Top 3 Best Laxogenin (Final 1% booster) Supplements in 2021

You do everything under the sun to increase muscle and strength.

You hit your lifts hard, get adequate protein, sleep like there’s no tomorrow…and yet you’re looking for that final 1% that will get you over the top and get you to elite status.

You’ve also heard of every supplement in the world.

Short of full-blown steroids, you know about creatine and pre-workout and BCAAs and whey protein and all the others.

But have you heard of the one supplement that is literally one step short of steroids?

Enter laxogenin – A.K.A the 1% booster. This is what your regimen is missing.

In a hurry? Here is a summary of our top picks:



Redcon 1 HALO Muscle Builder 60C
  • 100mg of Chinese Similax root extract (Laxogenin)
  • For men and women
  • Popular with a PCT, but not required
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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Laxogenin 100
  • 100mg of 5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin
  • For men and women
  • Highest rated by reviewers by large margin from a strong brand
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Mass Caps Muscle Builder
  • Added ingredients for building lean mass
  • 100mg Similax Sieboldii Extract (Laxogenin)
  • For the full effect – to build lean body mass
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Top 3 Best Laxogenin Supplements

In a hurry? Check out our quick list of laxogenin supplements. Keep reading to learn more about how to use and our product breakdown.

  1. Redcon1 Halo
  2. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Laxogenin 100
  3. Mass Caps Muscle Builder

In this article, I’ll cover what exactly laxogenin is, whether it’s a steroid or not, the benefits, dosage, and timing of doses, as well as side effects and the top laxogenin supplements on the market today.

Let’s get to it!

What is Laxogenin?


The full name of this substance is 5-Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin.

It is derived from plants and is an anabolic building block that your body utilizes to create its own anabolics.

Specifically, it is “a naturally occurring steroidal sapogenin,” which can act as a starting point for semisynthesis of steroid hormones.

Laxogenin is extracted from a particular plant, Smilax Sieboldii, closely related to asparagus.

It is responsible for some of the growth within the plants because it’s part of a group of plant-based steroids called brassinosteroids.

Essentially, what this all means is that laxogenin is a plant-based anabolic agent, a compound that helps build bigger molecules from smaller molecules.

In layman’s terms, it helps you grow after working out; you break down your muscle (catabolism) and then, when recovering, your muscles grow bigger than before (anabolism) to better prepare for the new, heavier load.

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Facts About Laxogenin Supplements

Here are some facts about taking laxogenin supplements:

  • Laxogenin supplements can help you add muscle and shed fat
  • It is not classified as a prohormone
  • It comes from the Soviet Union
  • It doesn’t need to be cycled, like some performance-enhancers
  • It’s available at most vitamin and sports performance stores

In the next section, we’ll dive into the big question surrounding laxogenin.

Is Laxogenin a Steroid?

Laxogenin benefits

Like previously mentioned, laxogenin is part of the brassinosteroids group, which, weirdly enough, also includes mustard.

But does this make laxogenin a legitimate steroid?

It has anabolic properties, it works similar to non-plant steroids, and it promotes growth in the plants from which it’s extracted.

Now, there are varying opinions on whether laxogenin is safe to even use – it’s quite a polarizing substance.

Despite the arguments for and against, factually speaking laxogenin has to be considered a steroid.

It might be naturally occurring (or it might not be), but it doesn’t classify as a prohormone or any other type of compound.

And seeing as it has anabolic effects on both plants and humans, it’s easiest to simply put laxogenin in the “steroid” category.

However, it doesn’t set off any steroidal test. Plus, some studies have rendered laxogenin as a safe supplement, making for a very confusing argument.

The fact that it isn’t hormonal also adds to the case for its effectiveness and security (i.e., it won’t mess with your hormones while giving you the coveted anabolic effects).

Is Laxogenin Legal?

Laxogenin is considered illegal through USADA, meaning a positive test for it would disqualify you from certain competitions.

According to their site, it’s illegal because of its frequent use as an ingredient in other illegal steroids and performance-enhancing drugs.

What Are the Benefits of Laxogenin?


With the grey area of whether taking a natural anabolic steroid is morally okay set aside, laxogenin has multiple benefits:

  • Increases protein synthesis (anabolism) directly and reduces protein breakdown (catabolism);
  • Serves as an “effective alternative to prohormones” – this substance doesn’t affect your hormones like testosterone boosters, estrogen blockers, and other prohormone supplements;
  • Has adaptogenic properties (stabilizes physiological processes, promotes homeostasis, decreases cellular stress sensitivity);
  • Enhances strength, lean mass, recovery, thyroid function, and body composition;
  • Regulates blood levels and suppresses cortisol levels, while supporting optimal cholesterol levels;
  • Complements other protein supplements, such as BCAAs;
  • Assists in fat loss when cutting;
  • Relieves pain and fights inflammation.

Another great thing about laxogenin is that it’s fast acting, which results in you receiving these benefits quickly and effectively.

