Vitol Russian Bear 5000 Reviews

What is Vitol Russian Bear 5000?

Vitol Russian Bear 5000 is a weight gain product that has been getting a lot of attention online due to its mega dosage of both calories and protein. Russian Bear 5000 is the product of decades of research by Russian strongman and powerlifting guru Val Vasilef.

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Russian Bear 5000 claims to be the only weight gainer on the planet that contains zero fats. It also maintains that it will provide a higher calorie and protein count than any other product in existence.

Get it Vitol Russian Bear 5000 – Here


Russian Bear 5000 will provide you with a ton of calories. Those calories are high quality, providing your body with the nutrients it needs to turn your hard work in the gym into solid muscle. As long as you are training hard, you will gain lean muscle with this product.

In addition to helping you build muscle, this product will also provide you with a whole lot of energy. That’s because it contains 391 grams of carbohydrates per serving to replenish the glycogen that your muscles use up in training.


  • Delivers a massive 2600 calories per serving
  • Provides an unheard of 184 grams of protein per serving
  • Zero fat content
  • 46 grams of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs)


  • Hard to digest such a huge calorie count in one siting
  • Can cause bloating and gas
  • Requires whole milk

Are There Known Side Effects?

There are no known side effects of Russian Bear 5000. However, the calorie count is so high that if you try to drink all of it in one sitting you are bound to have a hard time digesting it all. You will be far better off sipping on the drink throughout the day.


russian bear 5000 ingredients

Get it Vitol Russian Bear 5000 – Here

The product label for Russian Bear has two ingredient lists. The first lists the ingredients by themselves, while the second gives you the numbers when one gallon of whole milk is added. The 5000 in the product title actually refers to the fact that, taken with a gallon of milk, you will get 5000 calories from this beast.

Our ingredient breakdown will focus on the ingredients without the addition of whole milk.

Protein – You get 184 grams of protein with each serving of Russian Bear. This is a huge amount of protein to drink in one sitting. The protein is sourced from non-fat milk solids and egg white albumin.

Carbohydrates – Russian Bear will give you 391 grams of carbs with every serve. These carbs are derived from a three stage carb source of simple, complex and medium chain carbs. This provides you the full range of slow, medium and fast digesting carbohydrates.

Medium Chain Triglycerides – A key part of the marketing for Russian Bear 5000 is that there are zero grams of fat in the product. If you add in the whole milk, there would be 128 grams of fat. However, in the raw product itself there are 46 grams of MCTs, which are, in fact, a fat. However, these are the good fats that your body can use as a premium source of fuel.

Russian Bear includes a lot of vitamin and minerals. It also incorporates a number of herbal concoctions with known fat burning and muscle building properties. These include 1.5 grams of Yohimbe bark, 500 mg of Sika deer antler powder and 400 mg of Colostrum.

How To Take It

Russian Bear 5000 can be mixed with water or with whole milk. We suggest using water as you will retain the zero fat content.

Rather than taking the drink in one sitting, which is a very challenging task, we suggest sipping it throughout the day.

So long as you get the whole thing down by the time you go to bed you will have added an extra 2600 calories to your day. Just make sure that you don’t lose your appetite for your normal meals – remember Russian Bear 5000 is a supplement, not a replacement of your regular eating plan.


Each tub of Russian Bear 5000 cost $25.00. For that, you get 4 pounds of the product.

However, that will only give you three servings. That doesn’t sound like much, but we need to keep in mind that you’re getting a lot of calories with each serving.

In order to compare Russian Bear with other mass gainers price wise, we need to compare prices on a calorie for calorie basis.

Per 1000 calories, Russian Bear 5000 will cost you $3.08.

We can compare this to Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, which cost $2.15 per 1000 calories.

Universal Nutrition’s Real Gains comes out at $2.96 per 1000 grams.

Mutant Mass works out at $2.54 cents per 1000 grams.

As we can see, Russian Bear 5000 is the most expensive of the bunch.


Russian Bear 5000 is a monster of a mass gainer that dwarves the competition in terms of calories, protein, and carb count.

It contains a solid nutritional make-up with a massive list of vitamins, minerals, and herbal ingredients. The product mixes well, tastes good and goes down easily.

The sheer calorie count of Russian Bear makes it difficult to consume in one sitting, meaning that it is best spread over the course if the day.

This may cause you to have a reduced appetite for your regular meals, which is kind of defeating the purpose of the product.

Russian Bear 5000 will provide what you need nutritionally if you are training hard to pack on muscle mass. For anyone looking to get a huge infusion of calories into their day, there isn’t anything better out there.

Get it Vitol Russian Bear 5000 – Here