Optimize Your Recovery With These Compression Tights

As an athlete or exercise enthusiast, optimizing your recovery is one of the best things you can do. It leads to better performance, less pain, and less time spent on the sidelines. And for many, compression tights are a staple piece in their recovery process. Read about what to look for when purchasing compression tights so that you find the right fit for your recovery process.

Want to see the quick summary first? Here are our top picks for compression tights for recovery. Keep reading for considerations before buying.



CompressionZ High Waisted Women’s Leggings
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Highly rated
  • Beautiful Designs available
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2XU Men’s Elite Power Recovery Compression Tights
  • Designed for Recovery
  • Over the foot stirrups
  • Comfortable waist band
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Rogue Fitness WOD Gear Clothing Crop Pants
  • Shorter Leggings
  • Material avoids bunching or sliding
  • Various colors and styles
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Nike Men’s Pro Shorts
  • Men’s Compression tights for CrossFit
  • Comfortable thick waist band
  • Affordable pricing
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Women’s Under Armor SpeedPocket Run Crop Leggings
  • Built in Pockets
  • Moisture wicking & anti odor material
  • Various styles and color choices
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Best Compression Tights For Recovery – Top Picks

1. CompressionZ High Waisted Women’s Leggings (High waisted for women)

2. 2XU Men’s Elite Power Recovery Compression Tights (Designed for Recovery for Men; includes over the foot stirrups)

3. Rogue Fitness WOD Gear Clothing Crop Pants (Women’s Crop fitted – great fit for CrossFit)

4. Nike Men’s Pro Shorts (Under the shorts tights for Men)

5. Women’s Under Armor SpeedPocket Run Crop Leggings (Women’s Ultra tight compression tights with pockets)

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What Are Compression Tights & What Do You Need Them For?

Generally, compression tights, socks, or garments are any piece of clothing that constricts the body.

Compression tights aim to help increase blood flow. In turn, this promotes a better recovery by bringing the nutrients and cells that help with healing. They work very similar to compression socks, except they cover the entire lower body.

In fact, sprinters and runners have been wearing compression leggings for years. Today, they are becoming increasingly popular in every realm of exercise – from weight lifters to competitive sports players.

This increased demand is attributed to the publicized benefits including decreasing post-workout muscle soreness, enhancing recovery, and improving endurance and power. In other words, foam rolling, rehydrating, and stretching aren’t the only things you should consider when it comes to recovering faster and better than ever before.

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Many individuals further enjoy the use of compression leggings, or even compression shorts, due to the support they offer. These garments provide support for the muscles during movement and eliminate the hassle of having to adjust your clothing throughout your activity of choice.

How Do Compression Tights Aid Recovery?

compression tights aid in recovery

Several scientific studies indicate compression garments and their ability to aid in recovery and performance. A recent 2019 study recommended the use of compression tights for faster recovery, particularly after intense or strenuous exercise. A systematic review of various studies also concluded with similar findings. Researchers suggested compression garments may help with muscle function and perceived muscle soreness during recovery.

But what are the mechanisms of action? How do compression tights achieve these benefits?

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Experts and athletes agree that compression garments put pressure on the blood vessels. This causes the blood vessels to constrict, which increases blood flow into the smaller vessels. In turn, this increases blood pressure and leads to increased blood flow back to the heart. This means your body is better equipped to clear the byproducts produced through exercise, which leads to a more fresh and less sore feeling post-workout.

What Should You Consider Before Buying Them?

As far as the best recovery compression tights go, there’s a ton to choose from. In fact, the market may be overwhelming for the newbie compression tight shopper. So, how can you narrow down your search? Here are a few key characteristics you should watch out for.

1. Function

Many compression leggings are made with a specific activity in mind. Today, you can find compression leggings tailored for runners, weight lifters, CrossFitters, and more. Thus, it’s always a good idea to inquire into the activity the leggings were made for before purchasing.

2. Fit

A garment labeled ‘compressive fit’ means it’s going to be tighter than your average leggings. However, you don’t want them overly tight. You still want to be able to move.

