Best Power Towers With Pull-Up and Dip Stations in 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic has had more people thinking about investing in gym equipment— something to take those bodyweight exercises to the next level. Enter the Power Tower, a comprehensive piece of gym equipment that provides everything you need to push, pull, burn, and build.

The downside? Everyone else is thinking the same thing, making it difficult to find some of the popular options—the Bowflex Body Tower to name one— in stock.

Here’s a full review and guide for finding the best power tower to take your bodyweight training to the next level.

Short on time? Here’s a snapshot of the best power towers so you can buy now:



Relife Power Tower Dip Station
  • Complete workout station
  • Most versatility in workout with a compact footprint
  • Affordable pricing
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Marcy Power Tower
  • Sturdy steel structure
  • Anti-slip rubber floor protection
  • Unique triangle base for corner storage
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Fitness Reality X-Class Power Tower
  • Various Adjustments available
  • Capable of the most exercise positions
  • Adjustable stability beam
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ZHICHI Power Tower Pull Up Dip Station
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Non-slip safety lock bolts
  • Simple and streamlined design
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Health Gear CFT2.0 Power Tower
  • Power rack combo
  • Incline/ Decline bench
  • 13+ home gym workouts
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Stamina Full Body Power Tower
  • Rust-resistant
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • No padding for outdoor use
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Body Champ Power Tower
  • Scratch-proof floor guards
  • Box-style cushions
  • Non-slip hand grips
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Weider Power Tower
  • Integrated Dip Station
  • Grips to minimize hand fatigue
  • Comfortable vinyl cushions
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What is a Power Tower?

A power tower is one of the most efficient pieces of equipment for any gym.

Also referred to as “The Captain’s Chair” (which is extremely badass), power towers are known for building abdominal strength.

They have padded armrests where your entire upper body stays rigid while you lift your knees up and down.

However, the power tower can give you so much more.

It is essentially a collection of bars connected to give you multiple surfaces for exercises.

Most have horizontal and vertical bars at the bottom, a knee raise and dip station, pull-up bars above, and perhaps a few extra grips in various places.

Benefits of Owning a Power Tower


If you haven’t deduced it already, having such a versatile piece of equipment in your arsenal has its fair share of benefits:

It’s functional

A power tower assists you in developing core strength and muscle, as well as giving you the ability to do the most beneficial exercises in calisthenics. By doing effective exercises – including compound muscle movements – this creates a functional fitness that can only be achieved with gear such as the power tower.

It saves space

It’s a single piece, which keeps your home gym fairly open. If this is the only thing you have – which it very well could be – then you can shove it against a wall and call it good. Out of the way and it can be your entire home gym. Win-win.

Multiple exercises

We’ll go over this in a later section, but if we can develop a full body workout with simply a power tower, you know this thing is more than just for knee raises.

Infinite progressions

The goal of any workout routine is to continuously improve, in the form of progressive overload of your muscles. With a power tower, your body weight, a weight belt, plates, and bands, you can adjust all of the exercises to your skill level. Continue to go from band-assisted to bodyweight to band resisted to weighted versions. Your gains will thank you.

It’s compatible with other equipment

Gymnastics rings, resistance bands, weight belts, and more can be applied to the power tower. Do all of your favorite exercises in conjunction with this tower.

With these simple yet super vital benefits, you can bet the power tower is the key to getting massive gains fast.


Things to Consider Before Buying

As with all workout equipment, you need to purchase a power tower after doing some research. There are some factors that go into the ideal piece for you and your goals.

These are the main things you want to factor in when buying your power tower:

Weight rating:

Take into consideration your weight and any weight you decide to add on once you progress to more than just your bodyweight.

Your power tower will need to accommodate the poundage and then some. Best to look for something that can withstand somewhere around 300+ pounds.

Adjustable height:

If you’re a tall person or plan on sharing this exercise tower with a household, having an adjustable height option is a nice feature. Being able to adjust the height will stop you from bottoming out on your tricep dips if you’re tall, and prevent you from needing a stool to do your hanging abdominal exercises if you’re short.


How much space will your power tower take up?

If you’re short on square footage, you’ll have to opt for a skinnier, less-extensive power tower. However, if you have the area for a full-blown power tower, it will do wonders for your workout.


With the right features, your power tower can be an all-in-one dip station, leg raise station, and power rack for bench accessories. Do you want different widths, grips, horizontal and vertical grips, attachments, etc.?

The power tower’s functionality is what you make of it; add on as much as you want to get the most out of your equipment.


This one is obviously a given. A power tower is quite a simply machine, so the price should emulate this fact.

Nevertheless, you get what you pay for: Cheaply priced power towers will result in cheaply made power towers. Go for a nice blend of cost-friendly and quality.


