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Xtend BCAA Review – A Sports Nutritionist’s perspective

We all want to perform better in training; who doesn’t want to lift bigger weights, run further distances and achieve higher scores? For many progress focused athletes, peri-workout nutrition (nutrition surrounding your workouts) becomes paramount and the push to perfect these strategies becomes more perilous as the margins of success tighten. A product that may […]

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Bucked Up Pre Workout Supplement Review – Why it is unique

The origins of Bucked Up stem back long before it had even become a recognized brand. NFL hall of famer Ray Lewis championed the use of deer antler velvet in the twilight years of his career highlighting it’s benefit in his longevity, recovery and performance. The owner of the Bucked Up brand, Ryan Gardner, had […]

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The Best Supplements For CrossFit Athletes in 2021

Best CrossFit Supplements Here is a chart of the recommended supplements and our picks for each category. As a Crossfitter you know how important getting the right nutrients are to build muscle, get stronger, and improve performance. If you don’t know already, you’re going to find out how important supplements are. As a hard-training athlete […]

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The Best L-Arginine Supplements To Get Into the Flow

If you’re serious about getting the most out of your workout, you’re probably in love with amino acids. You know the BCAAs and how they help you with your workout, but while those three are important, there are a total of twenty essential amino acids. One of these is L-arginine. This particular amino acid can […]

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Best Creatine Supplements for Women (2021 Review)

For athletes to perform at their best, achieving optimal dietary intakes and adequate rest to recover are essential. Nutrient timing around training and performance as well as maintaining hydration states are also paramount. If all these boxes are ticked, the use of ergogenic aids i.e. supplements which can enhance performance, should be considered. One of […]

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