At Home Workouts Guide To Stay Fit Without A Gym

The full quarantine of Covid-19 showed us that having a clear list of exercises and exercise equipment for home is lacking out there. Perhaps it is because there has never been such a focus on staying at home in our lifetimes. So we have created this guide to help close that information gap and provide you with all the exercises and other related information needed for you to be healthy and fit at home, no matter what your goals, or your current fitness level.

In this guide we will cover topics ranging from strength training to HIIT workouts; range of equipment for at-home workouts like resistance bands to pull up bars (with outdoor options to take your home gym into the yard too); and get your body into compound muscle training with calisthenics.

Rest assured that if you follow this guide and work these exercises into your routine, and even get some of the home workout equipment we suggest, you will not miss a beat when you get back to the gym. You might even be able to do some social good by sharing your workouts on Instagram live to get your friends moving as well.

What Do We Classify as An At-Home Workout?

Many of the workouts listed within this guide don’t require a whole heap of equipment and all can be carried out easily at home. Body-weight exercises can work nearly every muscle group while key cardio activities such as running can still be done alone in quiet or isolated public spaces, or can be carried out using compact home endurance activity equipment listed below.

Some exercises included may involve dumbells, kettlebells, slam balls or other fitness-related items including resistance bands, but when this is the case we also try to list alternative exercises that can be carried out without any equipment at all.

Athletic Muscle site does not cover Yoga workouts, but a Yoga routine before a Calisthenics workout can be a powerful combination; and can not just provide flexibility but also help prevent injury. It can also serve as a separate workout on its own. So, since we want you to have all the resources you need to get your home workouts going, here is a great source with 18 Yoga workouts to work into your home workout routine.

Calisthenics Workouts At Home

The beauty of calisthenic (bodyweight workout) is that they rely heavily on body-weight exercises and require very little equipment.

at home workout sweat

Below we list out some of our most popular guides related to calisthenics. Use these to create your own workout routine. Note that we are promoting calisthenics exercise here because not only are they great to do at home, but they help in areas of fitness such as flexibility, cardiovascular, and muscular endurance.

Cardio Workouts At Home – A solid cardio workout is fundamental to fitness. We have chosen the best cardio workouts that are easy to do, have no to very little equipment reliance, and have provided videos where needed.

Calisthenics For Beginners – No matter what your fitness level, this guide is a great place to review or start your workouts.

Benefits of Calisthenics – If increasing strength and muscle mass is not enough reasons, we have 8 solid reasons why body-weight exercises are perfect for building muscle and staying in shape.

Calisthenics vs. Weight Training – Talking of building muscle, check out our guide looking at calisthenics vs weight training for all the pros and cons. Yes you can absolutely do both, however if you are like most of us, you like lifting weights. So it might be time to convince yourself that you should do both, or at least get started with calisthenics since you are at home anyway.

Calisthenics For Women – We have the ideal guide for women looking to introduce calisthenics into their training regime.

Calisthenics Leg Workouts – Now isn’t the time to skip leg day, we show you how to build strength in your lower body with using only your body weight. Make sure to work in that pistol squat into your routine, and activate those glutes.

Calisthenics Ab Workouts – Nice thing about ab workouts is that they remind us also about nutrition. So make sure to do these, but also eat healthy. See nutrition section below.

Calisthenics Shoulder Workouts – You can’t get that V-Shape if you don’t start wide at the shoulders.

5 Calisthenics Books To Skyrocket Your Training – Do you also have additional free time to dedicate to reading as well as training? These five books will cover everything you need to know about calisthenics.

More Exercises That Can be Done at Home While Your Gym is Closed

So far we have examined the benefits of calisthenic workouts and how they can be carried out easily at home. However, they aren’t the only types of bodyweight exercises that can be carried out while in self-isolation.

Dumbbell Chest Exercises You Can Do At Home Without a Bench – Who does not like to do upper body workouts. You most likely have access to a few dumbbells but don’t have a bench in your house, if you’re like most of us. Fear not, you can still train your chest with ease.

Bodyweight Chest Exercises and Workouts – No dumbbells either? We still have you covered. Rediscover push-ups and all its variations.

How to do Pull Ups at Home – Pull-ups may be one of the most underrated exercises around, what better time to perfect them?

How to Perfect Dips at Home – Don’t forget the mighty dip, you will be surprised how many household items can be used for dips.

CrossFit Workouts That Can be Done at Home – Looking to scope in some HIIT(high-intensity interval training)? CrossFit workouts have several of these. This guide lists out 33 of them.

7 Of The Best CrossFit Apps To Track Your Fitness 2020 – It is impossible to provide all combinations of a fitness routine here, so we suggest you download a few fitness apps. These are some of our favorite ones.

Equipment Worth Investing In To Get the Most out of Home Workouts

Although we don’t expect you have to a fully stocked gym at home like Dwayne Johnson, a few vital pieces of equipment can go along way.

Dwayne Johnson Home Gym

One of Dwayne Johnson’s many home gyms

We’ve created a number of dedicated guides looking at the different home gym equipment that you could purchase to enhance your home workouts even further.

The Best Calisthenics Equipment To Building A Home Gym – What better time than now to start building out that home gym you’ve always spoken about! Don’t think of this as a cost, but as an investment that may some day allow you to get rid of that gym fee. If you don’t get anything of our recommended essentials, at least make sure to get the jump rope. It is cheap and it is guaranteed to make you sweat!

Outdoor Pull-Up Bars – Perfect if you have private yard space. Also we guarantee your kids will love it.

Top 5 Best Weighted Vests – Build strength by adding resistance and weight to your workouts. Take your dip and pull-ups to another level.

Resistance Bands – Perhaps the most versatile piece of workout equipment around.

Slam balls – A CrossFit favorite, slam balls are easy to store in your house, and you can still do those AMRAP (As many reps as possible) workouts with it at home.

Air bikes – Extra space is required for these, but not many pieces of equipment keep you in shape for CrossFit better than an air bike. Also, better on the knees than running.

Best Compact Exercise Equipment – No extra space? Then check out these equipment to store neatly in your apartment, and get your cardio on.

Don’t forget about your nutrition

If getting groceries is difficult because of a stay in place order, a viable alternative is a meal delivery service. However, if you are somehow able to manage groceries, we have several useful tips on keto diet that can help you keep burning the fat while you execute your workout plan.

Trifecta Nutrition Review – This is a meal delivery service tailor made for athletes. This may be as best a time as ever to try a service like this.

5 Best Frozen Meal Delivery Services – Our top choices for frozen meals. There is a lot of convenience in frozen meals.

Keto Diet Food List – A complete list of what you can eat and what to avoid.

6 Ways to get into Ketosis quickly – And yes, of course exercise is one of them. However, so is fasting, only if you can bear the pain of fasting while also staying at home.

Best Keto Books – If dieting while at home is too painful, you can still learn about how to burn fat with proper nutrition with Keto diet, for when you are not in quarantine anymore.

Hope this guide is helpful to for you in discovering new ways to focus on your fitness while at home. And once the quarantine is over, the soreness factor after the first day in the gym will not be so bad either, because you kept it going!