Keto Fat Bombs: A Tasty Treat For The Keto Diet

If you’re trying to watch your weight, fat bombs do not immediately sound like a sensible option.

Since childhood we’ve all had one main factor of nutrition drilled into us – fat is bad for you.

Well, it turns out that’s not strictly true.

Fats can actually be beneficial to health and they are able to promote safe and effective weight loss.

Fat bombs are a way of getting an energy boost, help fight sweet cravings and may tide you over for a delayed meal.

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What Are Keto Fat Bombs?

Keto fat bombs are small, bite-sized snacks, low in carbohydrates and high in fat.

They can be sweet or savory and are a way to give you an enjoyable kick without breaking the keto diet.

Keto Fat Bomb Recipes

Here are some recipes:

Chocolate Peanut Butter - Divas Can Cook
Fudge - Real Balanced
Avocado Egg Fat Bombs_keto diet app
Strawberry Short Cake - Gorget Sugar Friday
Almond Butter Chocolate - Two Sleevers
Cheesy Jalapeno - Low Carb Yum
berries-and-cream-real balanced

Are Fat Bombs Necessary on the Keto Diet?

On the keto diet, three things are necessary to put the body in ketosis:

  • Carb intake should be low.
  • Fat content should be high.
  • Adequate protein should be consumed.

Fat bombs are not a requirement on the keto diet.

However, the process of controlling or losing weight can be tough, a fat bomb can taste like a treat.

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What Are Fat Bombs Used For?

As an energy boost

Both the kick of the fat and the sweet content (but not sugar!) can recharge the batteries and reduce lethargy.

As a treat

Dieting doesn’t have to be painful. Allowing yourself a beneficial pleasure can keep you on track.

As a mood enhancer

The stresses of modern life can make us feel down at the best of times, nevermind when we are strictly watching the diet.

Studies have shown that fatty acids reduce stress and improve mood.

Are Fat Bombs Healthy?

All fats are not created equal, but it may surprise you that many are healthier than you think.

Always avoid processed vegetables oils (sunflower, cottonseed etc.) and hydrogenated oils as contained in margarine and many fast foods.

These trans fats can lead to cardiovascular disease, obesity and interfere with the ‘good’ fats.

Stick with coconut oil, cream, high fat dairy and avocado.

Even though coconut oil is a saturated fat, it is still one of the best options for keto.

This oil contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) which are converted directly into energy and not fat!

Studies have shown that these MCT’s boost energy, satisfy the appetite and reduce obesity.

Equally dairy products contain conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

There is evidence to show that this fatty acid can prevent heart disease, protect against cancer and lead to weight loss.

But consume sensibly.

Just because they are healthy, does not mean that they can be abused.

Even with your body in a state of ketosis it is still possible to put yourself into a caloric surplus and put on weight.

What Do Fat Bombs Taste Like?

Here’s the beauty of these foods. As long as you choose low carb ingredients, they can be sweet, savory or spicy. Choice is yours!

Many people find that to begin with, they are using coconut oil in all of their fat bombs. That’s not an issue if you love the taste of it, but can get somewhat repetitive.

So look to vary the fat base to ensure your taste buds do not lose interest!

Trust me, eating a lovingly prepared fat bomb is nothing like licking the inside of a fryer!

How to Eat Fat Bombs

Fat bombs are best consumed as an in between meal snack.

Usually they are kept in a refrigerator, so it is best to remove them a few minutes before consuming.

This allows the fat bombs temperature to rise slightly, meaning that it is not going to break your teeth.

How Often You Should Eat Fat Bombs

The problem with making a tasty fat bomb is that you might be tempted to over-indulge.

Ideally, you should not consume more than one fat bomb a day, two at the very most.

Will Fat Bombs Make You Fat?

Usually, no!

In fact, in many circumstances consuming fat is much more beneficial than starchy carbohydrates.

Studies have shown that fats can prevent sugar surges and lead to a feeling of satiety much faster than carbohydrate based foods.

Fewer cravings = less weight is gained!

But let’s face facts.

Fat is still fat.

If it is not expended through energy usage, weight loss will not occur.

That is why fat bombs are a perfect food for a keto diet – the fat is used to power you through the day.

What Are the Best Fat Bomb Ingredients?

Here are some ingredients to get those creative juices flowing!

When planning your own fat bombs, look for ingredients that are low in carbs, high in fat, low in sugar and do not contain too much protein (which can be used by the body for energy before fat).

The key is, if they are low in carbs then they are perfect!

Storing Fat Bombs

There are some recipes which enable fat bombs to be stored at room temperature, but in general, most are refrigerated.

Many fat bomb formulations require the fat bomb to be placed in the fridge or freezer to set – leave them out and they can turn quickly into a rather messy food!

If making individual fat bombs in cake casings, they should be placed in an airtight container and left in the fridge.

However, if they are made in a ‘tray-bake’ style (without the bake!) it’s best to cover with some plastic wrap.

Doing this will ensure that the fat bombs remain both moist and tasty!

Plus everything in the refrigerator will not be tainted with a coconut, avocado or fish flavor!

Once stored, these fat-bombs can safely stay in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. There is no need to eat them all at once!


Fat bombs are the perfect way of getting an energy boost or keeping the hunger pangs at bay while on a low carb diet.

Not only are these small balls of food incredibly tasty, they are simple to make even for the kitchen novice!

Start with some of the tasty recipes at the beginning of this article, and then let your imagination run wild.

Not only will you have an awesome treat, you will be on the road to looking amazing!