Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services 2021 Review

Our diet is one of, if not the most critical contributor to our health. Evidence is beginning to point towards a heavily focused or completely plant-based diet as being the most effective in protecting our health.

Plant-based approaches, like vegetarianism or veganism, can be healthful but difficult to apply in practice when time is an issue. There are also considerations to make when it comes to achieving adequate protein intakes and other dietary requirements (like vitamin B12) when following a plant-based diet.

While you may find the time to get your training in and find yourself making good progress in this venture, how many of you have found that you’ve had to make sacrifices when it comes to fueling yourself?

With more of our lives spent working, expendable income becomes more abundant; we just don’t have the time to invest in anything. Or do we?

There is the option to knock off “two birds with one stone”; you have more income, but less time to spend on your diet. We have a solution; meal delivery services.

We spoke about how valuable meal delivery service companies can be for the active and health conscious amongst you previously; in this article we’re going to discuss the more nuanced, and arguably even more valuable, vegan meal delivery services which are the perfect solution to the plant-based exerciser who doesn’t want to sacrifice their health for their wealth and career.

How do vegan meal delivery services work?

Vegan meal delivery services are simply that; a service which offers to deliver pre-made vegan meals to your work or home. A means of saving you time and effort so that you can redirect these back into your training, leisure time, family and or career.

The more we’ve began to understand how valuable a vegan approach can be for our health (in terms of reducing our risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and even certain cancers), the more vegan meal delivery services have become popular.

With this popularity came demand, and these meal delivery services have become increasingly more tailored and customizable to fit virtually any need and or lifestyle. Many services will actually provide unique meal plans which combine multiple dietary practices such as vegan and keto, paleo, gluten free and more.

Ordering vegan meal delivery services or meal kits (for those who are keener cooks and have more time to spend) will follow one of two primary service options; “a la carte”, which allows you to sample meals, kits or entirely weekly plans without any form of commitment or a subscription-based service (typically discounted depending on length of subscription).

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These subscriptions will typically be flexible, and we’d advise looking for companies that offer the ability to freeze, suspend or cancel your subscription at your own discretion.

Vegan meal delivery service companies will also typically offer a range of options for users as well; from multi-dish a day options with snacks included to snacks alone or even one dish a day.

Companies dynamic service approach will usually match how often the vegan meals included in their service menu change and will offer you the option to pick and choose which meals you’d like to have included.

This is incredibly important for those of you within our fitness community who suffer with allergies or intolerances!

Having this flexibility of choice is critical for many reasons but one that is often overlooked is the actual enjoyment of the food itself; how it tastes, the textures, the smells etc.

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Options with Vegan meals

A final point to note on how these meal delivery services work is that they will typically offer both fresh and frozen pre-made meals / kits each offering its own unique contextual benefits.

Personally, I find the frozen options to be some of the smarter investments as this can keep the produce fresher for longer, locking in nutrients and ensuring you’re getting the most from your vegan meal without compromising on taste.

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What is the best vegan meal delivery service?

There is never going to be a right answer for this question as it purely comes down to personal preference and opinion at the end of the day.

Instead, what we thought may be infinitely more helpful than just telling you are favorite, is to go out and research the top eight vegan meal delivery service / kit companies and give you an overview and a breakdown on each of them and allow you to form your own opinion, trial them and decide on your own favorite!

Trifecta Nutrition

Vegan Tacos by Trifecta

Trifecta is one of the market leading meal delivery service companies who offer a vegan meal plan option as one of their many services. Their portion perfect prepared meals average 15g of protein and are delivered fresh to you weekly for an effortless, delicious vegan diet.

They have an incredibly competitive pricing structure (averaging at around $110 for 2 meals a day, 5 days a week) and offer a lot of flexibility with service choice. You have the option to select between 1 to 4 meals a day, 5 to 7 days a week, opt in for breakfast or no breakfast and select allergens so that meals containing are excluded.

On top of all this they offer a full a la carte option for the vegan menu which you can customize too!

What stands out for us the most though is the consideration for the product / meals themselves; produce is locally sourced when possible and prepared by professionally trained vegan chefs.

The meals are then delivered in a means of cutting down on carbon footprint as best they can. Trifecta are truly the gold standard of the industry right now and always a great option to trial for first time vegan meal delivery service users!

If Trifecta sounds like the right meal kit company for you, then read our full detailed review of this service here.


veestro vegan breakfast burrito

Veestro is a relatively new company which is disrupting the industry; focusing purely on plant-based meals, and with an infusion of Puerto Rican flair (thanks to the founding brother and sister’s heritage), Veestro really stands out.

They offer a very similar service structure to Trifecta with orders also being fully customizable. Notably, they are also zero commitment; change your meals, pause delivery, or cancel anytime.

Veestro provides three different core menu options – a la carte, chef’s choice and a weight loss menu, all of which can be further customized to fit your needs.

While they are slightly more expensive (you can expect to pay around $120 for 2 meals a day, 5 days a week), their specialism in vegan meals really stands out and a lot of the menu options on offer are alternatives to popular dishes that would likely surprise you!


sun dried tomato with vegan chicken
vegan teriyaki brussel sprouts with tofu

Fresh’n’lean stand out for us as they seem to have been specifically created to provide exactly what we’d want out of a vegan meal delivery service company.

Catered towards the active individual (whereas other companies would be more catered towards general population), the range of meals, transparency with testing and label claims, ethical sourcing of the highest quality (non-gmo, organic) ingredients and the flexibility of service options scream “perfect choice” to us.

They have both standard and low carb vegan options which will be helpful for the keto enthusiasts out there and, you’ll be happy to know, Fresh’n’lean come in at one of the cheapest prices for their service (costing around $100 for 2 meals a day, 5 days a week)!

