Best Battle Ropes For Your Home Gym

Battle ropes are amazing tools to help you reach your fitness or CrossFit goals. They can be used for various compound upper body, or full body movements.

In this rundown, we’ll go over the

  • best available battle ropes,
  • how to use them in your workouts,
  • what to think about when selecting your own battle rope,
  • and the must have accessories that you should get with them to complete your gym setup.

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Best Battle Ropes for training


Rev V2 Sleeved Battle Rope
  • Range of girths, lengths and weights
  • Three color options
  • Protective sleeve
View on Rep Fitness


Titan Fitness Black Poly Dacron Battle Rope
  • Largest range of options
  • Long comfy handles
  • Strong 3 strand rope
View on Titan Fitness


Rogue Hyper Rope Battle Rope
  • Unique: no anchor needed
  • Portable and ligher weight
  • Unique patented material
View on Rogue Fitness


Rogue 45′ Sheathed Conditioning Rope
  • Thinner girth for fast workouts
  • Looped handles
  • Portective all weather sheath
View on Rogue Fitness


Nexpro Battle Rope
  • Indoor/outdoor ready material
  • One girth, three lengths
  • Strong 3 strand rope
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Overall #1 Pick

REP V2 Sleeve Battle Rope

  • 2 girths, 2 lengths, 4 weights to choose from
  • Color options
  • Comes with protective sleeve
Rep V2 Sleeved Battle Rope

Our list of the best battle ropes starts right here with REP Fitness, one of the most trusted fitness brands out there.

This fantastic workout rope comes with a full built-in sleeve, making sure the entire rope is protected. It’s also made out of 100 percent pure poly dacron material for the best feel and “wave” action from the rope.

It comes in two girths — 1.5 inches and 2 inches — and two lengths — 30 feet and 50 feet. Each version weighs different amounts:

  • 1.5-inch x 30-feet = 18 lbs.

  • 1.5-inch x 50-feet = 28 lbs.

  • 2-inch x 30-feet = 30 lbs.

  • 2-inch x 50-feet = 46 lbs.

The biggest differentiators for the REP V2 is the full-length nylon sleeve, the 1-year warranty for normal wear and tear, and it has super-grippy heat shrink caps.

All of this translates to a phenomenal workout experience. (Not to mention, it comes in fun colors!)

What’s In This Guide?

Top 5 Best Battle For Your Gym

What Are Battle Ropes?

How to Use Battle Ropes in Workouts

What to Consider When Buying Battle Ropes

Remaining 4 Best Battle Rope Reviews

Battle Rope Accessories


Top 5 Best Battle For Your Gym

Check out our below list for a summary of our results. Keep on reading to learn more about battle ropes, and reviews.

  1. Rev V2 Sleeved Battle Rope
  2. Titan Fitness Black Poly Dacron Battle Rope
  3. Rogue Hyper Rope Battle Rope
  4. Rogue 45′ Sheathed Conditioning Rope
  5. Nexpro Battle Rope

Don’t forget the accessories that you should strongly consider buying along with the battle ropes in order to have a complete setup, and to ensure you are reaching your goals. The accessories are smaller costs, usually forgotten by reviewers, but are essential for a complete, and correct setup of this equipment.

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What Are Battle Ropes?

The horizontal cousins of the climbing rope, battle ropes are singular ropes that are bent in half, secured to a heavy piece of equipment, and used for various fitness workouts.

Normally made out of poly dacron material with a nylon sleeve, battle ropes are capped at the two ends with hand grips, allowing you to get some quality strength and cardiovascular exercise all in one go.

They’re incredibly versatile and can fit in any home gym dedicated to building strength and increasing cardio health.

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How to Use Battle Ropes in Workouts

The concept of a battle rope workout is simple enough.

With both ends even from the connecting point, you hold the ends with your hands in a natural, farmer’s carry grip. The most comfortable way for most is to have your thumb grip around to touch your index fingertips.

To get into position, get into athletic stance by slightly bending the hips and knees, leaning a little back on your heels with your hands and the rope dangling between your knees in front of you.