The best way to tell? Try them on! Move in them and see how they feel.

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3. Breathability

The material should wick away sweat, meaning it shouldn’t feel as though your legs are suffocating or becoming overly heated during or after exercise.

4. Comfort

Ultimately, you should feel good in whichever compression tights you choose. They should be tight, but not overly tight. They should allow your legs to breathe, as well as offer support and flexibility during movement.

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Product Reviews

What compression tights should you check out first? Here are our top 5.

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CompressionZ Leggings

  • High Waisted Tights for Women
  • Hightly rated for comfort
  • Beautiful designs and colors available
CompressionZ High Waisted Women's Tights

With over 3000 reviews, this woman’s compression pant has a steady 4.5/5 rating on Amazon. It’s no surprise why these leggings come in at the number one spot. They rank high in support, breathability, comfort, and flexibility. Many customers claimed them as their favorite pair of leggings, where they don’t fall down during movement and are tight yet comfortable.

These also wick away moisture and are quick drying. The CompressionZ tights further have 4-way stretch fabric and anti-odor technology, reducing bacteria and allowing for easy movement. Previous customers also boast about these leggings being great for both performance and recovery.

If you plan on purchasing this pair, it’s highly recommended you size up! The only downside is that these leggings don’t come with reflective markings, which aren’t a total loss.

Core Compression Tights

  • Men’s Compression Tights Designed for Recovery
  • Over the Foot Stirrups
  • Various colors and styles
  • Thick and comfortable waist band
2XU Men's Recovery Compression Tights

This men’s compression garment comes at a slightly higher price than most. However, many consumers claim they are worth every penny.

Made with PWX (Power, Weight, Flex) fabric, these pants offer the perfect balance of compression and comfort. They are very flexible and lightweight, giving way to smooth movement. The elastic band with the drawstring also offers variation for fit.

These pants further come with UPF 50% protection and moisture-wicking technology. Generally, most consumers love these pants for recovery, but they also say they can easily be used to boost running and exercise performance.

Rogue Fitness WOD Gear Clothing Crop Pants

  • Shorter Leggings for CrossFit type workouts
  • Fabric material avoids bunching or sliding
  • Various colors and designs to choose from
Rogue Fitness WOD Gear Crop Pants

Many women prefer shorter leggings, and this one fits the bill. While still offering decent coverage, flexibility, mobility, and comfort, these compression pants are perfect for most workouts – from Crossfit to gymnastic work.

Made with a combined spandex and polyester mix, the fabric provides breathability and avoids bunching or sliding.

The other good news about these pants? They come at a reasonable price, making them affordable for most.

Nike Pro Tights

  • Under garment Men’s Tights
  • Comfortable thick waist band
  • Affordable pricing
Nike Men's Pro Short Tights

This is the men’s equivalent of the WOD Gear Clothing Crop Pants for Men. These compression tights can be worn as an undergarment. They offer a stretchy and comfortable design that supports movement without restriction.

Also made with polyester and spandex, the stretchy fabric wicks away sweat providing optimal breathability. It’s also unlikely you’ll find any better price for tights than these ones. They are highly affordable and entirely worth it.

Under Armour Speedpocket Women’s Tights

  • Ultra Tight Women’s Tights
  • Built in Pockets
  • Various designs and colors to choose from
Under Armor Women's Compression Tights with Pockets

The compression on these tights is considered “ultra-tight.” The major draw to these leggings is the pockets, especially for runners. It provides a place to put your keys or door fob.

These leggings further are made with moisture-wicking material, anti-odor technology, reflective detailing, and super-soft fabric. The leggings also claim to allow you to stash your phone in the pocket – without bouncing (something many runners and other exercisers may struggle with).

Making Your Decision

As previously stated, it truly comes down to how you feel in the tights and what you want to get out of them. If it feels good and you can move, they’re perfect. If you find the fit isn’t quite right or they’re too tight, this might indicate you need to try a different type, size, or style. The only way to find out is to try them. Ensure you always check the sizing chart and measure before purchasing or ordering.