How to Enjoy Keto at Outback Steakhouse

​Is Outback Steakhouse youre favoriet resto but currently on a Keto Diet?

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place! In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Is Outback Steakhouse Keto-friendly?
  • What are some tips for ordering at Outback Steakhouse on Keto diet?
  • What foods are Keto-friendly at Outback Steakhouse?
  • And a whole lot more!
outback steakhouse keto


The crème de la crème of keto friendly food options. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love steak!?

And for that matter, who wouldn’t love an establishment dedicated to the perfectionism of steak?!

We give you Outback Steakhouse ladies and gentlemen!

Inspired by Crocodile Dundee (despite the founders not being Australian or even visiting the country, they just really like the movie), Outback is the home of every ketosis fans favorite meal choice.

But for the very select few of you who aren’t steak fans (we can barely even comprehend that thought) don’t worry, Outback has plenty for everyone!

Is Outback Steakhouse Keto-Friendly?

​You better believe it!

At the bare minimum you know that you can at least order steak. But the fun doesn’t stop there my keto community friends, oh no, no.

In fact, Outback, serves a range of keto friendly “American food with Australian fun”, including; steak, burgers, fish, and even more exotic menu options like king crab and lobster tails.

They’re also good enough to provide a full nutritional breakdown of all their menu items on their website!

Of course, you’ll want to be mindful of the more carbohydrate dense options, but we’ll discuss them later on in the article.

Upholding your ketosis when eating out is simply an exercise in doing your homework and planning in advance. We’re going to show you exactly how you can do that and highlight our favorite keto-friendly menu items along the way!

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​Tips for Ordering at Outback Steakhouse on a Keto Diet

Generally speaking, you’ll want to be wary of carbohydrate rich options; grains, buns, sauces, breaded options, potato varieties, pastas, desserts etc.

This is par the course for virtually all eat out locations and mostly common sense at this stage for any experienced ketosis guru, but always worth mentioning for those new to the dietary approach.

There are a few key points we’d like to highlight which are unique to Outback Steakhouse, just so that you’re making the most optimal choices conducive to your ketosis goals.

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Request Dry Meat

Added sauces are a potential dietary saboteur if you’re trying to keep it low-carb.

A plate full of ribs sounds like an awesome option until you consider the BBQ sauce it’s swimming in, which is more than enough to kick you right out of ketosis.

Our advice?

Ask the staff to use dry herbs and rub in plenty. We’ve found staff to be extremely accommodating when it comes to our requests and, quite frankly, the spices and herbs they use are incredibly flavorful.

In fact, the meat is usually so juicy and tender you could hardly tell the difference with sauce or not! Don’t trust us?

Ask for a side order of butter to add an extra layer of juiciness and richness to your order! A great fat source to compliment your choice!

outback steakhouse keto facts

​Avoid Most Sides and Appetizers

Unfortunately, the majority of sides and appetizers on offer at Outback simply won’t fit into a keto focused lifestyle.

Appetizers can be tricky; “The bloomin onion” is a social favorite and the temptation to tuck in may be too much if you’ve nothing else to pass the time until the main course.

Ordering a side salad gives you something to munch on while the rest of your table makes their way through “The bloomin onion”.

It also gives you the perfect reason to get more glorious greens in your diet, something that those on the ketogenic diet sorely miss out on most of the time!

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Our favorite salads include;

  • Side Salad with Blue Cheese Vinaigrette (1g net carbs)
  • Side Salad with Caesar Dressing (1g net carbs)
  • Side Salad with Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing (less than 1g net carbs)
  • Side Salad with Light Balsamic Vinaigrette (1g net carbs)
  • Side Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette (less than 1g net carbs)
  • Side Salad with Thousand Island Dressing (3g net carbs)
  • Aussie Cobb Salad: Grilled Chicken Add-On (0g net carbs)
  • Brisbane Caesar Salad: Grilled Chicken Add-On (0g net carbs)
  • Brisbane Caesar Salad: Grilled Shrimp Add-On (2g net carbs)

The majority of the mains will be loaded up with fries for a side, pasta and even rice. Add this to the sugar laden sauces and your primed to be knocked right out of your ketosis!

