ProRower H20 RX-750 Home Series Review By Athletic Muscle

The ProRower H20 RX-750 Home Series is one of only a few indoor rowers on the market which makes use of a water tank. It is also one of the cheapest. As you may know, the water tank on these units has been designed to attempt to replicate the feel of rowing in water as accurately as possible. Does the ProRower H2O RX-750 hold up to this? Let’s take a little look, shall we?


  • Polycarbonate water tank. This has a paddle system inside which cuts through the water. This water tank is meant to replicate the feel of rowing through water.
  • Comfortable and ergonomically designed feet rests, handles, and seat.
  • Can be easily folded down for ease of storage.
  • High quality materials have been used in the construction of this particular unit.
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame (limited)
  • Oversized display allows you to track a variety of different things related to your workout session. We will cover this in more depth soon.
ProRower H20 RX-750 info graphic


  • The main feature of the H2O RX-750 is the polycarbonate water tank. Having used the RX-750 and a few of the other units on the market which boast this technology I am pleased to say that this unit does a fairly decent job despite the lower price. I found that the paddles cut through that water tank incredibly realistically. This creates a truly accurate rowing experience, as many of the best rowing machines do. With this water tank there is absolutely no need for any mechanical adjustment, which does mean that there is less that can go wrong with this machine. If you want an intense workout then you can row faster. If you want to tone the pace a little then you can row slower. Absolutely everybody will be able to enjoy the rowing experience on this machine.
  • This is a remarkably durable machine, I used this device fully expecting it to rock all over the place when I rowed on it. I am pleased to note that no matter what I put this rowing machine through it stayed firmly rooted in place. Obviously I do not advocate going too far over the quoted limit. It is in place for a reason. It is nice to know that it is a sturdy little unit that won’t end up giving way on you.
  • You get a lifetime warranty on the frame. You get a 2 year warranty with everything else. I did not have any problems with the rower that I used. I know that a couple of people have run into issues however, most of these people have managed to get the parts that were broken back to them within a week or so. This means that they could get back to their rowing sooner as opposed to later. Obviously this is a machine with a lot of working parts. This means that things will break from time to time. The quality of the construction means that this should not happen too often though.
  • The performance monitor on this indoor rower has been designed to be as easy-to-read as possible. You can track a range of different stats on it. This includes distance, length of time exercising, strokes per minute, split time over 500 meters, calories burned, and a whole lot more.
  • Using this device is a breeze. Not only is it easy to put together but it is easy to fill up the tank. Slot some chlorine tablets in there (you get a few supplied with the rower) and this thing will be working for years. You will of course need to change the water from time to time.


  • Many people have noted that this unit is not as durable as the Concept2 models. I am inclined to agree with them. I have seen a number of reports from people who have noted that the various parts in the machine have given way from time to time. These cases are rare to be fair. You do however have to realize that the H2O is far cheaper than the Concept2. The build quality is going to be nowhere as good. For the money you pay I believe that you get a nice, tidy little package.
  • Slightly taller people note that their legs are not able to fully extend. They believe that the backstop stands in their way. You can move the backstop back about 3 inches. You are going to have to make a couple of modifications with tools though. Taller people (over 6’ 3″) may be in a better position if they look for other units on the market.


This is a good quality little water tank rower. The quality may not be up to the standard of other rowers on the market, which utilize the same technology (the WaterRower for instance). It is a pretty nice little unit though. I think it is more than worth the money.