CrossFit Football WOD to test your Strength and Power

This CrossFit Football WOD may be short, but it’s still a killer.


Power cleans at 70% of your 1RM

40lb medicine ball slams

50 yard sled push in between rounds (135lbs)

If you’re looking for a test of how strong and powerful you are-and how well you can maintain that power when your lungs are on fire-this is the workout for you.

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What’s In This Guide?

How to Follow

Correct Form


Why is This WOD Perfect for Football Players?

What is CrossFit Football?

How to Follow

CrossFit Football deviates from a standard CrossFit program. Instead of focusing on general physical preparedness (GPP), CFFB strives to build powerful,

With that in mind, there are some rules you should keep in mind for this CrossFit football workout.

Correct Form

Good form on the power cleans is essential at such a heavy weight. Be sure to shrug high, keep the bar close to your body and catch with your elbows forward. If you need to scale weight, do so, but not too much-you’re not supposed to breeze through these.

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  • Here are some tips for getting the best time on this CrossFit Football WOD:
  • Don’t add reps if you have to go lighter for any reason (like if you don’t have enough equipment). Aim to simply be more powerful on your reps. Doubling or tripling the reps will turn this into a cardio workout.
  • Go 25m out and back with the sled. Try setting up on gym flooring or turf if possible.
  • Drop each power clean and set up at the bottom. Bringing the bar to the floor taxes you unnecessarily.
  • Wear the right CrossFit shoes for this workout-ones you can push a sled in and comfortably do Oly lifts with.

Other than that, hit 3-2-1 and give this one all you got!

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medicine ball

Why is This WOD Perfect for Football Players?

Football is a sport that tests (and rewards) power, strength, coordination and short burst efforts.

Power cleans tests nearly all of these fitness skills. And because the weight is heavy, you’ll really have to dig deep to gut out the round of 6, 4, and 2.

Medicine ball slams develop overhead and upper body explosiveness. Football is a fast-twitch muscle fiber sport.

The sled pushes in between rounds are self-explanatory. If there’s a CrossFit exercise that closely mimics the demands of football, a heavy sled push is that movement.

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What is CrossFit Football?

CFFB is a fitness program designed by former NFL player and CrossFit Football trainer John Welbourne in 2009. Along with the CrossFit Strength Bias program, this training was one of the first to be loved by CrossFitters seeking a program that emphasized strength training over all other fitness modalities.

With workout EMOM and AMRAP times shortened, and RX weights scaled up, this style of training quickly grew a following among those who prioritize strength training in their fitness routine.

These days, CrossFit Football is part of Power Athlete HQ, a larger conglomerate of resources and training guides designed to stimulate the same sort of gains a CFFB athlete seeks.

For more CrossFit programming and workout ideas for your fitness training, check our WODs section.

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