You can always ask staff to hold steady on the sauces!

But what exactly can you order instead for a side which would be keto friendly and help round out the meal?

Order Steamed Broccoli or Grilled Asparagus as a Side

A keto fan’s saving grace; steamed veggies. We love to order a side of steamed broccoli or asparagus to go along with our mains.

Really cuts down on the carbs and helps us get our fibre in, as well as a whole bunch of other health boosting vitamins and minerals!

The grilled asparagus will land you a whopping (sarcasm) 2g of net carbs whereas the steamed broccoli comes in around 9g net carbs per serving. Combo these with a salad and you’ve got plenty to chomp on!

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Ignore the Specials

Unfortunately, the specials at Outback are a one way trip out of ketosis.

We’d advise avoiding them in general and sticking to the suggestions we’ve laid out as they’re a lot more reliable and conducive to a ketogenic approach.

You only have to look at the “bloomin onion” which we’ve previously highlighted. One of the cornerstones of the Outback experience, this onion is going to leave you with layers of stress as you try to work out just how many carbohydrates you’ve consumed!

With well over 100g carbohydrate per onion (and a hefty amount of calories too), it’s just one prime example of why you need to steer well clear of the specials at Outback!

​What Foods Are Keto-Friendly at Outback Steakhouse?

More than you realize is the easy answer here.

Aside from the steaks, and with a bit of customization, you’ve got; burgers, chicken, ribs, pork options and even seafood to choose from!

Not every menu item will requite customization either! In fact, here are some of the lowest carb, readily available options on the menu that we absolutely adore!

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    • Virtually any of their signature steaks (without sides or non-marinated) (less than 2g of net carbs)
    • Grilled chicken on the “barbie” (smoky bacon bourbon) (less than 3g net carbs)
    • Pork Porterhouse (less than 1g net carbs)
    • Grilled shrimp on the “barbie” (less than 2g net carbs)
    • Lobster tail (less than 1g net carbs)
    • King Crab (less than 1g net carbs)
    • Bacon bourbon salmon (less than 3g net carbs)

​Outback Steakhouse Keto Appetizers

Salads are great and all but choosing them every time for an appetizer whilst the rest of your party chomps down on a “bloomin onion” can get a bit stale.

We’ve done our research though, and there are a few keto friendly alternatives you can pick up instead that are equally as delicious, completely nutritious and perfect for your ketosis (trust us, we’re aware that doesn’t fully rhyme and it affects us just as much as it affects you)!

  • Kookabura wings small / medium (less than 7 / 11g net carbs per serving)
  • No Rules Salad: Add-On: Ahi Tuna Add-On (0g net carbs per serving)
  • Wood-fired grilled shrimp on the barbie (get these without the bread / nutritional info not available)
grilled shrimp outback steakhouse

Keto-Friendly Lunch Options at Outback Steakhouse

We typically like to have something a little lighter at lunch and, thankfully, Outback accommodates our tastes perfectly. Salads, which we highlighted earlier, are a great option, as are a number of the grilled fish dishes!

Occasionally we’ll also try something a bit different, like the chicken tortilla soup (cup) (11g net carbs), but do like to limit how adventurous we are (most of the time).

You can also customize your dishes too! Adding in the grilled asparagus (2g net carbs) or even the sautéed “shrooms” (7g net carbs) are great add-ons!

Here’s a few of our preferences for lunch at Outback include;

    • Perfectly grilled salmon (7oz) with fresh mixed veggies (less than 12g net carbs)
    • Simply grilled Mahi with fresh mixed veggies (less than 13g net carbs)
    • Simply grilled Tilapia with fresh mixed veggies (less than 12g net carbs)
    • Brisbane Caesar Salad with Chicken (less than 13g net carbs)
    • Sirloin Caesar Salad (less than 14g net carbs)

​Keto-Friendly Steaks at Outback Steakhouse

Want to know a little secret?

All steaks can be made keto friendly. All the beautiful shapes and sizes that these masterpieces come in can all become a ketosis campaigners dream.

