Keto Mojo Review: A Different Approach To Ketone Testing

An important consideration for keto dieters is awareness of their ketone levels; ensuring they are indeed in ketosis and reaping the benefits of being in that ketogenic state.

Ketone meters are reportedly the most accessible and accurate tool for the general public to use to measure their blood ketone levels.

There’s an ever-growing range of these meters on the market, but which one?

The Keto Mojo meter is the highest rated meter on the market, with many healthcare providers, clinicians and researchers praising its accuracy and accessibility.

keto mojo

What is a Keto Mojo?

The Keto Mojo meter is a multi-faceted FDA approved measuring tool for monitoring ketosis, allowing dieters to monitor both ketone and blood glucose levels.

You can purchase it here – Keto Mojo on Amazon. However, keep reading for why this product made our list for a detailed review.

keto mojo

It measures blood ketones levels (or glucose).

Pricking a finger with the lancing device, included with the Keto Mojo meter kit, enables the use of a blood droplet on a provided strip; it is then fed into the monitor which returns a highly accurate blood ketone/ glucose reading.

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What Is an Effective Way of Using Keto Mojo?

Aim to use Keto Mojo at a consistent time each day as sleep and dietary intake can affect the results. This helps to compare results from day to day, week to week, on a regular basis.

The Keto Mojo team recommend

  • Testing in the morning when fasted
  • Testing before lunch or dinner

Click here for a great in-depth article as to why it is recommend testing at these times; included is an explanation of the physiological rationale as well as describing what to expect from the measurements.

In depth information describing how the device can be used to monitor food insensitivities by testing around meals is part of the article as well.

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What are the Benefits of Using Keto Mojo?

As mentioned, the monitor itself is widely regarded as the best blood ketone / glucose monitor on the market for both domestic and clinical use, based on

  • Affordability
  • Accessibility
  • FDA approved
  • ISO international standards approved
  • Validated for accuracy by third party clinical controlled studies
  • More consistently accurate than other similar monitors on the market
  • Speedy testing process
  • Large memory storage of readings
  • Easy to use with a large display screen
  • Tests not just glucose and ketones, but can also test for hematocrit and hemoglobin
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Lifetime Warranty

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keto mojo facts

What are the Disadvantages of Using Keto Mojo?

Some drawbacks to consider:

  • Comfort level in pricking one’s own finger; the ability to handle the sight of blood
  • Timing of measurement is important; consistency is key. So if you are not consistent, you can’t depend on the results either.
  • The testing strips do expire (however, at six months)
  • High altitude, low and high temperatures, and humidity can cause unpredictable effects on test results
  • It is not widely available for purchase outside of the U.S.

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Keto Mojo vs PrecisionXtra

Arguably Keto Mojo’s main competitor on the market is PrecisionXtra (Abbott Pharmaceuticals), which has been on the market longer than Keto Mojo and is also FDA approved.

precision xtra

While much has gone into the development of PrecisionXtra with functionality very similar to Keto Mojo it appears it is inferior with regards to

  • Cost more expensive than Keto Mojo with less features.
  • Holding less than half the readings of Keto Mojo.
  • User complaints about the functionality and sturdiness of the lancet device.
  • A four-year warranty (from date of purchase) compared to Keto Mojo’s lifetime warranty.

Is Keto Mojo better than Ketone Urine Tests?

Some of Keto Mojo’s competitors use urine testing to monitor ketosis state; so how do these compare to blood testing?

ketone urine test

Traditionally used, urine testing may potentially lead to misinterpretation or overtreatment when controlling ketonuria (exceptionally large amounts of ketone bodies found in urine) as ketones are cleared slower in urine than in blood.

Practically speaking, these tests also require bathroom visits, which may not always be practical, nor consistent, which is one of the important factors for ketosis monitoring accuracy

Clinically, blood ketone testing methods have now superseded urine testing based on accuracy issues; however, urine testing is still used in some low-resource environments

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Is it worth the price?

Based on its functionalities, accuracy, and accessibility we’d say so. In addition, Amazon is also a good resource to validate opinions as it has aggregated user opinions in its review. The product has 1330 reviewers (at the time of this writing) who have given it an average of four stars on Amazon!

Will it help you stick to your diet?

“Sticking” to any diet has many different factors to consider, however the ketogenic diet is unique in the fact that, as a diet, one must be in ketosis to be following a ketogenic approach.

Based on the accuracy, flexibility, and ability to determine food sensitivities, not only can the Keto Mojo help provide consistently accurate ketosis readings, but also suggest which foods do, and do not, serve the body well.

The Keto Mojo cannot choose which foods and in what quantity go into one’s mouth but it can certainly go a long way to reassure ketosis is on the right track and if choices made are the right ones.


Based on the available information, the Keto Mojo blood ketone/glucose testing kit appears to be a solid option for ketogenic dieters to monitor their ketosis.

The device is the most affordable, accurate, has the most functionalities, and is one of the few health and fitness related devices which has been openly tested and appraised in controlled clinical studies.