CrossFit Partner WODs: Adding Some Fun To Your Workouts

Just when you think you’re beginning to get a handle on CrossFit, in comes the partner WODs.

Their name might suggest that with these workouts you’re getting help, in reality, you’re working just as hard as if you were on your own. But with CrossFit we wouldn’t have it any other way.

In fact, with the help of a friend, partner WODs can be ten times more fun, and with a buddy helping to spur you on, there’s no reason you can’t work even harder then usual, particularly if you’re the competitive type.

Below we introduce 13 CrossFit workouts of the day exercises to carry out with a partner. An important point to remember, when choosing a weight for any of the equipment required, pick one that both you and your partner can manage with correct form, remember to keep count of your total reps, work hard, and you will see progress in no time.

What Is A Partner WOD?

Just in case you don’t know by now, a partner WOD is a workout designed for two people. Partners can be either male/female or both of the same sex; the most crucial factor is that you’re both of a similar fitness level.

Partner workouts often consist of two or more exercises but can often include four to six. It depends on the workout of the day you’re looking to take on.

The saving grace with partner WODs is sometimes you get to take a break. This is because some workouts require only one person doing an exercise while the other rests. However, this isn’t always the case and often when your partner is completing the workout, you will be running or rowing as well as shouting words of encouragement.

In some cases you will also be swapping with your partner in order to complete the WOD. For example, you might be completing thrusters while your partner takes on burpee box jumps.

Our Top 13 CrossFit Partner Workouts

Below are 13 partner WODs in no particular order:

1 – Upper Body Pump

20 minute EMOM Partner WOD

  • 10 Air Squats
  • 3 Handstand Push-ups

We kick off with a classic CrossFit WOD. You and your partner carry out alternate exercises every minute for 20 minutes.

Our tip is to ensure you make the most of the remaining time if you complete your exercise before the minute is up, the handstand push-ups can start to take their toll come the end of the workout.

During the first minute, Partner A completes 10 Air Squats while Partner B completes 3 Handstand Push-ups. Partners swap for the second minute and so on.

2 – Hang Time

For time:

  • 50 Air Squats
  • 60 Box Jumps
  • 50 Wall Balls
  • 50 Pull-ups
  • 30 Push-ups
  • 20 Pistols (each leg)

The name of the game here is speed, but even carrying out this workout for time we still advise you to pace yourself if you’re new to CrossFit.

Although there may not be equipment involved, if you aren’t used to weightlifting, this workout will ensure you feel the burn.

Only one Partner can work at a time. Partners can break up reps as desired.

3 – Leg Day

  • 20 minute EMOM
  • 25 Squats
  • 10 Lunges (each leg)

This workout of the day is sure to work your legs, and to work them hard. During the first minute, Partner A completes 5 Pull-ups while Partner B completes 10 Lunges. Partners swap for the second minute and so on. Lunges can be stationary or performed as walking lunges.

4 – The Jumping Kettlebell

  • 20 minute AMRAP:
  • 20 Kettle bell swings
  • 20 Box Jumps

These exercises combine to create a workout of the day that works both your upper and lower body. Partner A will run 400 meters, while Partner B completes as many rounds/reps of the AMRAP. When Partner A gets back, Partner B does the 400m run while Partner A picks up where the AMRAP was left off. A perfect storm of cardio and weights, you should be grateful we didn’t add in an assault bike exercise as an extra treat!

5 – Keeping it 100

For time:

  • 100 Kettle bell swings
  • 100 Box Jumps
  • 100 Sit-ups
  • 100 Pull-ups

100 is the magic number with this workout. Partners can break up reps as desired but should try to hit 100 of each exercise in as quick a time as possible. The biggest tip we have for this workout of the day is just push through the pain barrier, although 100 reps might sound a lot, in full flow, we’re confident you will smash this WOD.

6 – Cardio Buster

For time:

  • Row 1000m alternating every 250m

Then 2 Rounds

  • 20 Burpees
  • 40 Wallballs
  • 60 Kettlebell Swings
  • 80 Box Jumps
  • 100 sit-ups
  • Sprint 400m (can break up into 100s and 200s)
  • Row 1000m alternating every 250m

Just reading this WOD might make you wince, a real calorie burner perfect for weight loss. One partner works while the other rests. The team can strategize so that each person does more of the exercise he/she is more skilled at.

7 – The Weightlifters WOD

For time:

  • 80 Hang Power Clean
  • 80 Front Squat
  • 80 Push Press
  • 80 Front Rack Lunges

With this workout of the day, both partners use one CrossFit barbell, however, the barbell can’t touch the ground. If it does, both partners have to do 10 burpees each.

