Double Cream : A Comprehensive Guide For Keto Dieters

Are you looking for expert advice about adding double cream (heavy whipping cream) on your keto diet?

Perfect, you’re in the right place! In this Athletic Muscle guide, you’ll learn:

  • What is double cream?
  • How can you use double cream for cooking?
  • What is the difference between heavy cream and double cream?
  • How to make your owm double cream at home?
  • What is a substitute for double cream?
double cream

Common thought assumes the keto diet pantry is fairly bare bones: lean meats, nuts and the odd piece of cheese with some salad leaves.

Sounds pretty dull, right?

What if you could have cream? And not just plain old cream, but double cream!?

What is Double Cream?

Double cream, also known as “country style”, is the British term for heavy or whipping cream in the States. It contains a fat content of around 48 – 60% (depending on source).

Double cream is the high fat portion of raw dairy milk. Fresh, raw milk naturally separates into cream and milk.

Due to the fat content, the cream rises to the top where it is then skimmed off for further processing.

Double Cream for Cooking

A perfect addition to a base requiring additional thickness and/or creaminess, it adds a whole new layer of flavour with the delicious fat content. However, that’s not where the versatility of this cream ends.

It transforms a cup of coffee or tea.

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Want to know what makes double cream even better?

As you whip the cream it increases in volume, with a right old whipping providing at least two times your original volume.

A few favourite applications are to fold it into other foods to increase their volume. Scrambled eggs are a great example, egg white pancakes with the cream folded in plump them up is and also extremely tasty.

double cream facts

Heavy Cream Vs Double Cream?

Heavy cream, like double cream, whips up well and holds it shape. It will also increase in volume when whipped.

Double cream, however, is slightly thicker and richer than traditional heavy cream with a higher fat content.

Double cream is so rich, in fact, that it is easy to over whip it and make it overly thick. It is best to gauge what kind of texture; meal; you are preparing before you start the whip.

How To Make Double Cream

To make heavy whipping cream, the raw cream skimmed from the fresh raw milk is pasteurized and homogenized.

Pasteurization is defined as the process of specific heating protocols designed to kill off any possible microorganisms that could make a person ill.

Homogenization in milk involves pushing the milk through small holes under high pressure. This breaks down the fat within the milk and prevents it from separating.

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These processes extend the shelf life of the cream, make it safe for consumption, and improve its stability.

Double Cream Recipe

For many of our D.I.Y readers, you’ll likely be wondering how you can make your own double cream at home.

First, it will require a certain kind of tool: a cream maker. An old fashioned kit which, with its pump action, churns the milk and butter until it turns into cream.

Second, it will take a fair amount of elbow grease. But will be worth the effort


To make double cream at home you will need the following:

4 fluid ounces of milk (100 ml)

5 ounces of unsalted butter, (140g), cut into small pieces

Step by Step Process

  • In a small to medium size saucepan, heat the two ingredients together using a medium heat (sub 180 degrees F).
  • Remove from heat when the butter is about half melted (the residual heat will continue to melt the butter).
  • Once completely melted, stir, and quickly pour it into the cream maker.
  • Pump the mixture through to create the cream. With each pump a half to a full teaspoon should result. Continue to Pump until you can’t get any more cream out!
  • The cream can be used fresh or frozen for future use. Make a large batch by equally increasing quantities of the ingredients.

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Where to Buy Double Cream

Double cream can be purchased in virtually any major supermarket chain in various size tubs (however may be referred to as heavy or heavy whipping cream in the U.S.)

Double Cream Macros

Double cream is predominantly fat, with minor amounts of carbohydrate and protein (making it a great accompaniment to a keto dish).

The trace levels of carbs will have next to no impact on your ketosis, and the cream is packed full of other vitamins, particularly vitamin A, and minerals that contribute to good health.

Per 100ml you can expect;

  • 45 – 60g fat
  • 25 – 35 saturated fat
  • Less than 2g sugar
  • Less than 5g protein

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What is a substitute for double cream?

Some great substitutes for double cream are –

​Soy milk and olive oil

These are a great vegan, dairy-free, alternative to double cream. while it does not whip like cream, it is still a great addition to bases and soups to thicken and provide more layers of flavor.

​Half and half cream and butter

Half and half cream with some added butter can be a super simple substitute. Half-and-half is made from whole milk and cream, it has about a third of the fat of heavy cream.

Adding butter helps increase the fat percentage of half-and-half, making it a suitable alternative to heavy cream in almost any recipe.

It allows the replication of the whipping effect in regular double cream. It is also a perfect option for keto dieters given its nutrient breakdown.

​Cream cheese

Cream cheese is another keto friendly substitute – packed full of protein and vitamins.

​Full fat coconut milk

This is recommended for sweeter dishes, even added to coffee. Be wary of any brands with added sugars; this can knock you out of ketosis.

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Keto doesn’t have to be boring. Double cream is one small part of the keto diet puzzle that fits in beautifully with enjoying your foods and improving the sustainability of your keto campaign.

The versatility of double cream in keto application is virtually limitless; whether ready-made, homemade, or seeking out a close alternative.

The key to keto is to enjoy the foods you eat and find success for the long term.

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