Best Potassium Supplements for a Keto Diet (2020 Review)

Looking for the best ​potassium supplements to help you improve your muscle strength and your body’s electrolytic functions? ​

​Alas, you’re in the right spot!

In this Athletic Muscle guide, I’ll be covering:

  • What are ​potassium supplements?
  • ​Do you need to take potassium supplements on a keto diet?
  • ​How much potassium do you need on keto?
  • What are potassium supplement benefits and side effects?
  • And my top ​5 potassium supplements!

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best potassium supplement

bulk supplements potassium citrate powder

Bulk Supplements Potassium Citrate Powder
  • 100% clean and pure
  • Foil zip pouch
  • Boosts bone health
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nature made potassium gluconate

Nature Made Potassium Gluconate
  • Maintain water and pH balance
  • Improves muscle, nerve cell, and heart functions
  • Great for potassium deficiency
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pure encapsulations potassium citrate

Pure Encapsulations – Potassium Citrate
  • Enhances cardiovascular function
  • Overall physiological support
  • Maintains electrolyte balance
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thorne research potassium citrate

Thorne Research – Potassium Citrate
  • Improves Urinary Tract Health
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Pure ingredients
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now supplements potassium gluconate

Now Supplements – Potassium Gluconate
  • 99mg Potassium Gluconate
  • Easier to swallow
  • Maintains proper muscle contraction
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Overall #1 Pick

Updated As of 03/07/20

​Bulk Supplements Potassium Citrate Powder

  • ​100% clean and pure
  • ​Foil zip pouch
  • ​Boosts bone health
bulk supplements potassium citrate powder

​When it comes to helping your body bring out the best results while on keto, you can count on Bulk Supplements Potassium Citrate Powder the most.


​This clean and pure powder supplement offers a variety of health benefits. Bulk Supplements is formulated to strengthen bones, support urinary and kidney health, promote healthy blood pressure, provide a good volume of electrolytes for hydration, and a whole lot more.

​Bulk Supplements is lab tested ensuring each pack with pure high quality potassium citrate powder with zero fillers

Keep reading to learn everything there is know about these potassium supplements!

Top 5 Best P​otassium Supplements

Check out our below list for a summary of our results. Keep on reading to learn more about your p​otassium supplement options!

  1. Bulk Supplements Potassium Citrate Powder (​Our Top Pick)
  2. Nature Made Potassium Gluconate
  3. Pure Encapsulations Potassium Citrate
  4. Thorne Research Potassium Citrate
  5. Now Supplements Potassium Gluconate

Trying to make a decision on one of these in particular? Skip to the bottom to read its review. Especially if you have done your research on Potassium Supplements, if not, keep reading.

Potassium is one of the key electrolytes required for optimal human function and health.

Many individuals following a ketogenic approach are unaware of the importance of electrolytes, and in particular potassium, in optimal health.

In fact, Potassium is 1 of the 4 major shortfall nutrients in the American diet according to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for American’s Advisory Committee. This is before we consider the unique hurdles faced by keto dieters when achieving adequate potassium levels.

Potassium regulates important minerals in the body as well as body fluids and blood pressure. It also plays a critical role in the correct function of electronic signaling pathways required for muscular contraction.

Adequate potassium intake has been associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, kidney stone development and reductions in age-related bone mass density.

Achieving adequate potassium intake is however a challenge on the ketogenic diet. With restrictions in food sources rich in potassium (particularly white vegetables and potato which may be higher in carbohydrate and throw off your ketosis) and mineral imbalances (When sodium is depleted the kidney excretes more potassium to compensate).

Thankfully, a few amazing companies have created completely keto friendly potassium supplements which can be used to provide a welcomed “safety net” for your diet while you source out suitable whole food options or simply for convenience and reassurance!

We’ve listed our favorite, most trusted products here for you to get our thoughts and hopefully try for yourself!

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​What are Potassium Supplements?

In dietary supplements, potassium is often present as potassium chloride, but many other forms—including potassium citrate, phosphate, aspartate, bicarbonate, and gluconate—are also used.

The supplements will usually come in a variety of forms; powders, tablets and capsules to name the most popular options.

​Do You Need to Take Potassium Supplements on Keto Diet?

Of course not!

You can achieve the required intake from your diet if you plan it out well enough. Supplements are never a necessity (simply look into what the word supplement means).

However, that does not mean they won’t make your ketosis journey a whole lot easier!

For convenience reasons alone we’d happily recommend them!

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potassium supplement facts

​How Much Potassium do I Need on the Keto Diet?

In 2019, a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) committee updated the dietary reference intakes (DRIs) for potassium and sodium.

They suggest that adults over the ages of 18 consume between 2300 – 3400mg of potassium a day (depending on age, gender and pregnancy status).

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​What are Some Benefits of Taking Potassium Supplements?

