Product Review : RumbleRoller – What makes it different?

The RumbleRoller hit the market in 2009. Since then, various Rumble Roller reviews have compared this rock and roll self-massage product to the conventional foam roller. While comparable, there are some key differences.

These differentiating factors are the reason why the RumbleRoller has taken off and why many active individuals have ditched their regular foam roller, turning to this product instead.

So, if you’re looking to up your self-massage game, the Rumble Roller might be just what you need. It takes self-myofascial release up a notch, digging into those deeper tissues and helping you find release.

In this RumbleRoller Review, we’ll dive into what the Rumble Roller is, how it compares to the conventional foam roller, as well as provide an in-depth look at this self-massage tool. Let’s get to it!

What is a RumbleRoller?

The Rumble Roller is a type of foam roller. Like any foam roller, it’s a cylinder shape, and it requires you to roll side-to-side or roll back and forth on top of it to achieve a similar feeling to a deep tissue massage. Yet, the Rumbler Roller goes above and beyond.

The Rumble Roller features uniform, firm, and flexible bumps, which mimic a massage therapist’s thumbs. These bumps and grooves dig into your muscle tissue, kneading, stretching them, and providing release of muscular tension, soreness, and knots.

Rumble Roller

Similar to trigger point release, a technique used by massage therapists, these bumps provide a deep tissue massage. In turn, your body feels less tight and you experience fewer adhesions within the myofascial tissue.

Adhesions, also called muscle knots, frequently arise due to intense exercise or injury. This results in the myofascial tissue and the muscle tissue sticking together. And this can severely limit your movement and range of motion.

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It can also cause varying degrees of pain. Yet, the Rumble Roller’s design directly addresses this problem through the firm bumps found across its entire surface area. These bumps truly dig into those more fleshy parts of the body. After a session with the Rumble Roller, you should feel more flexible and loose.

Generally, the RumbleRoller takes foam rolling to that next level. It comes in different densities and sizes to cater to different people. The lower density is preferred by first-time foam rollers and those with less dense and tight muscles.

In fact, from customer reviews, it appears that the black and higher-density version is really only intended for those that do not respond to normal massage pressure. In other words, take this as a warning, and when in doubt, go with the blue and lower-density version.

But let’s dig into the major differences between the Rumble Roller and the foam roller a little deeper. Why bother upgrading or opting for the Rumble Roller instead of a regular ol’ foam roller?

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RumbleRoller vs Foam Roller

The major difference between the RumbleRoller vs foam roller devices is that it goes super deep. This is achieved through the bumps on the RumbleRoller’s surface. As previously mentioned above, these bumps stretch the myofascial tissue, releasing muscle knots and digging deep into the muscle tissue.

In comparison, many traditional foam rolling tools come with a smooth surface. This doesn’t mean they don’t work. It simply means that they are only able to provide a moderate amount of pressure to each area of the body, without digging any deeper. You will likely feel some relief, but you may also feel left wanting more.

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four foam rollers

Meanwhile, some other foam roller varieties also come with bumps or grooves, partially as an intended selling point. Unfortunately, many of these foam rollers with bumps aren’t exactly effective when compared to a smooth foam roller.

This is because the bumps aren’t quite big enough to really dig into the deeper layers of muscle tissue.

Yet, this is where the RumbleRoller comes out on top. Some previous consumers even compared the RumbleRoller to the effects achieved at their chiropractor’s office. In a way, the RumbleRoller might just save you costly chiropractic and massage therapy appointments.

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An In-Depth Review of the RumbleRoller

Now, let’s really dive into the features and functionality of the RumbleRoller. How does it compare to similar products? Why should you invest in this one?

Deep tissue rumble roller

Sizes Available

The Rumble Roller offers three different sizes to choose from. The full-size version measures 31 inches in length and 6 inches in diameter. The mid-size version measures 22 inches in length and 5.5 inches in diameter. Lastly, the smaller size and more compact version measures 13 inches in length and 5 inches in diameter.

