How Much is a Pood?

A pood is commonly used term in CrossFit as a measurement for kettlebells.

What Is A Pood?

A pood is a unit of mass that is approximately equal to 16.38 kilograms and 40 funt (Russian pound).

What Does A Pood Weigh?

1 pood in US pounds is 36.11 pounds and 16.38 kilograms.

1.5 pood is approximately 54.17 pounds and 24.57 kilograms.

2 pood is 72.23 pounds and 32.76 kilograms.

There are many conversion charts available on the internet so that you’re able to get the proper conversions necessary. If you’re using kettlebells and you know how much they weigh either in poods, kilograms, or pounds, you can use a reverse conversion chart to find the right weight.

If you’re converting US pounds to kilograms, simply take the US pound weight and divide it by 2.2 to get the kilograms. For example, if you take 30 US pounds and you need it to be converted to kilograms, you take 30 divided by 2.2 to get 13.64 kilograms.

If you need to convert a pood to a US pound, you simply take the pood weight and multiply it by 36.11 for pounds and 16.38 for kilograms.

For example, if you have two poods and you need to convert it to pounds, multiply two by 36.11 and you will get 72.23 pounds.

If you want to convert pood to kilograms, then you take how many poods you have and multiply it by 16.38.

So if you have 4 poods you will have 65.52 kilograms.

By being able to convert the kettlebell pood to US pounds or kilograms, it gives you an idea in regards to how many pood’s you should be lifting and what is safe and effective.