5 Things You Must Know About Cellular Detox

The majority of illnesses are caused by toxins and pollutants entering the body. Most cancers develop due to exposure to these harmful compounds, which can be present in your current environment. Many would suggest doing a detox to get rid of all the unwanted compounds and toxins inside your body.

In this guide, we explain what you need to know about Cellular Detox, and how to effectively carry it out.

What’s In This Guide?

Why Detox?

What Is Cellular Detox?

What You Need To Know About Cellular Detox

1. Cellular Detox Follows 5 Principles

2. Cellular Detox Is Done In Three Phases

Prep Phase

Body Phase

Brain Phase

3. Cellular Detox Programs Provide You With A Kit

4. How To Do It Properly

5. Finishing The Program Provides Many Health Benefits


Why Detox?

Today, many different detoxification programs are getting more popular than ever. Programs, like the ones available at the NuVision Health Center, help clean your blood cells and eliminate the harmful toxins that cause illnesses.

One of the most popular detox programs today is called cellular detox. Many believe that cleaning the cells in your body helps in effectively eliminating the harmful compounds. You may not know it, but you encounter sources of toxins every day. Here are a few of the common toxins you may encounter daily:

  • Cleaning solutions

  • Mold

  • Carcinogens and harmful compounds found in food

  • Plastics

  • Carpets and furniture

  • Air quality

  • Drinking water

Prolonged exposure to these toxins’ sources can cause several negative effects in the body like:

  • Headaches

  • Migraine

  • Fatigue

  • Respiratory Diseases

  • Digestive Problems

What Is Cellular Detox?

The goal of doing cellular detoxification is to improve cellular functions so that your body can remove the toxins inside it and heal itself. Fixing the cell is critical because your cells are the ones working inside your body. When cells are weak, your body becomes weak as well. Cellular detox is considered a natural strategy to keep the body healthy and clean.

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When you think about detox, you may automatically envision eating certain foods or doing a juicing diet for some time. Essentially, you get to expect feeling refreshed and energized after the detoxing period. There are also detox programs that help you lose weight because you follow a certain diet and eliminate foods known to add toxins in your body.

Cellular detox involves working on your cells’ complex functions, so it’s not a simple detox program like juicing, fasting, or following a certain diet. Following a cellular detox program comes in phases and follows a set of principles.

What You Need To Know About Cellular Detox

Before following a cellular detox program, you need to be aware of the different aspects and understand how it works inside your body. These are the five things you should know about cellular detox programs:

1. Cellular Detox Follows 5 Principles

The whole strategy of cellular detox is based on five principles. These principles significantly improve cellular functions and support your organs when it heals itself.

Cellular detox programs have a multi-component approach in achieving this so that the results are long-lasting compared to other strategies used by different detox programs.

  • Remove the Interference: The first principle is based on removing the primary source of the toxins in your body. For example, you check your home for molds or check your drinking water if it contains heavy metals, like mercury and lead.

Eat right for detox

When you don’t remove the primary source of the toxins, cleansing your body is useless. Repeated exposure to these harmful compounds will make the cleansing ineffective.

  • Regenerate Your Cell Membrane: The membrane is the barrier of the cells that lets nutrients enter freely. A healthy cell membrane lets the nutrients inside while letting toxins and wastes leave the cell. When the membrane is damaged, nutrients cannot enter efficiently in the cell, and the wastes and toxins are not properly eliminated.

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This is why cellular detox encourages the regeneration of any damaged cell membrane so that the process of taking in nutrients and eliminating wastes and toxins is done efficiently.

  • Restoring Cellular Energy: Nutrients going inside the cell are processed in the mitochondria, also known as the cell’s powerhouse. The mitochondria process the nutrients and transform them into ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the cell’s energy source. ATP is needed by the cells to function properly inside the body.

When your cells don’t get enough energy or fuel, certain organs don’t function properly, and you’ll experience hormonal imbalance, fatigue, brain fog, and other negative effects. When cell energy is low, your body’s ability to heal itself is also disrupted.

  • Reduce Cellular Inflammation: When the cell membrane is damaged, it’s most likely inflamed. Cellular membrane inflammation is commonly caused by increased intake of dietary sugars and unhealthy fats.

