Top 5 Best Wrist Wraps For CrossFit Athletes (2020 Review)

We’ve all been there. Going for a new PR in something heavy.

Deadlifts, front squats, maxing out pull-ups…these and more involve using a ton of strength and power, from a lot of different body parts.



Rogue Fitness
  • Fits all wrist size
  • Superior wrist support
  • Comfortable and stretchable
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Bear KompleX Wrist Straps
  • Stabilizer grips with thumb hooks
  • Absorb sweat and moisture
  • Doesn’t irritate skin
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WOD Nation
  • Superior stitching
  • 3 available sizes
  • Includes carrying bag
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Rip Toned
  • 18-inch elastic wrist wrap
  • Premium stitching
  • Extra wide velcro
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DMoose Fitness
  • Wide fastening strap design
  • Thumb loops
  • Double stitching
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One of these lucky parts is our wrists.

Sometimes, your wrists are the weakest link.

Top 5 Best Wrist Straps For CrossFit in 2020

Check out our below list for a summary of our results. Keep on reading to learn more about wrist straps! There’s a lot to learn!

  1. Rogue Fitness (best of the best)
  2. Bear KompleX Wrist Straps (best mid-range)
  3. WOD Nation (best budget)
  4. Rip Toned
  5. DMoose Fitness

The thing that makes the 5- or 10-pound difference in your big lifts, or the thing that leaves you two or three reps short on the bar.

With plateaus looming, how can you get that extra oomph to propel to newfound levels of athleticism?

Thankfully, there is an answer: Wrist wraps!

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In this article, we’ll go over what wrist wraps are, compare them to strength wraps, when you should use them, length, and describe the best CrossFit wrist wraps out to purchase today.

To learn more about this amazing piece of gear, keep moving those eyeballs…

What Are Wrist Wraps?

Simply speaking, wrist wraps are long pieces of cloth or leather that wrap around your wrists and attach via velcro.

They attach to your wrists and the bar, and provide added support when lifting heavy weights.

They are specifically popular amongst bodybuilders, powerlifters, strength athletes, and the casual gym-goer.

Wrist wraps can be used by anybody who are looking to lift heavy and not destroy their grip, forearms, and wrists.

These are not to be confused with other workout gear, such as calisthenics gloves (which improve grip while also providing wrist support).

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Wrist Wraps VS. Strength Wraps

There are two main types of wrap styles when it comes to wrist strength and support: Wrist wraps and strength wraps.

Below is the difference between the two and which one is better for performance, depending on your goals.

Wrist Wraps (Velcro Straps)

wrist wraps

This style of wrap is more substantial in terms of material and elasticity. It is usually thicker, shorter, and has the ability to stretch over the expanse of your wrist and surrounding area.

Also known as a powerlifter wrap, this kind of wrap usually involves a thumb loop and making sure the elastic is tight when you wrap it around your wrist.

The velcro adds a ton of support, as it provides a sturdy hold.

The elastic is also important, because it gives you a tight hold while maintaining some flexibility in your wrist joints.

This provides compression on the wrist, stronger support, but not as much mobility.

Wrist wraps with velcro straps improves your strength and power movements, like deadlifts, cleans, and front squats.

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Strength Wraps (Tie On)

strength wraps

This version of wrist wrap involves a longer, less flexible piece of fabric.

You wrap it around your wrist multiple times until you come to the single string at the end.

Once you tie the string around itself, you have a semi-tight hold. If you roll it one way, it tightens; roll it the other way, it loosens.

The tie-on wraps give you specific tightness, which allows for enhance mobility while adding support.

The string adjusts to where you want it. This lets you do all kinds of movements, including any calisthenics or CrossFit exercise.

Wrist wraps with tie-on strings are best for power movements and CrossFit movements, due to how quick you can change from tight to loose on the strap.

You can perform heavy clean and jerks one minute, then go to strict pull-ups the next!

When To Use Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps should be used during workouts. More to the point, they are most helpful with improving the strength and size of specific muscle groups.

The bigger the lift, the more you should think about utilizing wrist wraps to improve the movement, your comfort during reps, and your strength when gripping the bar or dumbbells.

Exercises that could be improved by wrist wraps include:

  • Dumbbell/barbell rows
  • Heavy shrugs
  • Deadlifts (any type)
  • Rack pulls
  • Front squats (protect wrists more than letting them be bent back naturally)
  • Cleans/clean & jerks
  • Shoulder press/snatches

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What Length Of Wrap Do You Need?

There are multiple opinions on this one, as well as various sizes.

A quick search online and you have a hundred message boards and threads asking how long wraps should be on your wrist.

Wrist wraps – especially the ones that tie – come in traditional sizes, like 12″, 18″, and 24″.

