Cough Drops For Keto Cough (A Comprehensive 2020 Guide)

Are you suffering from keto flu? Are you wondering if cough drops really work on keto cough?

You’re in the right spot, to get quick answers and hopefully get you to get relief quickly.

In this Athletic Muscle guide, I’ll be covering:

  • What are ​symptoms of keto flu?
  • ​Are cough drops ok on keto cough?
  • Which cough drops you should buy
  • Homemade Keto friendly Cough Drop recipe recommendations
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​What is Keto Flu and what are its Symptoms?

Many first-time keto dieters have reported suffering from flu like symptoms; the dreaded “keto flu“.

Included in the list of symptoms are: stomach pain, “brain fog,” dizziness or confusion, nausea, irritability, diarrhea or constipation, muscle cramping or muscle soreness, lack of focus, sleep problems, and sugar cravings.

The severity of these symptoms may be worse in the first few days of a ketogenic diet.

The underlying cause of the “flu” is debated (and not particularly well understood).

Experts have suggested it may come down to hormonal shifts, metabolic adaptation, changes in blood sugar, dehydration and even electrolyte imbalances.

The keto cough is a common, uncomfortable symptom of the flu. Coughing is a common reflex our body employs to rid excess mucus or irritants from the throat and can often lead to disrupted sleep.

Disrupted sleep can make symptoms worse, increasing fatigue, further reducing blood sugar control and impaired immunity (prolonging the symptoms).

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​Are Cough Drops ok on Keto?

Yes, but it depends.

Many of the traditional treatments for a chest cough may knock you out of ketosis; honey, lemon and other citrus fruits, as well as, most store-bought throat medicines are typically high in sugar per serving.

Cough drops offer an alternative. However, the keto dieters must be wary when choosing which cough drop brand to go with as some can also be quite rich in sugar; carbohydrates too.

There are plenty of sugar free / kcal free options on the market, however, so you should never feel stuck for choice when in need to relieve your cough.

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​Our Favorite Keto Friendly Cough Drops

Halls Sugar Free Cough Drops

  • Affordable Price
  • ​70 drops per pack
  • Smooth sanded finish
cough drops halls

Halls has been a trusted brand in cough relief for many years and their commitment to quality is consistent in their sugar-free varieties.

We love these cough drops and think they’ll be a real breath of fresh air (pun intended) for any under the weather keto dieters.

The primary reason why people use cough drops in the first place is to clear the nasal passages and ease the coughing.

Menthol extract with its highly effective cooling sensation does just that.

The convenience of these drops in particular is also a huge selling point. Individually wrapped drops in resealable bags of 25 drops makes it easy to drop a few in the pocket for on the go, while the seal keeping the remaining fresh.

It’s not only keto-minded individuals who enjoy the fast relief of Halls cough drops. These drops are highly recommended for any cough, the proof is in their rating.

​Home Made Keto Cough Drops

It can be appreciated that many feel a little skeptical going for sugar free, store bought cough drops (especially ones rich in sugar alcohol sweeteners as this may disrupt their gut).

Thankfully, you can actually make your own at home. What a world we live in!

There are some ingredients in here that you want to skip out on, such as honey.

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The serving size of actual carbohydrate per drop should be fairly insignificant and not an impact on your state of ketosis.

As always, be vigilant when making recipes and decide what to include and exclude; understanding how best to manage one’s ketosis is the most useful skill a ketogenic dieter can develop.

Here are some favourite keto drop recipes


The keto “flu” is a common condition among first and returning ketogenic dieters as their body adjusts to the change in dietary intake.

The keto “cough” which accompanies the flu can be particularly nasty, and may impair sleep as well as contributing to individuals wanting to pack in the dietary approach altogether.

Many traditional remedies and store-bought medications run the risk of knocking you out of ketosis, however, alternative options do exist.

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A particular favourite is Hall’s sugar free cough drops. Homemade cough drops are also a viable option and allows more control of carbohydrate and sugar content.

While the cough is certainly unpleasant, there’s definitely no need to simply “suffer through”.

Hopefully, this article helps fight back against that nasty flu and allows the full benefits of the keto approach as quickly as possible.