​The benefit of potassium supplementation comes in addressing any possible deficiency / providing a more optimal dosage. There are four primary health markers potassium intake may benefit:


Studies have shown supplementary potassium intake to significantly improve blood pressure measures, with marked improvement in those with hypertension.

Research has also found that those with higher potassium intakes are also at a lower risk of stroke and possibly other cardiovascular diseases (CVDs).

Kidney Stones

Low potassium intakes impair calcium reabsorption within the kidney, increasing urinary calcium excretion and potentially causing hypercalciuria and kidney stones.

Potassium supplementation appears to have a protective effect against kidney stone formation with more than one study finding beneficial outcomes!

Bone Health

While potassium does appear to have some kind of protective effect on bone health, the exact mechanisms underlying this benefit are unclear.

One hypothesis is that potassium helps protect bone through its effect on acid-base balance.

Diets that are high in acid-forming foods, such as a meat rich ketogenic diet, can contribute to metabolic acidosis and might have an adverse effect on bone.

Alkaline components in the form of potassium salts (potassium bicarbonate or citrate, but not potassium chloride) from food or potassium supplements might counteract this effect and help preserve bone tissue!

What does the evidence say though? Well, studies have shown supplementary potassium to significantly improve bone mineral density greater than a placebo (at least in an elderly population). Evidence also lies in observational studies with those found to have high dietary intakes of potassium tending to have increased bone mineral density as well!

Blood Glucose and Type II Diabetes

Type II diabetes is a growing health concern. Obesity is the primary driver of the condition; however, insulin resistance is also a confounding factor. Potassium plays an important role in the correct function of cells responsible for blood glucose / insulin regulation.

A number of observational studies of adults have found associations between lower potassium intakes or lower serum or urinary potassium levels and increased rates of fasting glucose, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes.

Coincidentally, observational studies have also seen that those in the highest quintile of potassium intake also appear to be at the lowest risk of type II diabetes!

Many people will use a ketogenic approach to treat diabetes. Ensuring that we’re getting enough potassium could increase the effectiveness of treating the condition even more so!

​Potassium Supplements Dosage

​How many potassium supplements do you need a day?

That completely depends on the rest of your diet and the dosage of the potassium supplement itself!

It’s good to know however that supplements in this instance have similar effectiveness and absorption to whole food sourced potassium. This isn’t typically the case and makes many supplements virtually a waste of money!

Stick with the recommend dosages and or those recommended from a health professional for each brand (for safety reasons).

​When Should You Take It?

The best time to take a potassium supplement would be preferably with a meal. This can help with the absorption!

Taking first thing in the morning and last thing at night may be recommended if you suffer from cramps!

Why are Potassium Supplements a low dosage?

Many dietary supplement manufacturers and distributors limit the amount of potassium in their products to 99 mg (which is only about 3% of the DV) because of two primary concerns related to potassium supplementation.

Firstly, the FDA has ruled that potassium supplementation of more than 99 mg are not safe because they have been associated with small-bowel lesions.

The exact mechanism surrounding this is unclear however as, even when potassium has been ingested chronically in superficial amounts (three to five times DRI) there has been no significant change in plasma potassium levels.

Second, because of the ruling regarding the small-bowel lesions, the FDA requires some potassium salts containing more than 99 mg potassium per tablet to be labelled with a warning about the reports of small-bowel lesions.

This may make customers less likely to want to purchase them if they have a warning label on the front!

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​Potassium Supplements Side Effects

While the FDA has obviously ruled against the safety of potassium supplementation in excess of 99mg there may be other side effects to consider.

This would depend entirely on the amount used and the application.

There have been some reported cases of gastrointestinal distress following potassium supplementation, however these appear to be infrequent, mild and relatively rare.

Hyperkalemia (muscle weakness, paralysis, heart palpitations, paresthesias and cardiac arrhythmias) has been cited as a possible major risk of potassium supplementation.

However, there is no evidence that high intakes of potassium cause hyperkalemia in adults with normal kidney function or other adverse effects. Once again, the evidence tends to argue against the general opinion of the internet on this matter!

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Best Potassium Supplement Reviews

​Bulk Supplements Potassium Citrate Powder

  • ​100% clean and pure
  • ​Foil zip pouch
  • ​Boosts bone health
bulk supplements potassium citrate powder

This is one of our favorites; straight to the point, no fuss, no additives, no extras, just a great serving of potassium with guaranteed third-party quality checks!

The Bulk supplements potassium citrate powder is a fantastic choice!

It gets to work almost immediately and can be an incredibly useful tool to use if you’re struggling to achieve your dietary intake from whole foods and or have just finished exercise, it’s more humid than usual, you feel a cramp coming on etc.

We’ve used it before and found it to be a wonderful compliment to our diets, but if you don’t trust us then listen to the 1500 + reviews on Amazon who have given this wonderful stuff a whopping 4.7 / 5 stars!