Obviously, the longer the wrap, the more times around you can wrap it on your wrist.

Some people want that added support, while others don’t want as much support. It really depends on the person.

If you don’t mind either way, then the best option is to go longer. It allows you to have more ways to wrap, plus added cushion and support is always welcomed.

Just so you know, wrist size does not matter when it comes to determining which wrist wrap to get. They should be able to wrap around your wrist multiple times, for support.

For the majority of people, this means 12″ wrist wraps won’t cut it; go for 18″ and above.

Top CrossFit Wrist Wraps Reviewed


First up are some heavy duty, high grade gloves by Stoic. These suckers are built to last, with support and comfort in mind.

Features include:

  • High quality nylon, instead of cheap cotton or other materials found in today’s market;
  • Actual length, which means they don’t count the hook and loop when they say 18″ and 36″ (which are the two options they provide);
  • Super duty elastic that never gets soft or stretched out;
  • A big thumb loop and top of the line hook, each double zigzagged to ensure it doesn’t tear from the elastic and giving a secure fit;
  • Left and right wraps for symmetrical security.

Extremely affordable, nothing but the best materials, and versatile for any and all workouts, Stoic’s wrist wraps are exactly what they claim: Professional Quality.

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Rogue Fitness

A staple of wrist wraps in the fitness world, Rogue Fitness products are the definition of excellence. Their wrist wraps are no different.

Features include:

  • Made from a cotton/elastic/polyester blend “that absorbs excess moisture and won’t irritate the skin”;
  • Specifically designed for amazing wrist stability and support, built for weightlifting, Powerlifting, and anything with heavy weight;
  • Thumb loop and hook-and-loop closure for a fit that stays, as well as easy removal;
  • 3 different sizes (12″, 18″, 24″) in a variety of colors.

For the most trusted brand in wrist wraps, Rogue Fitness has to be doing something right. Give these babies a try and you won’t regret it.

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WOD Nation

More like the new kid on the block, WOD Nation is another awesome brand worth checking into. These wraps fit anyone and everyone, helping you improve your strength gains.

Features include:

  • Superior stitching and high-end materials for crazy strength and long-lasting impact on your workouts;
  • Gives you a great range of exercises to them with, such as kettlebell swings, bench press, muscle ups, deadlifts, and more;
  • Can be so versatile you can use them outside of the gym – use them in sports like yoga, baseball, martial arts, etc.;
  • Bonus! Mesh bag to carry the wrist wraps in;
  • 3 different sizes (12″, 18″, and 24″) and they come in a variety of colors.

We are all a part of WOD Nation, so it only makes sense to grab a pair of wrist wraps that match!

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Rip Toned

The cool thing about these bad boys built by Rip Toned is that you choose the fit of the wraps.

If you don’t crush your goals and lift more weight, they have a money back guarantee to prove their effectiveness.

Features include:

  • Both “stiff” and “less stiff” options, allowing you the power to decide whether you want strength wraps or CrossFit wrist wraps;
  • Long lasting stitching, heavy duty velcro, and reinforced thumb loops for a durable, secure fit;
  • Thick-padded bands;
  • Versatile for any sport or gym workout;
  • Bonus! Comes with an ebook by the founder of Rip Toned;
  • One size (18″), in a variety of colors.

To brace yourself for anything life and workouts of the day throws at you, get with the program and score a pair of wrist wraps by Rip Toned.

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DMoose Fitness

The last wrist wraps on our last, DMoose Fitness pulls no punches with these wrist-saving wraps. Plus they are super unique!

Features include:

  • Durable thumb loop, monster stretch velcro, heavy duty double stitching, and reinforced velcro fasteners made to give you a product that can withstand anything for a long, long time;
  • Fully adjustable, made of high quality polyester;
  • Impressive strength and customization;
  • 22 print choices, ranging from American flag to pink camo;
  • Two sizes (12″ and 18″).

Your workout gear should express who you are as a person.

Pick up a pair of DMoose Fitness wraps and show off your personality and your gains!

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Whichever side of the debate you’re on, whether wrist wraps are “cheating” or “not helpful,” one thing is for certain: Wrist wraps help you with gaining strength in your lifts. And isn’t that kind of the point?

They are incredible for providing stability in your wrists, which aids your different exercises; instead of fatiguing the wrists and never hitting the intended muscle, with wrist wraps you can target those muscle groups.

There are two options when it comes to wrist wraps: Velcro straps or tie-on. Try both and figure out which one benefits you the most, but remember – velcro helps with strength, while tie-ons are more versatile for CrossFit or sport purposes.

As for length, you want to have them long so that you can adjust however you see fit.

Research our list of top wrist wraps, decide on one, and get some stability in your life. And watch those wrist wraps work wonders on your newly-minted Personal Record!