The only real knock we have on Fresh’n’lean is that they don’t offer the same menu flexibility as other companies, but do however quote an ability to cancel at any time (as well as providing an a la carte option too for trialling beforehand, however even this isn’t as straightforward as other companies as you build out a menu yourself as opposed to just select a vegan menu).


VegReady Coastal Verde Collection

VegReady has a rather unique story; Set up by Mark Pelmutter, the star of the documentary Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days, he wanted to create a service that made it easier for people to eat healthy plant-based meals.

Understanding that eating healthy plant-based meals is often times overwhelming, difficult, and that many don’t know what to prepare, he created VegReady; ready-to-eat vegan meals that require no cooking, no heating, and no refrigeration.

Each menu created is unique (the first being based on Peruvian cuisine) and the demand is so great that there is a waiting list to even subscribe to the service!

We love the story of VegReady but the service itself has a few question marks comparative to others (in terms of its flexibility, availability, pricing variations etc.).

It’s also evident the company is in its infancy as they haven’t quite got the stability to invest in eco-friendly packaging yet.

A service to try for more seasoned meal delivery service users but maybe not one to recommend for first time investors!

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest Smoothie
Lentil and tomato Bolognese
vegan ice cream

Daily Harvest is a specialist vegan meal delivery service company that could certainly rival the likes of Veestro in quality, but with more niche products; like a menu crafted straight from the mind of a millennial, you can pick and choose to your heart’s delight; smoothies, harvest bowls, oat and chia bowls, flatbreads, lattes, “bites” and a whole assortment of various vegan friendly meal and snack options.

We actually love this idea as it’s more conducive to office life and what to expect when you pop into a café midday caught short with your night before meal prep.

This time, you know the nutritional information of your meal and that what you’re getting is the highest quality ingredients (locally sourced, non-gmo and organic) which are frozen when harvested to seal in the nutrients.

The pricing and menu structures are completely unique; you literally choose every single thing you want included in your weekly delivery and the pricing will be based off of that (roughly coming in at $6 to $8 per meal).

This is a great service option for some but could be a bit of a headache for others; it really just depends on the person!

We’re actually big fans of unique meal options on offer here and the alternative menu creation; one for the busy office worker definitely who still wants to ensure they know exactly what they’re getting to fuel their performance recovery!

Purple Carrot

Tuscan Zucchini

Purple Carrot is a meal kit delivery subscription; an option for those who have a bit of spare time and expendable income who also love to cook meals packed to the brim with nutrients and saving you the time of sourcing ingredients and figuring out what to cook and how!

Delivered weekly, there is also no commitment, no membership fee, and you can cancel at any time! You may also skip any week(s) that you’d like and won’t be charged for skipped weeks.

Purple Carrot offers you a fully customisable meal plan with recipes that are loaded with protein! Some of the highest we’ve seen! A critically important point for our active readers in the audience.

They are slightly more expensive than other options (expect Veestro prices, if not high-end Trifecta depending on which option you go for), and might not have the same service option flexibility, but meals, production and quality all make up for these minor downsides!

Urban Remedy

Urban remedy metabolism meal plan

Urban Remedy has a very distinct mission; to proactively address health and wellness through food with carefully catered meals created with the highest quality ingredients.

Whilst the quality of the food is not in question, when it comes to the meal service and plans themselves, comparative to other brands who maybe focus purely on this service, there is a part of us left wanting.

Urban Remedy has so many options alongside their meal delivery service that it almost seems like it takes away from it; there is a fairly limited number of actual meals to choose from to create a menu of your own and the pre-built menus are not customizable (albeit more affordable than other companies comparative to price per meal, however snacks are included within this so may be misleading).

Urban Remedy is hugely popular but there’s a sense that it’s directed to a particular niche, perhaps worth trialling for those looking one off or very few meals a week, but maybe not the best option for those interested in a long-term investment service.

Territory Foods

Territory foods ethiopian style meal

We wanted to round off our list with one of our favorites. Territory foods is a service that provides amazing vegan meals, but also gives back to the community (donating much of its unused produced to food banks)

They have a range of macro service options to choose from; set meal plans, create a menu and meal kits. Suitable for just about every person in this regard! And also have a range of dietary practice options too, from vegan to paleo, heavily plant-based and keto!

Pricing wise they’re super competitive too; roughly around $9.95 with subscription to meal plans giving you one free meal a week! These meals are packed full of protein as well and you know that we love that!

Aside from their service and subscription flexibility, we also love the fact that menus are tweaked to where you are based; truly living the sourced locally life in that regard and providing the evidence of it with an ever-changing menu!

We are big fans of Territory Foods; definitely one to try for any experience!

Are vegan meal delivery services worth it?

Whether a meal delivery service (or any product, service or whatever else) is worth the money depends entirely on the context surrounding that consumers choice.

Following a vegan diet can be challenging in of itself, and the margins for error become even narrower for athletic groups who also have demanding careers. An argument could be had for an all plant-based diet being one of the hardest diets for an athlete to successfully implement.

Personally, we feel that if you have the money and not the time (or as much time as you’d need to source all the ingredients) then a vegan meal delivery service / kit company is your perfect solution.

You know what you’re getting, they offer the highest quality ingredients, save you time, effort and stress associated with sourcing foods, deciding what to cook and preparing and can be stored for extended periods of time.

The financial discrepancy between these companies and how much money it would cost to prepare these same dishes on your own is virtually negligible but the time you’ll save and the peace of mind you’ll get from using them is in invaluable.

Meal delivery services aren’t for everyone, but for the busy vegan athlete, we feel like they’re almost a necessity in this day and age.

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