Depending on where you like to do your workouts – be it in the garage or the back patio – you’ll want to figure out if you need weatherproof materials.

Perhaps you’ll have more room outside of the house; in this case, you’ll want a durable power tower that can withstand months of weather and outdoor elements.


Protect your home gym. Power towers normally come with a few years’ worth of protection. Make sure you have the option and get insurance on your equipment.

These are what you need to ask yourself before shopping around for your perfect power tower.

Best Power Tower: The Full Review

RELIFE Power Tower and Dip Station

  • Most Versatile design for most number of workouts
  • Adjustable height pull up bar
  • Affordable price range
best power tower

We love this power tower simply because it is the most versatile and for the right price. There are several features that make this power tower capable of doing almost all the exercises that we recommend with a power tower. See the full list of exercises, videos of how to do them, and workout routines for the Power tower in this post.

To start, this power tower has well thought out design that makes it a usable equipment for almost anyone. The height of the pull up bar, the distance of the armrest handle, and the back support are all adjustable and safe to keep it there with simple twist locks for stability. So no matter your height, this station is for you.

The whole station will stay in place with a rubber suction footer. All the handles have a soft grip for comfort. The leg press bar is adjustable. The handle bar for push ups is a new design that improved upon the old welded version, showing that they have done a good job taking feedback from customers.

At last check this power tower was priced at $169.99 making it a great value for the number of exercises that you can do in one place.

Marcy Power Tower

  • Ergonomic design
  • Fits in a corner at home
  • 300lb maximum weight capacity
Marcy Power Tower

The Marcy Power Tower boasts an innovative design that’s built for a home gym. This unique piece of equipment has a triangle base so that it fits nicely in a corner to minimize its footprint.

This option gives you everything you’d hope to see in a power tower, from a leg raise station to a dip bar. Another unique feature that sets the Marcy Power Tower apart is the foot holds for doing sit ups and working those abdominal muscles.

Marcy offers sturdy construction and lasting quality, as well as comfortable padded hand grips and a back rest. This is by far the best power tower option for apartment dwellers.

Fitness Reality X-Class Power Tower

  • Various Adjustments available
  • Adjustable stability beam
  • 400lb maximum weight capacity
Fitness Reality X-Class Power Tower

At the top of our list of workout towers is a top-of-the-line selection from the crew at Fitness Reality.

We’re talking commercial grade here. The heavy duty steel frame and powder coating provides an impressive display.

This X Class power tower has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds, and is capable of more exercise positions than most any other standard power towers.

It’s equipped with adjustable handlebars and back support, foam rollers, and multiple hand grips for pull-ups, providing you with wide range of exercises.

While it’s a costly piece, it could be your entire home gym, plus you can get either 3- or 4-year protection plans on this power tower.

If you’re bummed out about not being able to secure a Body Champ Power Tower or Stamina Power Tower, this is your best alternative. For the best of the best – your muscles will thank you – you can’t go wrong with the Fitness Reality X Class power tower.

ZHICHI Power Tower Pull Up Dip Station

  • Simple basic set-up for minimalists
  • Sturdy construction
  • 660lb maximum weight capacity
Dip Pull Up Station

If you’re looking for the bare minimum with no extra bells and whistles, the ZHICHI Power Tower has you covered. This simple exercise tower is everything you need for tricep dips and pull-ups.

What it lacks in extras, it makes up for with incredible construction. The ZHICHI has the highest load bearing capacity of all the power towers on this list. With high-density rubber grips and anti-slip screws, this station is built to last.

This power tower comes with an optional 2-year protection plan to make you feel even better about your investment.

Health Gear CFT2.0 Power Tower

  • Includes power rack set-up
  • Commercial style gym equipment
  • 300lb maximum weight capacity
Power Tower with Bench

If you like to balance your calisthenics with dumbbell or barbell workouts at home, the Health Gear CFT2.0 Power Tower is the one for you.

This multi-functional piece of fitness equipment will be your all-in-one vertical knee raise station, pull-up bar, and bench press.

Expect to pay more for the Health Gear CFT2.0 as there’s more to it. Additionally, it takes up a lot more floor space than other options on this list, though still significantly less than a full gym set-up.

If you’re just looking for a bodyweight training station, choose something else from this list.

Stamina 65-1460 Outdoor

  • Weather resistant, corrosion resistant, backyard outdoor ready
  • Steel frame construction with excellent stability
  • All expected exercise capabilities included
Stamina 65-1460 Outdoor Power Tower

We have a power tower built for the elements, straight from the bros over at Stamina.

Reminiscent of playground equipment from when you were a kid, this bright green power tower has specially designed hardware to brave the harshness of being outside.

The 65-1460 Outdoor has the basic bar setups, but you can still do a multitude of exercises. The only downside is you don’t have any adjustable pieces or padded grips. If you’re looking for an indoor alternative, try the Stamina 1690 Power Tower instead.