Toxins from heavy metals and molds is also a known culprit.

  • Re-establish Methylation: A healthy methylation process involves blocking bad genes from activating in your DNA. When the methylation process is disrupted, it won’t be able to block the bad genes developing in the DNA.

Methylation is essential to suppress the unhealthy genes from activating and support the good ones.

2. Cellular Detox Is Done In Three Phases

Cellular detox has three basic phases that you need to follow so you can achieve your goals efficiently. These three phases are designed to help you ease through the process.

The three phases are as follows:

  • Prep Phase

In the prep phase, you need to target the detox pathways that support toxin removal. It works by establishing the proper methylation process of the cells and nourishing the cellular receptors to efficiently absorb nutrients.

Supplements given during this phase provides high potency probiotics, enhancing liver and kidney functions. Your liver and kidneys should be in optimal health so you can flush down the toxins out of your body efficiently.

  • Body Phase

In the body phase, the toxins are removed at the cellular level. The supplements you take for this phase will set up the cells’ concentration gradient to move the toxins from deeper tissues, like the brain.

In this process, cell methylation is supported to the next level. Your body will also achieve a good cleansing cycle in the liver. The supplements are also designed to support the mitochondria so that the cells will produce optimal cellular energy.

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  • Brain Phase

The final phase involves the removal of neurotoxins found in the brain. In this phase, the supplements are given to help purify the brain cells and support a safe process of elimination. This phase is important to achieve overall wellness.

3. Cellular Detox Programs Provide You With A Kit

In cellular detox, eliminating unhealthy foods is just one part of the program. Fortunately, for your convenience, most programs will provide you with a detox kit and a meal plan. You can find a True Cellular Detox: 90 Day Detox Kit in this online store. The kit includes supplements that are specifically designed to support your organs when it undergoes the detoxification process. The supplements also help cleanse your cells and remove the toxins, not just your body but also your brain.

Additionally, the 90-day Cellular Detox kit includes a detailed video guide on how to take the supplements and instructional videos to get you through the three detox phases. You’ll also see diet guidelines, meal plans, and shopping lists.

You can read through the provided manual to learn more about the program and how to identify the toxic sources you unknowingly expose yourself every day.

4. How To Do It Properly

To achieve the goals of cellular detox, you need to do it properly. Some people follow a plant-based diet when they do the program. Eating healthy is a good way to supplement the program if you don’t want to follow the provided meal plan.

There are certain foods you should eat to help remove the toxins inside your body. This means you have to avoid eating unhealthy fats and too much salt and sugar in the program’s duration. It would be best if you also avoid taking over-the-counter drugs or other supplements when you’re doing the program. This is because residues from synthetic drugs and health supplements can add to the number of toxins in your body.

The key to a successful detox program is to eliminate toxic exposure from the environment. Change your personal care and household cleaning products. Check your home for molds. Invest in air purifiers and change the air filters in your home. Anything that can affect your health should be addressed immediately.

5. Finishing The Program Provides Many Health Benefits

Flushing out all of the toxins in your body will eliminate compounds that cause diseases, like cancer. After the program, your cells will absorb nutrients better, which supports the production of ATP.

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Once your cells are re-energized, your body’s organs become stimulated to function properly. When your cells are healthy, many bodily functions are enhanced, including your immune system, removal of wastes, and sexual health.


Doing cellular detox poses many health benefits when done correctly. Maintaining a healthy body is a commitment you need to do to avoid developing deadly diseases like cancer.

Once you complete the three phases of cellular detox, you need to supplement it by changing your lifestyle and eliminating all the sources of the toxins and harmful compounds. If you continue with unhealthy habits even after the detox program, you’ll need to do the program all over again. Thus, it would be best if you were consistent with maintaining a healthy lifestyle so that your cells will continue to work properly and your body functions are at optimum.

You also need to make sure your home’s air quality is good and you don’t inhale mold spores. Eating healthy is also a must to ensure that your cells get all the nutrients it needs to function properly and produce enough energy to fuel you throughout your days.

Lastly, always avoid stress. Ensure you live stress-free by getting enough sleep, having a healthy routine that involves adequate exercise, and drinking plenty of water.