8 – Non-Stop WOD

For time:

One round each:

  • Partner A performs 50 KB swings while Partner B holds a Handstand. Switch. If handstand is broken, perform 5 burpees each before continuing.
  • Partner A performs 50 box jumps while Partner B holds a 45lb/25lb plate overhead. Switch. If the overhead position is broken perform 5 burpees each before continuing.
  • Partner A performs 50 Sit-ups while Partner B holds the bottom of a Squat. Switch. If the squat position is broken perform 5 burpees each before continuing.

Two rounds:

  • Partner A runs 400 meters, while Partner B holds a plank. Switch. If the plank is broken, perform 5 burpees each when the runner gets back before continuing.

9 – Sprint Finish

For time:

  • Row 1000 Meters – one partner is on the rowing machine while the other is resting. The team can determine how to split the rowing.


  • 20 KB Swings
  • 15 Burpees
  • 10 Pull Ups
  • 15 Lunge Steps
  • 20 Ab Mat Sit Ups
  • 400 Meter Run together.

The team can determine how to split the rowing and the movements while the last run has to be done together. Pull-up bar required.

10 – Batman and Robin

26 minute AMRAP

One round each partner:

  • Partner A runs 400M
  • Partner B does AMRAPHang Power Cleans + Jerks (135, 95) until Partner A gets back.

Switch. (Score is reps of hang power clean and jerks.)

One round each partner:

  • Partner A runs 400M
  • Partner B does AMRAPBack squats until Partner A returns.

Switch. (Each back squat is 1 pt.)

One round each partner:

  • Partner A runs 400 M
  • Partner B does AMRAPDouble Unders

Switch. (10 Double Unders is 1 pt, round down.)

  • Partner A runs 400 M
  • Partner B does AMRAPBurpees

Switch. (5 burpees is 1 pt.)

If the above is completed in less than 26 minutes, start over and continue until the 26-minute cap.

11 – The Row Boat

For time:

  • Row 5K meters
  • 50 Front Squats
  • 60 Box Jumps

The team can determine how they want to break up the rowing and reps. While Partner A is doing the WOD, Partner B is holding a plank. If the plank is broken, partners have to switch. Our top tip is to pace yourself on the row. Although it might seem easy at first, 5k of anything is tough and you will start to feel the burn around the 3k mark.

12 – 50/50

Split Reps Evenly

  • 40 Deadlift (225/155)
  • 40 HSPU (60 Pike)
  • 30 Deadlift
  • 30 HSPU (50 Pike)
  • 20 Deadlift
  • 20 HSPU (40 Pike)

Rest 5 Minutes:

Split Reps Evenly

  • 30 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
  • 30 Lateral BarbellBurpees
  • 20 Hang Power Cleans
  • 20 Lateral BarbellBurpees
  • 10 Hang Power Cleans
  • 10 Lateral BarbellBurpees

13 – Double Trouble

20 minute AMRAP

  • 6 Renegade rows
  • 12 Cleans
  • 24 Sit-ups
  • 48 Double Unders

The exercises in this WOD double in number as you progress, just to ensure you’re working hard right up until the end.

Partner A runs 400 meters while Partner B does the WOD. Both Partners switch and Partner A continues where Partner B left off.

What Are There Benefits To Doing Partner WODs?

As well as being fun, Partner WODs bring a different dynamic to your routine. Below we highlight some of the biggest benefits we’ve found when incorporating this type of workout in to a CrossFit routine.

Team Building

This point is pretty self-explanatory; you have to work hard with someone else. You’re completing the workout together as a team, when they perform well, you perform well. You’re also encouraging your team-mate throughout the whole workout, building rapport and communication channels with your partner regardless if you’ve known them 15 years or 15 minutes.

Rest Periods

If the workout requires that only one person do an exercise, you get to take a break. This is where you take full advantage of the rest time so you can go 100% when it’s your turn.

Depending on the exercise, this is also a great time to gauge your technique and make any necessary improvements. We do recommend you take full advantage of these recovery periods when completing partner WODs.


Partner WODs add a new dynamic, like our point above, firstly you’re working in a team and it’s not often you can say that in the gym. These workout of the days will also mean you incorporate different exercises into your routine as well. It’s not often you will go from box jump overs to having to do a dumbbell snatch, but with partner WODs anything is possible.

Our Final Tips for Partner WODs

There’s no escaping being pushed out of your comfort zone in CrossFit. You do; however, when it comes to partner workouts you want to consider a few things:

  • Make sure you partner with someone close to your fitness level. There’s nothing more frustrating than working as a team with someone who is either way below or above your fitness level.
  • When sharing weights, choose a weight that is challenging for both partners.
  • You should feel like you’re working as hard as your team-mate.
  • It’s not fun if the workout is too easy or way over your head because of the chosen weight.

Keeping these tips and pointers in mind, we’re confident the workouts listed above will help both you and your partner progress to the next level.