NDS Cardio Cuts 2.0 Review

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What Is Cardio Cuts 2.0?

Cardio Cuts® 2.0 by NDS Nutrition, offers dual benefits of improved endurance and thermogenic weight loss support. Perfect for all healthy exercisers, this supplement provides increased energy and stamina while suppressing appetite.

Carefully combining fat burning, appetite suppressing, and endurance improving ingredients, Cardio Cuts® 2.0 works both as a pre-workout supplement and a recovery drink.

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Cardio Cuts 2.0 Ingredients

Cardio Cuts 2.0 Ingredients

Conjugated Linoleic Acid, CLA, from safflower, improves fat burning to ensure a leaner, more “cut” look.

The addition of Medium Chain Triglycerides supports muscle mass maintenance and further bolsters the burning of fat for energy.

CarnoSyn® is added to Cardio Cuts® 2.0 to fight fatigue and reduce the impact lactic acid build up has on recovery. This ingredient accounts for much of the endurance improvement this supplement is able to offer.

For those who spend more than an hour a day in the gym or on the road, Cardio Cuts® 2.0 is a great jump starter. In the event, you have weight to lose, the improved ability to burn fat and retain lean muscle is an added bonus.

Glutamine and Glycerol work together to improve overall athletic performance in Cardio Cuts® 2.0. By improving short-term water retention to prevent dehydration and also supporting protein synthesis, these ingredients are in perfect proportion to improve both the length and quality of any workout.

Beyond performance, however, Cardio Cuts® 2.0 also reduces recovery time allowing users to return to the gym more quickly. This further enhances the user’s ability to increase workout length, intensity, and frequency.

Other ingredients in Cardio Cuts® 2.0 also improve the body’s ability to draw energy from fat stores.

Arginine enhances oxygen carrying capacity which allows users to work out longer and burn fat more efficiently. A leaner physique and, stronger cardiovascular system will result. The quality of each workout will improve leading to faster accomplishment of weight loss and fitness goals.

Alertness is bolstered by the Thermo-Cardio complex in Cardio Cuts® 2.0. This complex includes caffeine, raspberry ketones, and other natural sources and serves as a vasodilator to improve the rate at which blood flows throughout the workout. Improved in-workout results, as well as more rapid recovery, are byproducts of this complex. In some users, caffeine supports focus and energy as well.

This, combined with the effects of other ingredients improves performance and recovery time.

Additional ingredients in Cardio Cuts® 2.0 serve to reduce inflammation, reduce fat storage, and decrease free radical distribution in the blood stream. The ability to recover and heal after an intense workout is supported by these complexes. Improved overall health and energy levels are reported by numerous testimonials.

Taken as directed, Cardio Cuts® 2.0 will serve to improve energy levels and, lengthen the quality workouts. Users will find improved lean muscle mass, lower body fat percentage, and weight loss when this supplement is taken in conjunction with an exercise program.

Staying hydrated and avoiding other stimulants is critical to the success of Cardio Cuts® 2.0. Users who follow a reasonable diet and exercise regimen will find this supplement accelerates progress.

Is Cardio Cuts® 2.0 Safe For Women?

Yes. This supplement is great for women who are beginning or altering a workout routine. Women who are pregnant, nursing, or planning a pregnancy, however, should not use Cardio Cuts® 2.0.

Anyone using this supplement should be in good health and not using medication for liver, heart, thyroid, or kidney disease. Persons sensitive to stimulants such as caffeine should also refrain from using Cardio Cuts® 2.0.

Is Cardio Cuts® 2.0 A Pre-Workout Supplement Or A Thermogenic Drink?

Both. Recommended usage is one scoop before working out to enhance energy and endurance as well as one scoop 4 hours later. The second scoop serves to reduce inflammation, improve fat burning, and reduce recuperation time.

Cardio Cuts® 2.0 should not be used in combination with other fat burning supplements or other sources of caffeine. The manufacturer suggests eliminating the second scoop in the event the user becomes jittery or experiences a prolonged elevated heart rate.

Does Cardio Cuts® 2.0 Contain Creatine?

No. This supplement is not for building muscle specifically. Rather, Cardio Cuts® 2.0 is intended to maximize lean muscle retention and fat burning associated with regular fitness routines. There is no creatine or protein in this supplement.

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How Long Can I Safely Use Cardio Cuts® 2.0?

It is recommended that users take this supplement for no more than 8 weeks consecutively. Cardio Cuts® 2.0 may be “cycled”, but is not intended for perpetual use.

Will Cardio Cuts® 2.0 Make Me Jittery?

With the inclusion of caffeine, there is always the risk of an adverse reaction. Persons who normally tolerate 2 cups of coffee or other thermogenic supplements should not experience uncomfortable side effects.

It is recommended that users do not ingest Cardio Cuts® 2.0 within 6 hours of going to bed to prevent interference with sleep. Reducing the total serving to one scoop may alleviate any heart rate or sleep interference.

How Many Calories Are In Cardio Cuts® 2.0?

20 per two scoops. Because the ingredients in this supplement are stimulants, there are very few calories. Though half the calories come from fat, the total calories are insignificant and therefore pose no risk to a dieter’s calorie count.

What Kind Of Workout Does Cardio Cuts® 2.0 Support?

The obvious use of this supplement is prior to vigorous cardio such as running or cycling. Given the combination of ingredients, however, Cardio Cuts® 2.0 is also appropriate before weight lifting, interval workouts, or body weight exercises.

In fact, the only workout before which this supplement might be inappropriate is Yoga or another mind/body modality. So long as increased muscle mass is not the purpose of the user, Cardio Cuts® 2.0 provides increased endurance and decreased recovery time no matter what the workout.

Where Can I Find Cardio Cuts® 2.0?

This product is available in most vitamin and nutrition retailers. It is also possible to acquire Cardio Cuts® 2.0 on various personal nutrition websites.

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