TestoFuel Review: Does it Really Pack on Muscle?

Supplements are a slippery slope. Some are extremely beneficial, using all-natural ingredients and giving you exactly the boost you need to crush your fitness goals.

Others are fake fluff, a semi-decent nutrient or stimulant bubble-wrapped in synthetic materials and sawdust.

While the world of supplements is tough to trust, it’s good to know the full story before diving headfirst into a swimming pool of supps.

That’s why we review some of the hottest supplements on the market.

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TestoFuel is making waves recently. It claims to “naturally increase your testosterone level,” so it won’t require a PCT and would theoretically accelerate muscle growth.

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Basically, you get jacked faster and more efficiently with TestoFuel.

But what does the science say?

What are the ingredients, are they effective in the does provided, and what has happened to real-life people before and after taking TestoFuel? In this article, we will attempt to answer these questions and more.

Check out below for our full TestoFuel review.

What is TestoFuel?

TestoFuel is a supplement in capsule form, made from an anabolic support complex. It’s created by a company with the same name, TestoFuel, out in the United Kingdom.

The cool thing about this supplement is it ships anywhere in the U.S. plus the U.K. (as well as worldwide for certain packages).

TestoFuel includes optimal amounts of potent ingredients to help you turn into an anabolic beast. (An in-depth look at the ingredients can be found below.)

What is TestoFuel Used For?

This supplement is praised as the ultimate physique builder. It’s used for multiple things related to improving your body composition, such as:

  • Increasing natural testosterone levels
  • Reducing body fat
  • Improving your overall mood
  • Adding self confidence
  • Accelerating muscle growth

TestoFuel has a heavily-researched formula that gives you that extra boost to improve your overall health, well-being, and composition.

Most people use TestoFuel to jack up their natural physique. Whether it’s for a competition, pushing that new PR, or just looking like a total badass, TestoFuel is that extra 1% kick in the pants that will elevate you to the top!

TestoFuel Benefits

With testosterone supplements, you’d expect a slew of benefits coming your way.

TestoFuel does not disappoint, offering a ton of advantages for all bodybuilders, from beginner to experts.

Some of these amazing benefits include:

  • TestoFuel increases muscle mass: Additional testosterone coursing through your body means a heightened level of muscle protein synthesis. Basically the foundation of all muscle growth, testosterone naturally boosts protein synthesis, which takes the protein you ingest through your diet and rebuilds the muscle you’ve torn down during a workout. With enhanced muscle protein synthesis, your muscles will grow back bigger and stronger.
  • TestoFuel decreases body fat: Probably the most popular benefit of any fitness supp, a boost in testosterone lowers body fat levels. Low testosterone levels lead to a decrease in fat metabolism, insulin response, and glucose control. With this, fat starts to accumulate, which will create extra amounts of aromatase. This enzyme is a killer, because it transforms your natural testosterone into estradiol, the #1 form of estrogen. TestoFuel helps you avoid this problem, bumping up your T levels, eliminating aromatase, and decreasing your estrogen to a healthier level. On top of that, your metabolism will increase from all that extra testosterone. This is one of the simplest, most effective ways to burn body fat.
  • TestoFuel amps up your competitiveness: As male culture has definitely shown, higher testosterone leads to an increase in the desire to win and compete. This extra jolt of drive allows you the motivation to train often and train hard. Not only that, but added T results in better moods across the board. Higher testosterone levels in men allows your overall hormone composition to be more balanced, which results in an even flow of mood and emotions. While this isn’t necessarily what guys in the gym take supplements like this for – or, heaven forbid, even talk about this issue – TestoFuel could help with the low, depressed, sad feelings people with low testosterone could be experiencing.
  • TestoFuel is all-natural: All of the above benefits can also be found in alternative source – steroids. The problem with steroids, however, is that it shuts down your body’s natural ability to produce testosterone. Adding to that is the serious health risks associated with steroids, you don’t know where companies source their ingredients, and they are expensive as hell. TestoFuel offers a safe, affordable, natural source to increase your testosterone without crazy, debilitating side effects.