However, it is weather resistant, paint chip and corrosion resistant, and has UV protection to keep its shiny green coat perfect for years.

For the bare bones that can fit in your backyard, there’s nothing better than the Stamina 65-1460 Outdoor.

Body Champ Power Tower

  • Sturdy base frame for stability
  • Extra floor handles and bars for more workout variability
  • 300lb maximum weight capacity
Body Champ Power Tower

The Body Champ Power Tower has been a fan favorite for almost 30 years. This trusted brand has stood the test of time thanks to innovative design and exceptional customer service.

This quality power tower has everything you need to work your upper body, lower body, and abdominal muscles in a variety of ways. With thick box-style cushions and a high-quality padded hand grip, this tower will take everything you throw at it.

One of the nice features on this workout tower is the addition of anti-slip, rubber footers to protect your floor while offering maximum stability.

Weider Power Tower

  • Partnership with the iFit training app
  • Multi-functional calisthenics training
  • 300lb maximum weight capacity
Weider Power Tower

The Weider Power Tower is another popular pick for home fitness equipment. With high-quality construction and the four main stations (vertical knee raise, pull-up bar, dip station, push-up handles), this quality power tower has everything you need to get a killer workout at home.

This option is the leader when it comes to pricing and customer reviews, covering the basics without making you feel like something is missing. This tower is built to last and has something for athletes at every level.

One of the unique offerings is a partership with the iFit app, to keep your power tower workouts fresh, fun, and effective.

Power Tower Assembly

Once you get your power tower, it’s all just a matter of assembling it to complete your home gym.

According to professional installation services, the total time is takes to assemble a power tower is roughly two hours.

The piece should come with its own array of nuts, washers, screws, and bolts. Some companies send you grease as well to help with the assembly process.

Other tools you may need for assembling your power tower include:

For all of these tools, manual is what’s recommended; don’t use power tools for your power tower.

Follow the step-by-step instruction manual you should get with your package to create your gym masterpiece.

If you decide to anchor your power tower to the concrete in your garage or on your patio, that’s a whole different process.

If you use concrete anchors, make sure you use materials that act like screws in the concrete.

Most traditional concrete wedge-style anchors are a pain and you have to grind it off when you want to move your power tower.

Specifically, using HD Concrete Anchors are really nice for securing your power tower to the ground.

Drill out ⅜” pilot hole with a masonry bit, then drive the anchors through your power tower and into the pre-drilled holes. (Use a 9/16″ socket.) When you want to move your power tower, simply unbolt, drill another set of masonry holes, and bolt it back down.

Power Tower Exercises

Like we said previously, the exercise potential is limitless. With a power tower, you can effectively workout your chest, back, triceps, biceps, abdominals, forearms, and even your legs.

Here are the top exercises you can do on a power tower:

As you can see, you can hit just about every muscle in your body that you’d want to work out. You can even do calf raises on the bottom bars if you felt so inclined.

In a few sections, we’ll give you the full body power tower workout that will get your entire physique to the level you want.

power tower pull up

Power Tower Workout

As promised, here is the full body power tower workout.

The sets and reps laid out in the plan are designed for the best hypertrophy (a.k.a. muscle growth).

Rest time is to make sure you fatigue the muscle to the fullest by the last set and rep.

Power Tower Workout:

  1. Weighted Dips: 3×6-15 (rest 1.5-2 minutes)
  2. Decline Push-ups: 3×6-15 (rest 1-1.5 minutes; use the power tower footrests)
  3. Weighted Pull-ups: 3×6-12 (rest 2-2.5 minutes; use wide grip if you can)
  4. Australian Pull-ups: 2×10-15 (rest 1-1.5 minutes; use arm bar of power tower)
  5. Assisted Handstand Push-ups: 2×6-15 (rest 2 minutes; use the frame to balance your body)
  6. Assisted Pistol Squats: 3×6-10 (rest 1.5-2 minutes; hold onto the power tower for balance)
  7. Hamstring Curls: 2×10-15 (rest 1.5-2 minutes)
  8. Knee Raises: 2×10-20 (rest 1 minute)
  9. L-sits: 2x failure for time (rest for 1 minute)

This should hit all of your muscles. And all of these can be done with the help of a power tower.

Give it a try and see how your muscles feel after!



Your home gym deserves the very best. When it comes to versatile, durable, all-encompassing workout equipment, the power tower stands head and shoulders – literally – above everything else.

Your one-stop shop for any functional fitness exercise you desire to rep out, the power tower has a ton of benefits and uses.

Make sure when you go out to get yours that you do your research, as well as assemble it properly.

Take a stab at our workout, find out which tower on our list is right for you, and start building the physique of your dreams with just a single piece of equipment.

All hail the power tower!