The full size is big enough that you can roll your back out using it. Meanwhile, the smaller size might be more suitable for office use or traveling.

Different Colors & Their Density

This unique foam roller comes in two different colors, black and blue. The black foam roller is extra firm and should probably be approached with caution, as well as only used by very regular and seasoned foam roller users. In fact, the black extra-firm version is actually 36% more firm than the less firm and dense blue version. The original blue version firmness is intended to feel similar to your massage therapist’s thumbs during a deep tissue massage.

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Blue Rumbleroller


Each RumbleRoller is filled with high-density EVA foam. The reason for this fill is to make the product more durable and long-lasting. While some other foam rollers come with hollow centers, the RumbleRoller avoids certain pitfalls of these other foam rollers, such as cracking or bending, by filling in this area.

The surface of the Rumble Roller is covered with non-porous and smooth material, which makes it water-proof. It does not contain toxic elements, although, there may be a new-car-like smell upon first opening. In fact, many consumers reported that the product actually had this off-gas present for about the first week, before it dissipated.

This foam roller is further latex-free with antimicrobial properties molded within the surface material. This protects it from any deterioration caused by sweat. Since most users use a foam roller following a sweat session, this is highly important for this product to last. Further, it’s water-proof properties also allow you to clean it off with water after use.

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Benefits of Using a RumbleRoller

This wouldn’t be a proper Rumble Roller review if we didn’t go into more detail regarding the benefits of this product. The benefits of this unique foam roller include the following.

It’s Very Hygienic

A major problem with a lot of gym equipment and self-myofascial release tools is that they tend to get smelly and thus, they tend to degrade over time. Sweat is the main culprit behind this issue, which is why it’s always encouraged to clean off any piece of equipment you use during your exercise or self-massage session.

Luckily, the RumbleRoller is super easy to clean. With its water-proof properties, you can easily rinse it off. Further, it actually prevents the growth of bacteria and repels dirt. When taking into consideration that this tool is often used on the floor and in combination with a sweaty exercise routine, this is important!

It’s Effective

The RumbleRoller’s design penetrates deep into the soft tissue of the body. Unlike other foam rollers, it can access those more ‘meatier’ parts of the body, releasing knots and tension. The fact that there are also choices when it comes to the size and firmness of this foam roller means that you can select the right version for your body and your needs.

how rumbleroller works

It May Help You Cope With Chronic Pain

Previous buyers have stated that this foam roller is like having your own massage therapist in your home and on-call. In addition, individuals with chronic back pain have reported relief and reduced pain by using the blue RumbleRoller regularly. Typically, chronic pain arises from previous injury or tight and spastic muscles. In truth, many chronic pain patients in-clinic have weakened muscles and shortened muscles. These muscles might pull on other parts of the body (such as the low back or pelvis), causing pain.

By using self-massage techniques, such as this foam roller, these individuals might find some relief and a viable method to cope with their pain. In fact, it could eliminate their pain issues altogether. At the same time, some individuals with chronic pain might be overly sensitive. In these cases, it might be best to start with a traditional foam roller, then move to the RumbleRoller when the regular foam roller is no longer cutting it.

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It’s Portable

The smaller sized Rumble Roller is compact enough to carry with you to the office or when traveling. Additionally, all of the RumbleRoller products are quite lightweight, especially when compared to other foam rollers. In fact, the extra firm and biggest RumbleRoller comes in at only 3.5 pounds.

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It Can Help You Save Money

If you see a chiropractor or massage therapist regularly, the RumbleRoller might actually serve as a replacement. With regular use, you should be able to achieve similar effects in most cases. Cases where this might not be possible include areas with more bony protrusions, such as the shoulder blades or hips. In these instances, you might need a more finer and precise touch. However, many individuals might find that investing in this product saves them money on expensive trips to their massage therapist or chiropractor.

Which Body Parts Can the RumbleRoller be used on?

