Crossfit Christmas Gifts

8 CrossFit Christmas Gifts For The CrossFitter In Your Life

Christmas is right around the corner. If you have a CrossFitter on your gift list, we’re about to make things easier for you. We have compiled a number of gift ideas that will be a hit. There’s something for every CrossFitter from the beginner to the seasoned pro. And the best part is it fits any budget.

Pullup Hand Grips

Wodies hand proctectors

Torn skin and calluses are not fun. That’s why grips are an essential for a CrossFitter.

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Lifting Straps

lifting straps

If you hear complaints about weak grips on barbells or about barbells sliding out of hands, straps may be the solution.

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Wrist Wraps

wrist wraps

Hurting wrists can slow you down. And if you don’t take care of them they can get injured. Wraps help keep the wrists supported so they don’t get hurt or injured.

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Knee Supports

Rehband 7mm Knee Sleeve

Whether the CrossFitter on your list is dealing with regular knee pain, recovering from an injury, or wants to prevent and injury, these will help him/her.

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reebok nano 4.0

Shoes are another essential equipment that every CrossFitter should have. What you wear on your feet is important for good performance. There are weightlifting, and CrossFit shoes available.

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Weightlifting shoes are specifically for weight training. CrossFit shoes are durable and comfortable and a good overall training shoe. They all come in a variety of colors so you’ll probably find one that the CrossFitter will love.


WOD fitters jump rope

A part of all CrossFit workouts is conditioning. Jumping rope – or double unders – is one of the exercises done for conditioning.

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There are also mobility toys such as:

The foam roller for deep tissue therapy

rumble foam roller

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Massage sticks designed for therapeutic massage

massage sticks

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There’s your list of what you can get a CrossFitter for Christmas. Happy shopping.