Essentially, TestoFuel gives you everything you could ever want in a fitness supplement. Get TestoFuel Here

TestoFuel Ingredients

How can TestoFuel offer such incredible advantages without being one of those nasty steroids? Easy: They use powerful, all-natural ingredients in their supplement formula.

The ingredients in TestoFuel include:

  • D-Aspartic Acid: This is a vital amino acid that regulates testosterone synthesis, and overall muscle mass production. (We’ve written an entire piece on D-aspartic acid.)
  • Vitamin D: A wonderful vitamin that nobody gets enough of, vitamin D can help start the production of testosterone, reduce muscle soreness, enhance cognitive performance, and maximize your overall endurance. Vitamin D is damn good for you, so why not add it in?
  • Oyster Extract: One of the best libido boosters around, oysters are known as the king’s aphrodisiac and a bodybuilder’s best friend. High in zinc, oyster extract elevates testosterone while limiting aromatization, making it the most masculine ingredient to put in a supplement.
  • Ginseng: Ginseng helps you with your mood and your immune system. Not only that, it’s also another aphrodisiac and it directly affects both testosterone and its more potent brother, DHT. Add extra nitric acid levels in your bloodstream and improvements to your insulin sensitivity, and you’ve got a huge piece to the testosterone equation with ginseng.
  • Fenugreek: This herb has zinc, magnesium, and selenium, as well as a roadblock for sex hormone binding globulin, known for killing your testosterone. Total and free testosterone are both improved with the inclusion of fenugreek in a person’s supplement routine.
  • Magnesium: This is by far one of the most important minerals for the human body. Physical endurance, metabolism, strength and force, your brain, bones, and heart, recovery, sleep quality, and lean mass are all benefited from this single ingredient. Oh yeah, and of course it increases testosterone production. Get some more magnesium in your diet by adding TestoFuel to your day.
  • Vitamin B6: Your skin, eyes, hair, and liver health are thankful for vitamin B6. Plus, it aids in regulating hemoglobin, which transfers oxygen through your blood. Vitamin B6 also stimulates androgens that bump up testosterone production, as well as prevent estrogen buildup. Amplify your testosterone with more B6.
  • Vitamin K2: When you eat anabolic, testosterone boosting foods such as egg yolks, red meat, and liver, you’re getting a good dose of vitamin K2. It works with vitamin D3 – which was covered above – to further increase testosterone creation in the testes. A quiet yet effective part of the TestoFuel formula, vitamin K2 is a perfect ingredient to include.
  • Zinc: Last – but definitely not least – is the all-important zinc. An essential mineral, zinc increases luteinizing hormones, which are hormones in your brain that tell your testes it’s time to make some T. People with low zinc run the risk of inefficient androgen receptors, making the movement of testosterone through your bloodstream a tough task. With zinc, this issue goes away.

Obviously, TestoFuel packs a lot of punch into one supplement. And with all of the ingredients being all-natural and sourced from high-quality places, you can be sure that you’re giving your body the best supplement possible.

Does TestoFuel Work?

The classic question for any supplement ever invented: Does it actually do what it claims to do?

Well, you can rest assured: You actually have reason to believe the claims TestoFuel make.

For starters, TestoFuel doesn’t contain testosterone. That’s right, the supplement that helps you increase your T levels does not in fact have any of it hidden within the capsules.

Instead, all of the ingredients you read about above help your body naturally produce optimal levels of testosterone.

They all commingle to give your body the jolt it needs to kick your processes into high gear.

Next, TestoFuel introduces the concept of “compound nutrition,” where your one goal is to gain muscle, and lots of it. The only way to do that is to improve your testosterone production.

TestoFuel’s one purpose is to up your testosterone game. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

If you don’t believe that logic, it would be prudent of you to check out their testimonial page and see how others have morphed themselves into impressive physique freaks.