What Else Can Laxogenin Be Used For?

Besides adding muscle, laxogenin has two other uses.

Blood Sugar

Preliminary studies have shown that 5-alpha-hydroxy-laxogenin might be able to help reduce blood sugar levels.

This is one reason it might be able to help with weight loss, since moderated glucose levels are directly related to healthy body weight [*].

Tissue Damage

Laxogenin is currently being researched to see if it may have a positive effect on damaged tissue.

This could include muscle injuries, surgeries, and even internal injuries caused by poor lifestyle choices.

What’s the Optimal Laxogenin Dosage?

The clinical dosage is 100 mg daily, but is this universal?

Multiple sources offer a range of doses for optimal benefits, but how can we be sure a specific number is ideal for each individual?

The only way is to use a trial-and-error approach.

Serving sizes are usually 25 mg, and the recommendations vary from three times daily to six times daily.

This means 75-150 mg. Begin at the bottom of this spectrum, then only go up if you feel like you aren’t getting the full benefits of laxogenin.

Normally, this will depend on bodyweight and how advanced you are in working out.

The awesome thing is laxogenin is not an prohormone, meaning it doesn’t interfere with hormone regulation.

In summation, it is safe for both men and women to supplement laxogenin.

You can cycle laxogenin, but it isn’t necessary. Also, a lot of bodybuilders and weightlifters like to stack laxogenin with other prohormones (testosterone boosters, estrogen blockers).

Who Can Take It?

The majority of people taking laxogenin as a supplement are men trying to add lean muscle. They are usually active and going to the gym multiple days per week.

As always, you should speak to a doctor before taking laxogenin or any other type of supplements. This information should be used as guidelines only.

When Should You Take Laxogenin?

Ideally, you should be taking laxogenin with food for maximum absorption.

Other articles claim specific times in the day are best for supplementing laxogenin, like “first thing in the morning, before bed every night, and before workouts.

This is another area to test out yourself.

Find the times in the day when laxogenin works the best, whether it be mornings, nights, around workouts, or during meals.

How Long Should It Be Used?

Both steroids and prohormones require cyclical use as long-term use has been shown to have negative effects on the body.

Because laxogenin is neither a steroid or a prohormone, you can take it without cycling, like you would other supplements. Remember to speak with your doctor first, though.

How Long Does it Take for Laxogenin to Work?

how long does it take for laxogenin to work

Like I said previously, laxogenin is rapid fast as far as absorption is concerned.

It enters the bloodstream almost automatically, and you begin to see some of the benefits within the first week of supplementation.

For the full benefits, expect to see them in the first month or so.

How Laxogenin Works

Here’s a bit more information on how laxogenin works, and what you can expect to have happen if you take it.

Why It Isn’t A Prohormone

Prohormones are synthetic performance enhancers that manipulate your body’s chemistry to build muscle. Since laxogenin is plant-based, the two are not the same.

It also doesn’t mess with your body’s endocrine system, which means hormones aren’t fluctuating at levels that need to be recovered from. This is why you don’t have to cycle 5-alpha-hydroxy-laxogenin.

The Specifics

After taking the supplement for a while, you might begin to notice that you add lean muscle and strength from your workouts quicker than before.

It might take up to a week for you to begin feeling the effects of laxogenin, so be patient.


As discussed above, you’ll notice better performance in the gym.

It’s probably best to take laxogenin during a bulking phase. If you’re trying to cut weight, you might not be eating enough food or exercise hard enough to support muscle growth.

What are the Side Effects of Laxogenin?

This is the part where you’ll freak.

Laxogenin seems to have minimal side effects as a plant brassinosteroid. Some studies have found too high a dose has resulted in minor headaches.

Why side effects are so rare is due to laxogenin not being a prohormone. Because it doesn’t affect testosterone, estrogen, or other hormones, it creates a homeostasis within your body.

If anything, laxogenin appears to somewhat reverse the unfortunate side effects of prohormones, which is probably why people stack laxogenin with prohormones.

Special Precautions & Warnings

Remember that laxogenin is banned by USADA because it is often used in other illegal performance enhancing drugs. While it’s natural, be sure to read labels and know what you’re putting into your body before taking it.

Also be sure to consult your doctor before taking laxogenin or any other supplement. These guidelines are based on research and are not meant to be a substitute for medical advice.

How Much Does It Usually Cost?

One bottle of most popular laxogenin supplements will range from $25 to $48.

In the next section we’ll review some of the top products to help you make a more informed purchasing decision.

Top Laxogenin Supplements Reviewed

(Note: All of these appear to have deals or additional supplements to “stack” with the laxogenin product. This might be a good choice for you, but if you want to avoid prohormones and their potential hormonal side effects, it’s totally worth grabbing a laxogenin supplement on its own.)