And where is one of the best places in America to get them? Outback Steakhouse of course. We’ll list our favorites but we’re going to warn you in advance, you’ll not be able to choose which is your true favorite because they’re all so damn good!

    • Bone in natural cut Ribeye (22oz) (less than 1g net carbs)
    • Chargrilled Ribeye (12oz) (less than 1g net carbs)
    • Melbourne Porterhouse (18/20oz) (less than 5g net carbs)
    • Melbourne Porterhouse (22/24oz) (less than 6g net carbs)
    • New York Strip (12/13/14oz) (less than 1g net carbs)
    • Outback centre cut Sirloin (6/8/9/10/11/12oz) (less than 1g net carbs)
    • Prime Centre Cut Filet (12oz) (less than 1g net carbs)
    • Prime New York Strip (16oz) (less than 1g net carbs)
    • Prime Ribeye (16oz) (less than 1g net carbs)
    • Ribeye (10/12/13/14oz) (less than 1g net carbs)
    • Slow roasted Prime Rib (8/12/16/24oz) (less than 1g net carbs)
    • Victoria’s Filet Mignon (6/8/9/10oz) (less than 1g net carbs)

Outback also offer a range of “steak mates”; perfect accompaniments to that delicious hunk of beef.

We love to add on one or more of these; five grilled shrimp (less than 3g net carbs), lobster and mushroom topping (less than 7g net carbs), lobster tail (less than 1g net carbs), sautéed “shrooms”, smoky bacon bourbon topping (less than 6g net carbs) or the roasted garlic butter topping (less than 2g net carbs)!

Outback Steakhouse Keto-Friendly Burgers

Outback has an array of burgers on offer; succulent and flavorful, but a possible slip up for the keto community.

Some Outback branches will also offer a grass-fed option. If yours does, consider ordering it as higher-quality meat is always better!

As with any burger, wrap or sandwich order you’ve simply got to customize the meal if you want to preserve your ketosis. Simply ask for the burger to come without a bun or any added sauce; that should make most completely keto friendly.

outback steakhouse burgers

The beauty of Outback is that you can also order added extras on top which are completely conducive to the ketogenic lifestyle.

You can order additional bacon (less than 1g net carbs) and a range of cheeses (all under 1g net carbs), including; American, Cheddar, Provolone and Swiss.

If you want to make things even more exciting, ask staff to replace the bun with iceberg lettuce leaves (we’ve always found them to be very accommodating with this request) and order roasted garlic butter and or smoky bacon bourbon topping. Trust us when we say that these will take your burger to a whole new level!

​Keto-Friendly Dinners at Outback Steakhouse

Ringing the dinner bell at Outback is a real experience for the keto dieter; you know all about the Steaks, burgers and salads (the salads are actually a great compliment to most dinner choices) but what else does Outback have to offer the more adventurous in the community?

Well, more than you’d think! Here’s some of our favorites;

    • Bacon Bourbon Salmon (7/10oz) (less than 6g net carbs)
    • Grilled Alaskan Halibut (less than 8g net carbs)
    • King Crab (less than 1g net carbs)
    • Lobster Tails Entrée (less than 2g net carbs)
    • Grilled chicken on the “Barbie” (less than 3g net carbs)
    • Parmesan-herb crusted chicken (less than 12g net carbs when not breaded)
    • Pork Porterhouse with homestyle mashed potatoes (less than 16g net carbs)
    • Filet (6/7/8/9oz) and grilled lobster tail (less than 2g net carbs)
    • Sirloin (5/6/8/9/10/11/12oz) and grilled shrimp on the barbie (less than 5g net carbs)


Outback has a huge offering for every single member of the keto community.

From the obvious (and mouth watering) steak menu, to the burgers, seafood, pork options, salads and even a select number of keto-friendly sides, there’s plenty to choose from and no need to restrict yourself from a trip to Outback!

The boring members of the community will say you should prep everything at home to monitor your nutrient intake to a tee, and they have a point, but life is also for the living and Outback is simply too delicious to miss!

We’ve shown you a whole range of options you can go for so, next time, don’t stress about a trip to everyone’s favorite Aussie inspired steakhouse; plan in advance, eat smarter and have a damn good time!