From there, you have options. You can bring one arm up while keeping one down, then alternating that position — left, right, left, right. This creates a sine wave and a cosine wave with the battle ropes, working out your deltoids, latissimus dorsi, traps, triceps, serratus anterior, and VO2 max/endurance depending on intensity.

You can also bring both hands up simultaneously, creating identical sine waves with each half of the rope. You can also go in and out horizontally, making the rope near parallel to the ground.

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Whatever your battle rope exercise, you have two choices. You can select a lightweight battle rope for speed and HIIT-format workouts. Or you can opt for a heavier rope if you’re looking to build strength, muscle, and anaerobic capacity. (You can always do both!)

Note: Make sure to keep your hands, elbows, and shoulders relaxed as the arm goes up with the rope. Only when you come down with the rope should you contract the muscles and slam the rope into the ground with full force.

What to Consider When Buying Battle Ropes

  • Rope Length: This is one of the most important factors when buying the best battle rope. Your workout area will determine the length — whether it be a shorter rope or a longer rope.

  • Rope Girth: A thinner rope can give you more speed in your battle rope training, while thick heavy rope can build upper body strength.

  • Material: A durable rope can’t be made out of just any old material. Poly dacron rope (short for polyester dacron) and manila rope are the two most common types of material used to make battle ropes — stick with these and you won’t have an issue with longevity or fraying. The Poly Dacron material was invented in the 1950’s as a fiber with properties of high tensile strength, high resistance to abrasion among other things.

  • Quality Nylon Sleeve: To further assist in saving your rope from fraying, a waterproof sleeve will keep your rope dry, secure, and fresh for a long, long time. You’re going to want what’s known as an Oxford waterproof sleeve. Oxford flannel is a material that protects your rope from moisture and other elements. The heaviest, most durable of the bunch is a 600D Oxford waterproof sleeve.

  • Quality Caps: Specifically, heat shrink caps are the way to go. Heat shrink caps are great for keeping the ends of your battle rope intact and away from fraying. As well, they’re extremely durable; with the strength of these caps, you can grip however you want and they’ll stay put for a while.

  • Price & Warranty: A cheap battle rope might be your prerogative, but always be aware that you get what you pay for. Setting a budget is necessary, and sticking to it is even more necessary. Once you have your price range, shop within those constructs. Also, try and nab a long-term warranty to protect your workout investment.

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Remaining 4 Best Battle Rope Reviews

Titan Fitness Black Poly Dacron Battle Rope

  • Strong 3 strand rope construction
  • Long comfortable handles
  • 2 girth sizes, 3 lengths
Titan Fitness Battle Rope

This three-strand exercise rope from Titan Fitness features a poly dacron blend with enough strength to prevent breakage and fraying. Furthermore, the Titan battle rope has long, comfy handles and it can double up as a climbing rope.

The poly dacron battle rope comes in a variety of sizes, including 30 feet and 50 feet in length, as well as 1.5 inches and 2 inches in girth. (Similar to the REP V2.) The heaviest of the bunch, the 50-foot long, 2-inch thick rope weighs a whopping 50 pounds.

The major downside is that without a nylon sleeve, prolonged exposure to outdoor elements will cause additional wear and tear, causing your rope’s longevity to falter. This makes it ideal for an indoor home gym.

While it does not come with a waterproof sleeve, the extra-coated handle ensures a non-slip experience. In fact, this is the most prominent feature of this particular rope, along with a trusted brand name backing it up and the fact that it has the strength to become a climbing rope.

Rogue Hyper Rope Battle Rope

  • No Anchor needed
  • Portable and lighter weight
  • Unique material
Rogue Hyper Rope Battle Rope

Rogue Fitness comes out swinging with this battle rope, and they aren’t joking with the price tag either. But hey, it’s Rogue Fitness; their quality over the years has never faded, and the same can be said for the Hyper rope.

This rope does not need an anchor and takes up less than a quarter of the normally required home gym space when compared to a traditional battle rope.

That means you can get your workout done no matter where you are in the world.

The length is 20 feet while weighing a mere 15 pounds. The overall training space footprint is a super small six feet, and it’s made out of a weighted flexible metal core and a soft, braided polyester exterior, which is unique and patented.