TestoFuel Dosage

According to the package, a dose is 3,000 mg, which comes in the form of four pills.

Each bottle contains 120 capsules, meaning you get 30 days’ worth of TestoFuel per bottle.

This dosage gives the user 250% of their daily need for vitamin B6, half their daily requirement of magnesium, and 67% of their zinc daily value.

It also includes 2,300 mg of D-aspartic acid, along with 100 mg of ginseng, fenugreek, and oyster extract. 5000 IUs of vitamin D is the cherry on top for your testosterone needs.

In short, it gives you a giant boost in testosterone with a single dose.

When Should You Take It?

TestoFuel has been specially designed so that you don’t have to cycle on and off. Simply take the recommended dosage – four capsules – at the beginning of your day, with food, and you’re good to go.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

TestoFuel recommends that you take their product for at least two months, every day. In order to get the maximum benefits, it takes some time to get your body’s testosterone production up to speed. So after a few weeks – you should start to see some effects, with two months being the average threshold of testosterone nirvana.

TestoFuel Side Effects

According to their site, you shouldn’t experience any adverse side effects while taking TestoFuel. All of the ingredients are natural and incredibly safe for you to ingest (unless you are allergic to any of them).

They stand by their word that you shouldn’t have any unwanted effects from taking TestoFuel, so you should be safe in this department.

TestoFuel Before and After

Get TestoFuel Here

One of the big sellers for TestoFuel is their testimonials. Numerous people have taken TestoFuel and have experienced outstanding results.

On their testimonials page, they have countless men sporting new and improved physiques with the help of TestoFuel. Plus, Mr. Olympia Master himself, Robby Robinson, endorses TestoFuel as a terrific testosterone supplement.

The results you can get from TestoFuel is potentially limitless.

A couple factors come into play here: One is your DNA and reaction to the product; two is your diligence with taking TestoFuel and training hard and often.

So long as you stay motivated and work hard, adding TestoFuel should complement your current regimen and you’ll experience increased muscle mass and lower levels of body fat.

Want proof? Check out TestoFuel’s testimonial page to see the before and after for yourself.

How Much Does TestoFuel Cost?

TestoFuel offers multiple packages for your convenience. This is huge for people who just want to try it out and see if it works for them.

Their smallest package is the one box of TestoFuel. This single box selection gives you 120 capsules, which nets 30 servings, or a whole month’s worth. The cost is $65, plus $7.95 for shipping.

The next option is two boxes of TestoFuel. You double your order, getting 240 capsules and two months of servings. This choice’s price is $130, but the sweet thing is you get free delivery to the U.S. and the U.K.

Lastly, they have their Ultimate Muscle Gainer’s Package. This one has a lot: Three boxes of TestoFuel, an additional box of TestoFuel free of charge, free worldwide delivery, and two free ebooks.

The first ebook is a nutrition guide, while the second is a workout guide.

You basically get the whole enchilada, getting four months of TestoFuel, zero dollars lost on shipping, and a path to gaining crazy muscle while melting body fat.

This package costs $195, so you’re getting the most bang for your buck with the Ultimate Muscle Gainer’s Package.


TestoFuel might just be your newest best friend in the gym. Boosting muscle, dropping body fat, improving mood, and increasing your natural competitiveness? Sign us up!

Because it involves so many beneficial ingredients, TestoFuel is definitely worth a try.

Do some personal research by grabbing a bottle, testing it out with your normal workout routine, and see if you get any increased results.

Of course, as with any fitness hack or supplement, it could work better for some over others, so damper expectations until you see ‘em.

However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid trying it out just because it might not work; the world of bodybuilding and impressive physiques is laden with constant, consistent testing, trying new methods, and finding what works for your body.

That said, TestoFuel has a high rate of success, an impressive formula, and testimonials that are second to none. Give TestoFuel a chance and see what it can do for you.

Low testosterone is no joke, so step up and become the man you know you can be.

Here’s to your fitness success!