The RumbleRoller can help athletes – or the regular individual – recover from injury and even prevent future injuries. So, how can you do that? Below, we break down how to use the RumbleRoller on each body part. You’ll notice the shoulder and feet are not listed. For shoulder and foot areas, we recommend using a massage ball to avoid bony protrusions and pain. The RumbleRoller may simply be too much for these more bony areas and may actually cause the wrong type of pain to occur.

Hamstrings & Quadriceps

hamstrings foam roller

The hamstrings are the muscles that make up the back of your thigh. They are very prone to becoming tight, especially if you sit all day or perform intense exercise, such as long-distance runs. When your hamstrings become tight, they can pull on the pelvis which can lead to lower back pain – something that affects about 60-70% of individuals at some point in their life. Thus, it’s important to roll these guys out.

Using the Rumble Roller, place it perpendicular to your thighs and underneath them. Gently rest your thighs on top of the Rumble Roller, applying moderate pressure (this may vary from person to person). Very slowly roll back and forth. You want to go even slower than you would with a regular foam roller, stopping at particularly tight spots. For more, you can choose to roll side-to-side on it as well. However, this will provide a much deeper massage.

For the quadriceps, the movement is very similar but you switch over to lie on your stomach. The Rumble Roller is positioned in the same spot but this time on the front of your thighs. Again, you can apply moderate pressure and gently and very slowly roll back and forth on it. Hold it on any tender areas for about 20-30 seconds.


back foam roller

To use the Rumble Roller on your back, lay face up with the roller perpendicular to your body. Start with the roller in your mid-low back area. Apply gentle pressure and very slowly roll it up your body, stopping on tender spots for 20-30 seconds. Be careful when you reach the shoulder blades. Some individuals may report that it’s too much in this area. Thus, you may want to stop. It should feel like a good pain as if you’re getting some release from it.


forearms foam roller

This one’s really easy! Sit facing the RumbleRoller. Again, it should be perpendicular to your body. Bend your elbows and rest the front of your forearms on it. Apply moderate pressure and slowly roll the Rumble Roller up the length of your forearm. Again, stop on tender spots for 20-30 seconds. Once done, flip your hands over and do the other side.


calves foam roller

Prop your calves up and over top of the Rumble Roller. Apply moderate pressure. Very slowly move up your calves. Do not proceed to roll behind your knee. This can actually cause injury. The knee has various menisci and ligaments which can be impacted by this pressure – not worth it! Only roll your calves over the roller, stopping for 20-30 seconds at those tender spots.


foam roller lats

Your lats are located in your mid a lower back. But you can do the lats a favor and roll them separate from the rest of your back. This provides laser-targeting when it comes to these muscles. Repetitive movements or injury can make these muscles particularly tight and sore. Lay on your Rumble Roller with your arm raised up. This allows the roller to dig into the lat muscles underneath it. Gently roll back and forth very slowly on this muscle. Again, you can stall for 20-30 seconds on trigger points.


foam roller triceps

Rolling out your triceps with the RumbleRoller is very similar to rolling your forearms. Yet, for the triceps, you bend your forearms up and place the pressure of the Rumble Roller on your upper arm. Once again, very slowly and gently roll up the arm, pausing on tender spots for 20-30 seconds.

Is the RumbleRoller Right For You?

This RumbleRoller review provided a detailed overview of the RumbleRoller, its benefits, and how it compares to other foam rollers. All in all, the RumbleRoller is similar to the traditional foam roller but its bumpy design gives way to even more benefits and an even deeper massage.

Are there any negatives? The only downside appears to be that the firmness and bumps might prove too much for some individuals, especially if they are new to rolling or self-massage. In this case, it is likely best to start with a smooth foam roller before upgrading to this one.

If you’re a veteran when it comes to foam rolling and want to level up, you almost can’t go wrong with the RumbleRoller. Next up, it comes down to choosing the firmness level and size you desire and need.