Conveniently portable and dynamic, this rope’s claim to fame has to be the size.

If you’re looking for a quick and cardio-centric workout with an unanchored battle rope design, the Rogue Fitness Hyper Rope is your new best friend.

Rogue 45′ Sheathed Conditioning Rope

  • Thinner girth for fast workouts
  • Handles are looped
  • Protective all weather sheath
Rogue Fitness Sheathed Conditioning Rope

A sheathed battle rope is where it’s at because you get maximum protection with maximum benefits. And Rogue Fitness — again — shows up with this 45-foot conditioning rope.

With a diameter of 1.5 inches, this thinner rope is perfect for a fast, muscular conditioning workout.

Made in the USA, the rope is a polypropylene material with looped handles. That’s right, these have handles instead of shrink caps, another added bonus for some. These handles are actually the protective sleeve folded over, and the loop itself can measure up to 10 feet in length and 3 feet in width.

The protective all-weather sheath is a premium characteristic for this rope. On top of that, the handles and unique rope length make this an intriguing choice for CrossFit athletes and home gym heroes.

Nexpro Battle Rope

  • Indoor/outdoor ready
  • Strong 3 strand twisted rope
  • One girth, three lengths available
Nexpro Battle Rope

Similar to the POWER GUIDANCE Battle Rope (our sixth choice that was left off this list), the NEXPRO has heat shrink caps, braided poly dacron undulation, and a price that’s tough to beat.

The material is 100 percent polypropylene and polyester, making it wear-resistant and durable with its high-tensile strength.

It comes in three lengths — 30 feet, 40 feet, and 50 feet — giving you the most choice; however, the girth remains at 1.5 inches for all three. (They weigh 12, 18, and 24 pounds respectively.)

This is the only battle rope on this list that has a 600D Oxford waterproof sleeve, which is a very durable fabric with high waterproof characteristics. Add to that a three-strand twisted rope construction, and this rope makes for a great value pick.

Battle Rope Accessories

When it comes to battle ropes, you need more than just a simple rope. Here are some extra things you’ll want handy for installing your battle rope, as well as items to further enhance your battle rope training.

Rope Wall Mount Anchor

Battle Rope wall mount anchor

A battling rope needs to be secured, period. This wall anchor and the next three bullet points are options for battle rope anchors. This one connects to your wall via bolts and protects your battle rope’s overall life expectancy.

Attachment Anchor For Rack Cages


This anchor gels well with those giant rack cages or any rack that have holes installed near the bottom of the vertical bars. These are also bolted in, creating superior durability.

J-Hook Battle Rope Attachment (For Power Racks)

J-hook battle rope attachment for power racks

Power racks are very popular, so this is a popular option for anchoring. While this might not work for a thicker rope, this is an inexpensive choice to keep your rope in place. (Make sure you get a nylon sleeve for this anchor!)

J-Hook Battle Rope Attachment (For Power Racks)

battle rope anchor strap

For a great anchor point no matter what equipment you have, this heavy-duty reinforced nylon can get the job done. It’s quick and easy to set up, getting you into a full-body workout that much faster.

Battle Rope Workout Poster

battle rope workout poster

After investing this much time and effort into getting the perfect battle rope you may want to consider the small additional cost of having a poster always available. This poster provides various workouts with battle ropes based on the desired muscle group to target.

CrossFit Hand Grips

crossfit hand grips

A comfortable grip is key for battle rope strength training or a cardio workout. Luckily, you can get handgrips designed for anything CrossFit; and seeing as a battle rope is sometimes known as a CrossFit rope, these handgrips make a lot of sense.

Hand Grip Strengtheners

hand grip strengthener

Grip strength is also vital for a battle ropes workout. Working on the strength of your grip can help you use battle ropes that are heavy duty. Plus, this translates to other aspects of your workout, such as kettlebell swings and resistance band training.


Rope training — be it jump rope, climbing rope, or battle rope — is both fundamental and challenging. Grab your favorite training rope from our list of the best battle ropes and gain functional strength and cardio endurance like never before!