Cyto Sport Cyto Gainer VS Cyto Sport Monster Mass ( Weight Gainer Showdown)

SupplementServingsCost Per ServingRatingPrice
CytoSport Cyto Gainer
Editors Pick
36$1.104.4/ 5$$$
CytoSport Monster Milk
24$2.994.5/ 5$$$$$

If you are looking to gain weight or increase muscle mass, then you may want to try a weight gainer powder.

Weight gainers are calorie dense powders which can help you reach your calorie requirements for each day or help you maintain your current muscle mass.

It’s a great idea for “hardgainers”; those who have trouble gaining weight or muscle mass no matter how much they eat each day. It’s also ideal for those “on the go”, because a large number of calories can be consumed without having to stop and prepare a meal. These “mass gainers” are part of a huge industry, and one company, Cytosport, is dedicated to providing quality protein- enhanced products for serious athletes, bodybuilders, or those with active lifestyles.

Cyto Sport CytoGainer

Cyto Sport CytoGainer is one of them, and is one of the top selling products in the whey protein market. This high quality formula delivers essential carbohydrates, minus the sugar and fat, as well as a premium blend of protein sources from milk protein concentrates, whey protein concentrates and per-digested why peptides. This formula also provide creatine, which brings energy to the muscle, and L-glutamine, an amino acid which aids in maintaining muscle tissue. This 97% fat-free powder is a great choice for meeting your gaining needs.

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CytoGainer recommends, at least two scoops per serving, which includes:

Cyto Gainer Ingredient label

One serving also provides a range of vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C, D, E, B6 and B12, as well as folate, magnesium, zine, chromium, and more. This product contains no fructose or sucrose.

CytoGainer Pros:

  • It’s affordable; high quality for a low price is a rare combo
  • Comes in several tasty flavors, including vanilla shake, banana, chocolate malt, and chocolate mint
  • 97 % fat free
  • 84 positive reviews on
  • Contains only the highest quality ingredients
  • All flavors are gluten free
  • No need to buy separate protein or creatine shakes, this includes everything

CytoGainer Cons:

  • It has a texture that may not appeal to all
  • It’s made from milk products, so it’s not good for those with lactose issues
  • It may cause gas problems, at first but that usually fades after a few days of use
  • Does not mix well in a shaker cup

Product Cost

CytoGainer can be found online through websites like and Amazon. Prices range between $25 and $40 for a 6 lb tub. Broken down by serving, it averages around $1 per serving. This is an excellent deal for a high-quality product.

Cytosport Monster Mass (Now Monster Massive)

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This is another product by the Cytosport company, although is doesn’t seem to be as good of a product as CytoGainer. While it does have a very high calorie count per serving, it also has a very high fat content, at 18 grams. It is created from whey protein isolate, whey protein hydrolysate, whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, and others. Whey protein isolate and hydrolysate are considered the purest forms of protein, and should ideally only appear alone in protein products.

*Monster Mass is no longer produced and is now replaced with Monster Massive. The below info will be based off Monster Massive.


Monster Massive calls for 4 scoops for one serving. Four scoops of this powder includes:


In addition, Monster Massive also offers all the vitamins and minerals as CytoGainer, but in higher amounts per serving.

Monster Massive Pros:

  • High protein quantity for a weight gainer
  • It has high calories (810) for those wanting to gain quickly
  • Low amount of sugar
  • High fiber content to help with digestion

Monster Massive Cons:

  • 4 sccops per serving, a lot of powder for one mix
  • 4 tiems the price per serving as CytoGainer

Product Pricing:

Cytosport Monster Massive is $45.95 on for 4.6 LBS. tub, but taken at the recommended dose it will only last for 10 servings. This puts the cost per serving at $4.60, which is 4 times higher then Cytogainer, but is cheaper the quarter pounder meal at Mc Donalds and is helathier for you.

SupplementServingsCost Per ServingRatingPrice
CytoSport Cyto Gainer
Editors Pick
36$1.104.4/ 5$$$
CytoSport Monster Milk
24$2.994.5/ 5$$$$$

The Verdict

In conclusion, the obvious choice is Cytosport CytoGainer. CytoGainer packs a more obvious punch, delivering a premium product for an affordable price.