Redcon 1 HALO Muscle Builder 60C

  • 100mg of Chinese Smilax root extract (Laxogenin)
  • For men and women
  • Popular with a PCT, but not required
Redcon 1 Halo Muscle Builder Laxogenin

This first supplement is a capsule made by the amazing bros over at Redcon1. Wanting you to “build muscle fast,” they come at you with a bottle of their Halo Laxogenin supplement.

The sole active ingredient is pure 5-alpha hydroxy laxogenin, dosed out as 100 mg per capsule.

Seeing as it’s a fairly high dosage per capsule – and you regularly take a full capsule at a time – this one would be best taken before a workout and during a meal, to get the most benefits out of it.

A bottle gives you 60 capsules, keeping you stocked for a couple months, which is a decent deal.

This product claims all of the benefits listed above, including increasing protein synthesis by as much as 200% (basically doubling the normal rate).

For a potent building block for your body, Redcon1 Halo is a powerful supplement option.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Laxogenin 100

  • 100mg of 5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin
  • For men and women
  • Highest rated by reviewers by large margin from a strong brand
HiTech Pharmaceuticals Laxogenin muscle builder

If you are a serious bodybuilder who has used supplements, you probably already know Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. They are the inventors of the “Cyclosome technology” that acts as a “Trojan Horse,’ passing through the liver unharmed and intact”.

This technology allows “delivery of a wide array of ingredients to the systemic circulation by the intestinal lymphatic route, circumventing first-pass inactivation in the liver for the very first time.”

This is a unique way to differentiate themselves in increasing the absorption of the target ingredient faster. However, considering Laxogenin effects can generally be seen within a week, makes this particular differentiator from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals less interesting. I am sure the Cyclosome Technology is a good fit for other products that need faster absorption rate.

Other than that, this product is a solid supplement, with 100mg of 5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin. Considering the number of top reviews, you will enjoy the intended effects of this product, and coming from a well established brand in this space with great customer support, you are in good hands.

Mass Caps Muscle Builder

  • Added ingredients for building lean mass
  • 100mg Similax Sieboldii Extract (Laxogenin)
  • For the full effect – to build lean body mass
Mass Caps Muscle builder

Up next is a “lean, hard muscle growth” supplement by Power Cap Labs. Named Mass Caps, this simplified capsule is loaded with L-carnitine, Creatine HCL, and Laxogenin.

Each pill contains only 100 mg of laxogenin, which allows you to supplement how you want to; whether you take it morning/evening or before/after workouts, you can take 1-3 of them throughout your day.

A single bottle nets you 90 capsules, which gives you roughly one to two months of laxogenin.

This would be the one I’d start with to figure out how much is ideal for you and your goals.

Then, when you find that magic number, you can either upgrade to a different supplement or stick with Mass Caps.

That’s it. So, if you want a natural, no-fluff supplement that is focused on muscle building that you can cater to your own needs, nothing beats Mass Caps.

Are There Supplements Like Laxogenin?

Another similar natural anabolic supplement similar to laxogenin is epicatechin.

Besides that, take a look for other plant-based natural anabolic supplements. Many combine laxogenin with other plant-based products.


You’ll still need to exercise intensely and eat healthy foods that support lean muscle when taking laxogenin. By itself, it won’t help you add muscle. (But hopefully you already knew that.)

FAQs Related to Laxogenin Supplements

Is Laxogenin safe to take?

Yes, but still speak to your doctor before starting any new supplement.

Is 5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin prohibited in sport?

USADA banned it in 2017, so the answer is “probably”. It depends on what you’re competing in.

Are there health effects associated with laxogenin supplements?

None that have been claimed. If anything, it helps reverse the effects of prohormones.

What is laxogenin used for?

Building muscle, adding strength, and improving workout performance.

Is laxogenin a testosterone booster?

It can be, but it’s a natural product unlike prohormones or steroids.

Does laxogenin build muscle?


Does laxogenin suppress testosterone?


Does Laxogenin cause hair loss?

No evidence suggests this.

Is Laxogenin liver toxic?

No evidence suggests this.

Do you need to cycle Laxogenin?

No, because it’s not a prohormone or steroid.


Laxogenin can easily be called the trickiest supplement on the market.

While it’s a plant-derived anabolic steroid, it isn’t a steroid. (Or is it?) This will be a discussion for a long while, so it’s best to make your own decision on whether laxogenin should be part of your supplementation routine.

The benefits are damn impressive, but is it worth the risk? Apparently, considering there aren’t any major side effects, save for minor headaches when you take too much.

And this is rare, because the supplements range between 20 mg and 100 mg, giving you room for testing your individual absorption ability.

Browse the different laxogenin supplements out there and choose a brand and a serving amount you trust and feel comfortable with.

Then it’s a matter of tweaking the serving size and watch the benefits take effect throughout the first few weeks.

Laxogenin could very well be that 1% you’ve been searching for.

If you’re looking for massive gains without the adverse effects of prohormones, this is definitely a supplement to look into.

Happy gains!