  • ​Has no fillers
  • ​Lab tested
  • ​Helps regulate blood pressure
  • Foil zip pouch


  • ​No dosage readings
  • ​May taste like cucumber peels

​Nature Made Potassium Gluconate

  • ​Maintains water and pH balance
  • ​Improves muscle, nerves, cell, and heart functions
  • ​Great for potassium deficiency
nature made potassium gluconate

For those not a fan of powder, the Nature Made tablets are a wonderful potassium supplement substitute. With the highest quality ingredients and no added bits and pieces, this is another great option!

Nature’s Made Potassium Gluconate would be a great option for those with, or trying to prevent, low potassium levels.

Additionally, potassium gluconate might help support the health of the bones since this mineral makes up a small component of the bone tissue, forming the compound in the bones responsible for bone density.

Citrate may be a better alternative for those in preventing the development of painful kidney stones (as it binds to calcium in urine, preventing it from forming larger crystals).

We love the convenience of this product and the fact it contains no artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives! Nearly 100 reviewers have given it a 4.5 / 5 star review on Amazon!


  • ​Supports heart function
  • ​Prevents fatigue and muscle weakness
  • ​Great for treating avoiding night leg cramps


  • ​Only has 90mg of Potassium
  • ​Little chalky

​Pure Encapsulations Potassium Citrate

  • ​Enhances cardiovascular function
  • ​Overall physiological support
  • ​Maintains electrolyte balance
pure encapsulations potassium citrate

Pure Encapsulations have partnered with the best in the scientific and healthcare field to produce their potassium capsule product!

We love the evidence-based approach and also the fact that Pure Encapsulations products are free from magnesium stearate, gluten, hydrogenated fat, artificial sweeteners and colors, GMOs and any other unwanted added extras!

“Nothing but pure” this is one of our favorites! It’s incredibly effective, highly tested and comes in multiple sized options (90 and 180 caps)

We’re big fans of Pure Encapsulations products but simply love their potassium capsules! 150 happy customers agree with us and give it 4.5 / 5 stars on Amazon!


  • ​Effective in enhancing physiologic processes
  • ​Maintains electrolyte balance
  • ​Pure ingredients
  • Free from gluten, artificial sweeteners and coloring


  • ​Smaller potassium dose

​Thorne Research Potassium Citrate

  • ​Improves urinary tract health
  • ​Supports cardiovascular health
  • ​Pure ingredients
thorne research potassium citrate

Arguably the most refined of our recommended brands, Thorne Research are matriculate in their testing criteria.

They demand and achieve excellence through their product catalogue and this is another fine example. Premium ingredients, fantastic product, the best results; can’t ask for more, really!​

We love Thorne’s approach to the process. Not only do they create amazing products but they do so in an intensively tested yet sustainable way. Giving back while giving back so to speak!

Their potassium citrate supplement is of the highest quality and one of the best, if not the best, on the market!

Achieving 4.5 / 5 stars on average on Amazon from 100 + reviews, we’d honestly push that up higher and say it’s closer to 5 stars!


  • ​Uses pure ingredients
  • ​Supports cardiovascular and urinary tract health
  • ​Free from gluten and other major allergens
  • Easy to swallow pills


  • ​May cause stomach pain

​No Supplements Potassium Gluconate

  • ​99mg Potassium Gluconate
  • ​Easy to swallow
  • ​Maintains proper muscle contraction
now supplements potassium gluconate

Free from just about every nasty thing you can think of when it comes to the supplements industry, Now Supplements pride themselves on their quality of product.

A company now several decades into its lifespan, from day one they’ve honed in on quality and honesty.

They’re one of the few who have achieved an NPA A-rated GMP certification essentially giving them one of the highest forms of quality assurance for their laboratory/testing methods (for stability, potency, and product formulation).

We really trust in their products and love their potassium tablets! Would highly recommend!

NOW’s potassium gluconate is amazing!

From the manufacturing process to the quality of ingredient, to honest testing and even ensuring it’s universally usable (Now have made it Halal, Non-GMO, Kosher, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Made without Gluten, Nut Free, Soy Free and Vegan/Vegetarian friendly).

A 250-tablet pack for a really good price makes this a must try for any keto dieter!

We’ve got ours on the way!


  • ​Great for leg cramps
  • Affordable price point
  • ​High quality products


  • ​Tastes bad
  • ​Low potassium dose


Potassium plays an incredibly important role in human function and health.

Many are deficient, and following a ketogenic approach (and or any other restrictive approach) may make you more susceptible to deficiency.

This can have a negative impact on your health, however there are food sources rich in potassium which can still be included in a ketosis focused diet.

Supplementation may be an easier route as you begin to discover what these are and how these foods can fit into your diet without ruining it!

It can also just be reassuring to have that dietary “safety net” in place so you can focus on all other aspects of your health, rather than be bogged down by one small, but significant, component to the dietary puzzle.

We’ve listed our favorites here and we definitely recommend that you try them. We’ve tried them all and they’ve all worked wonders for us and our keto companions! Let us know which one you go for and why!