into them with their own separate posts detailing their credentials. If we have a more detailed review, we have linked to it in the product review below.

Top Mass Gainers for 2021 Reviews

Naked Nutrition Naked Mass

naked mass

In keeping with their stripped back mission, Naked Nutrition has only three ingredients into Naked Mass; Maltodextrin, Whey Protein and Micellar Casein. There are absolutely no additives or fillers in this product. Instead, you get 1252 calories, 252 grams of carbs and 50 grams of protein per serve (includes 11.5 grams of BCAA’s). It’s gluten free, soy free, and dairy free.

Check out the detailed product review of Naked Mass here.

Get Naked Mass Here

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

serious mass

With a massive serving size of 334 grams, Serious Mass delivers a bucket load of macros to your muscle cells. Each serving will fast track 50 grams of protein, and 254 grams of carbs into your bloodstream. The main carb source is maltodextrin, a sugar with a high glycemic index that will quickly replenish your glycogen stores. Serious Mass also includes one gram of protein per serving.

This product has a 5:1 carb to protein ratio.

Be aware that this product contains sweet dairy whey, which may cause problems for people who are lactose intolerant.

Check out the detailed product review of Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass here.

Get Serious Mass Here

Cyto Sports Monster Massive

monster massive

Cyto Sport is the company behind the hugely popular Monster Milk. Their mass gainer; Monster Massive comes in a 6-pound container which delivers 50 grams of protein, with 4 grams of l-leucine added per serve. You get a whopping 600 calories with each serve. There are, however, just 73 grams of carbs, which gives you a 1.15:1 carb to protein ratio. The protein mix is a combination of fast and slow digesting varieties to give you a protein release that lasts for hours.

Get Monster Massive Here

Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Gainer

Pro Complex Gainer

Pro Complex Mass from Optimum Nutrition is a lean muscle mass gainer, in contrast to Serious Mass. The key difference is that this product is much lighter in carbs. It’s got 650 calories, just 8 grams of fat (4 saturated), and 85 grams of carbs. Complex Gainer contains a huge 60 grams of protein from seven different unique protein sources. This is a quality product that is loaded with BCAA’s and digestive enzymes.

There are 14 servings in a 5-pound bucket. You may decide, to break one large serving into two daily servings, one before and one after your workout.

Get Pro Gainer Here

BSN True Mass

BSN True Mass

BSN True Mass contains 18 servings with 630 calories. It contains 46 grams of protein, sourced from top quality hyrdrolyzed whey protein, micellar casein, calcium caseinate, and egg whites. There are 16 grams of fat, only 5 of which are saturated fats. It also contains 76 grams of carbs, only 14 of which are sugars. 5 grams of fiber are included as a buffer to time release the carbs into your system. There are also extra enzymes to help your body break down and absorb the product.

Get True Mass Here


A mass gainer is a targeted muscle building product specifically designed for ectomorphs, hard gainers and those who are in a bulking phase. Unlike a protein powder, it contains a balance of protein, carbs, and fats that are likely to put somebody fat on your frame.

Use a mass gainer as a complement to your existing meal plan. Look for a product that will give you a good carb to protein ratio to ensure you best meet your body’s nutritional needs.

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